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The Amaze feels more like a compact sedan that was designed to be compact in the first place and not just a sedan version of a hatchback. I know most people in India have got a soft corner for Maruti, but let the numbers do the talking this time. Coming to fuel economy, Honda claims an astounding figure of 25.8 kmpl- best-in-class mileage beating the Dzire fair-and-square. Given the fact that the Honda Amaze is a lightweight car with a potent diesel engine, the drive tends to be exciting and enjoyable. The Honda Amaze diesel is going to be a nightmare for Maruti Suzuki- India’s largest car maker. I have a project boat I have been working on for 2 years and I have come to the point where I have to install batteries.
The VSR cluster has a parallel for both starting batteries, but I will also add an electric solenoid to parallel starting and house batteries.
For generating limited AC , an extra pair of extra house batteries and a combo battery charger dc ac verter does a fine job on a small boat .
The Blue Seas relay works well but you will never quite have the house battery at full capacity and you need to have a manual switch in case it fails (or for jumping main if starting battery were to fail.). I haven't revisited these in years, but as I remember them the relays do draw down some voltage from the starting battery to monitor the system voltage. Finally my fourth bank is a collection of 6 2V true deep cycle batteries in parrallel that operate the house loads. I am a little nuts about these systems, but I can promise you I have done everything I can to ensure that I will always have the electrical power necessary to get an engine cranking.
Location: Jacksonville, Florida If you put a red top on one engine and three blue tops on the other with the vsr between you will increase the size of the house bank so you can draw off it longer.
Originally Posted by Stumble At the time I looked at it I remember seeing something like 1amp draw for the monitoring of the primary battery bank. I've designed a few of these systems, both for marine and photovoltaic applications and never needed more than a few milliamps to monitor battery condition.

When charging current is available, you can use some to operate a power relay and during starting, a device to switch batteries parallel can draw a few amps.
I've used bipolar relays that can be toggled with a short pulse, so once in the desired state, the power demand is zero. That adds up to 1.5 Ah each day, so after a month under a roof the battery is depleted to the point where the under-voltage protection cuts in.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
The Amaze’s design looks more balanced and proportionate compared to the Maruti DZire.
The Honda Amaze is quite literally the most powerful and the most fuel efficient diesel engine in the segment. I’m sorry but if you are a Maruti fan, the Amaze is a product you would not like to discuss. An avid car enthusiast, he loves the greener side of Supercars but has fast adapted to the conventional Indian car scene.
This for a day sailor is fine, but for a long range cruising boat minimizing any current draw from the starting batteries is a necessity so that there is no question that they will start when called upon. Each of the starting banks holds two (these engines are 550hp cummings diesels so one would work for you i think) starting types of batteries.
Does what you are saying mean that my setup as I posted above is drawing down the starting battery if I don't turn its switch to "off"? But it takes a very stupid designer to let the system draw 1 amp when the battery charge needs to be conserved.
In my RV there is a fancy controller for the start- and house battery with alternator and solar input.
The Amaze is the first diesel Honda ever to appear on the Indian car market and soon we will see more of this engine working its magic in other Honda cars.
With 100 PS of peak power coming at 4000 revs, the 1.4 litre diesel churns out 200 Nm of maximum torque at 1750 rpm.

When it comes to performance, the Amaze would most certainly beat the Swift Dzire in a pedal-to-the-metal race thanks to its lightweight construction and better power-to-weight ratio. The Himalayas have made sure he doesnt miss the Western Ghats and his attention to detail on the site is commendable. My decision at the time (admitedly this was about 5 years ago) was they just weren't justified. There is also a built in jumper cable system that runs through typical battery switches that allows me to do one of two things. But remember I am working off of a memory of a system I researched years ago, I could certainly be remembering wrong.
Honda is targeting cars like Mahindra Verito, Tata Indigo eCS and the most popular Maruti Suzuki DZire compact sedan. While the previous generation of the car was especially horrid, the new model irons out much of the old cars offensive design details. 1) Simply jump the non-starting engine, or 2) remove a bad bank from the system and run both engines off of one bank (This is in case I have a battery melt down or something catastophic not really a big wory). The reason for this is to fully seperate the engine starting batteries from even the possibility of a draining current from anywhere pulling down the engine starting batteries. Maruti offers the DZire with a diesel heart and Honda would be looking to grab some of its market share with the launch of the Amaze diesel. However, the Dzire still has an out of proportion boot-lid albeit with a makeover that has been received well by the public.
Since I can deal with anything (almost) at sea, but a boat full of dead batterys means I am screwed (can't even call the coast guard cause the batteries are dead ).
Reports suggest, the Amaze will be priced aggressively with the Swift Dzire in its cross-hair.

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