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Batteries ( ATV ) - Pocket Bike Canada - ATV , Dirt Bikes, Pocket Bikes, Road Scooters, Electric Bikes Best Prices In Canada' s Best Powersport Retailer. I am looking for best performance LIPO battery for the 3D Robotics Quad-C frame kit (I bought the unassembled version - gonna assemble it this weekend). In our discussion, if we use a battery of 5000mAh - we fly longer as compared to say 2000mAh (weight is decreased). I see that the weight of my quadcopter would be 1.4 kgs in total (with a small camera and additional hardware for my project). When you have the ESC's maximum draw (20 Amps in your case), you di the opposite to find the battery you should use. Remember, the C rating is multiplied by the mAh value of the battery to get the maximum current draw. Due to the non-linear nature of this graph (rapid increase in power requirement for a given thrust will occur, with increasing weight), so it is wiser to go with lighter batteries (total weight = constant weight of quadcopter + battery weight). In my opinion, all of the given battery combinations can be used, as higher mAh increases the time of flight. There is a term called 'Peak Discharge(10sec): I have taken 'Constant Discharge(C) into account. Isn't it true that we can choose a battery with ANY parameter for 'C', higher the better (30C, 45C, etc).
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Now, let us see this figure below, where it shows the an increase in weight presents an exponential increase in power consumption.
Having a battery with higher 'C' discharge rate means the more power my ESCs and motor will get and eventually a greater thrust??
It is hard to just come up with a mAh value because it depends how long you want to fly for, what you can afford and how much the battery weighs. This max current (80A) needs to be supplied by my battery (in worst case - under max Throttle). Now that we know the required 'C' rating for our possible batteries, lets ask hobbyKing what combination it likes. Performance: Now, that we have the set of batteries to choose from, let us apply Weight Vs Power principle.

However, it would be a matter of applying the above equation with different battery combinations (having the weight of quadcopter otherwise to be constant), the best battery amongst these can be found. I say this because, the board (APM) would guide what PWM to be generated, that ESC computes as power to be supplied to the motor (P= VI). As 'ride-on toy specialists' we are always first to sell the brand new 'must-have' cars, offering the largest range of ride-ons in Europe, at the best prices.
Considering the weight of quad to be 1.1Kg (incl) battery, did you say you flew better with 5000mAh. The current, each ESC would generate is max 20A, and this guides the battery to give it the current it demands. I have been quite interested in this trade-off between both, and later I will present a figure from one of the earliest papers on quadcopters (link) which explains this trade-off nicely.
Please note, I am not trying to be exacting or looking for a scientific answer but of course, experts in flying here can help me guide me with their experience.
I am left to choose 'battery capacity X (mAh)', constant discharge ('C'), weight (W) of battery parameters.

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