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The Sony Xperia Z, Google Nexus 4 and HTC One all performed reasonably well, with the Sony managing an impressive 985 minutes of call time before finally expiring. As far as the price is concern Google Nexus 4 is really impressive, came at no 3 in talk time and has better performance on internet uses than iPhone 5. It is notable that iPhone5 with a huge price tag did not perform reasonably in battery uses. So which cell phone you guys will buy, Samsung galaxy S4 or still obsessed with iPhone 5 prestige? Despite of the fact that number of smartphones are hitting the market every year, but the problem of poor battery life is still pinching every Android device user. In this post, we have compiled the best ways to increase battery life of Samsung Galaxy S2. In order to improve the battery life of Galaxy S2 or any Android device to the matter of fact, you need to choose few of these ways of your choice and implement them in order to see some noticeable change.
Yes, Live wallpapers look amazing on the Super AMOLED Plus screen of Galaxy S 2 but they consume good amount of battery. Galaxy S2 offers you with an inbuilt feature of Power Save Mode, which can be enabled by navigating as Settings and choosing the Power Saver option. You can save heck of some battery if you could disable 3G on your Galaxy S2 while not in use as it would help you improve battery life of Galaxy S2. It is always good to run your Galaxy S 2 on the latest firmware because you never know, Samsung might have worked on the battery problem and have fixed its code to improve the overall scenario.
Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS are one of the those services on any smartphone which consume good amount of battery.
It is a fact that if you use your phone in low signal areas, the battery would dry up quicker. If you are not using any of the apps which need motion sensor on your phone, it is recommended to turn it OFF as it would definitely improve the battery life. Smartphones are the new era of mobile phones but have a defect that older models, especially the Nokia, had not: the battery tends to last less and less.
Obviously technological evolution which led touchscreen displays with millions of colors, cameras, mp3 players, chance to see films and tv shows directly from your phone, has not adequately improved battery that always runs out within a day. On Android battery management can be significantly improved, especially on those low-cost models, which have a poorer battery. There are all the guidelines to extend battery life and make it last longer on the iPhone and other smartphones . For Android, however, you can also install some free applications that automatically allow to optimize battery life and avoid unnecessary energy consumption.
In general, extending the battery life of your mobile phone, you should hold off the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, network connection, display lighting and so on.
Fortunately, on Android, some permetttono applications to automatically handle the activation and deactivation of the various mobile phone features, depending on the time of day and according to the battery charge available.
In this post we see 10 best applications you can download for free, available on Android market, to increase and improve the battery life of the Android smartphone. Using the application, you can keep an eye on the total time of waiting before the battery is charged, allows you to extend this position and see reports about the energy consumption of the phone or Android tablet and any application used. It installs a widget in the Android notification Panel to keep under control the current battery level and estimated time before you run out.
2) Juice Defender is the main application of this list that everyone should install on an Android phone. JuiceDefender-Battery Saver is a powerful app that extends battery life by Android automatically disabling functions, depending on the charge level. For example, it disables the network connection when the phone is in standby and re-enable automatically freezes the screen.
The free version works well though it is a bit limited compared with the paid version, very complete. After installing, just keep Juice Defender with the balanced profile and do not touch anything. It operates in the background and you should notice a significant decrease of the consumption of the battery during the day. The only side effect is that if you use applications such as Lapwings or Whatsapp they may not function properly in the notifications of messages when the network is disabled. 3) Carat is a convenient and useful application which works in the background (and therefore does not consume memory mobile phone weighing down) and that it should be started to receive some advice on applications to disable because consuming too much battery.

4) ES System Monitor is a task manager for Android truly complete that enables certain optimizations. By pressing the menu button, you can use the Startup Manager to decide what programs and applications turn off when you turn on the phone (unlocked phones only by root).
Going in the Otherstab, you can configure The Automatic Airplane mode which causes a sharp battery savings night, without turning off the phone. You can then configure a start time and an end time for the Air mode that disables all connections, including telephone. 5) TrendMicro Longevity Battery Saver is a powerful new application to preserve battery power and make it last longer when using an Android phone.
With this app you can activate the Phone Mode that disables all functions except phone call. There is also a graphical view of how energy is used to see what applications are active they consume more battery. You can also receive alerts when the battery is running out too quickly and if an application is consuming too much. 6) BitDefender Power Tuneup is an application similar to optimize battery use of Android phone and prevent it runs out too soon.
Power tune-up has options to improve the performance of Android phone including record battery use by applications, a file wiper and a task manager to kill the process.
This is another alternative app able to handle connections, brightness and screen mode off.
8) battery saving with a twist is a widget to add to Android desktop that is a button to press when the battery is running out of his Office.
It extends the battery by turning off in one fell swoop all Wi-Fi, Bluetooh, GPS, brightness, vibrations and synchronization. 9) Green Power Free is an application that automatically saves battery without having to worry about. It enables or disables the free Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data when they are not used and also when no application is using active connections. 2:20 pm December 4, 2012 By Julian Horsey Tweet25 Share35 +114Shares 74Which has carried out a comprehensive test of the major 7 inch and 10 inch tablet battery life comparison, revealing the best and worst in the field, when browsing the web on Wi-Fi and watching videos. As you can see from the 7 inch tablet results below the new iPad mini faired the best followed some way behind by the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7. As you can see Apple once again won the testing by quite a margin with its Apple iPad tablet with retina displays, followed by the iPad 2 and Sony Xperia S. I was reading the specs and was really impressed with the screen pixel density but missed reading the price first time around.
Great review, love how Toms always goes a little further while most other gadget sites only present an opinion.Any numbers on internal storage and wifi throughput performance?Have one on order and it would be interesting to know how long it would take to copy for example a movie onto the device. On the other news, Apple is releasing a smaller version of iPad to compete with nexus 7 at a "compelling price" of $400. If I install Android 4.1 on my Samsung ATT Galaxy 8.9 will I see a significant improvement in performance? Smartphones are getting faster, lighter, and increasingly more capable, but their batteries can't seem to keep up.
We take battery life seriously here at TechHive: All of the phones we review are put through rigorous tests that allow us to examine the device's battery life in a controlled environment. Wea€™ve tested dozens of handsets over the last 12 months, and our data has revealed the five smartphones that offer the best battery performancea€”as well as the five phones that will have you hunting for an outlet. The Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD currently holds the top spot on our battery life rankings, scoring just over 12 hours of use on a single charge thanks to its massive 3300mAh battery. On the other end of the spectrum you have the Sony Xperia Ion, an average phone with below average battery life. Most of the phones we tested scored between 7 to 8 hours of battery lifea€”long enough to keep you from being tethered to an outlet.
Another trend we noticed is that all of the phones we tested that have quad-core processors (save for the Galaxy Note II) suffer from mediocre battery life: Google's flagship phone, the quad-core Nexus 4, barely manages to stay out of the bottom five with a battery life of 6 hours 52 minutes. Smartphones will continue to improve when it comes to power efficiency, and it'll be interesting to see what results we get this time next year. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Despite of AMOLED display, 14 mega pixel camera multi-core processors and high resolution this mobile gives you the best battery uses.  You can call 1051 minutes and can use 405 minutes of internet, which is impressive.

As iPhone5 give you only 4.30 hours of internet uses while Samsung galaxy slightly better and it offers almost 7 hours to use internet.
And with its Super AMOLED Plus screen, its display screen proves to be one if the biggest battery consumers between its other parts.
In order to improve it, use only those widgets which you think are really, really important for you.
So, you need to switch from 3G to 2G and vice versa, in order to keep your Galaxy S 2 always running on healthy signals.
Make an habit of using the phone completely until its battery is almost dried up and then charge it completely, but make sure you do not over charge it. But I assure you that, if you implement these on regular basis, then you can improve battery life of Galaxy S2 to a very good extent.
Battery life while watching H.264-encoded content on the Nexus 7 approaches a tremendous 10 hours.
Only three hours are needed to reach a full charge, which is fairly close to what you'd see from a tablet like Amazon's Kindle Fire. All pretty affordable now and now with Jelly Bean, I'm sure even Apple lovers will like Android honestly. Me want a bigger screen + Getting all updates first straight from google + best dev support FTW. These days, youa€™d be hard-pressed to find one that can make it an entire day on a single chargea€”some are barely capable of going 4 hours before running dry. First, we reset the phone to factory settings and set the screen brightness to 200 candelas per square metera€”or about medium brightness. The AT&T and T-Mobile versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note II take the second and third spots, respectively, followed by the Motorola Droid Razr HD in fourth place. The Ion scored 6 hours and 33 minutes of runtime in our test, putting it slightly ahead of the Pantech Burst (6 hours and 29 minutes) and the HTC Windows Phone 8X (6 hours and 22 minutes). Based on this data, it might be best to hold off on picking up a quad-core phone if you value battery life over raw performance, at least until manufacturers get the battery situation sorted out. With luck, more smartphones will boast all-day battery life, and we'll finally be able to finally leave our chargers at home, where they belong.
Are they able to beat Samsung or Samsung keep mesmerizing his customers with their amazing smartphone features? Even with Wi-Fi enabled and the display set at maximum brightness, imposing the highest power consumption, the Nexus 7's battery still yields seven and a half hours of use. But be sure you do all of your transcoding at home on your PC to be sure that many hours of video will fit on the tablet's 8 GB repository. Plus, they make the deal pretty sweet by throwing in $25 Google Play credit and free $10 to your Google Wallet (Can be used for NFC transactions).
We then put the phone into Airplane Mode to prevent it from pinging mobile and wireless networks, and we make it loop a 720p video until its battery is completely drained. Coming in fifth is the unlocked Apple iPhone 4S, which has a battery life of 8 hours and 54 minutes.
The LG Viper 4G LTE has a battery life of 5 hours and 56 minutes, close to half of what you get on the AT&T Galaxy Note II.
Phones with keyboards, like the Motorola Droid 4, tend to score better than those without, and unlocked versions of phones tend to have significantly better battery life than their carrier-tied counterparts. Because without a decent battery all the high end resolution and multi mega pixels are useless. Our lab analysts ensure that testing goes off without a hitch, and record how long devices last before giving up. The dubious honor of smartphone with the worst battery performance belongs to the HTC Rezound.
The reason being that keyboard-toting smartphones have larger batteries at the cost of being bulkier, and unlocked smartphones aren't plagued by the excess software that ships on their carrier cousins.
With a battery life of 4 hours and 41 minutes, the Rezound is one phone where picking up an extended battery is more a necessity than an option.

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