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OK, here at Justvape we have done all the research for you and we wanted to bring you the best mechanical mod to complement your vaping.
The Nemesis Mechanical Mod (Clone) is the latest creation in the closest 1:1 ratio replica of the original Nemesis by Atmomixani. Also included is the original Trustfire TR-001 multifunction intelligent lion battery charger.
This is Nemesis Mod E Cigarette Case Kit with X6V2 Atomizer Rechargeable Battery Best Vaporizer. HARDWARE IS SHIPPED DIRECTLY TO YOU FROM OUR WAREHOUSE OVERSEES, ALLOWING US TO OFFER YOU THE BEST PRICE POSSIBLE! These have just arrived with us in the UK and the manufacturing of these beauties has surpassed our expectations.

Note: please DO NOT stack batteries as this is a mechanical mod with no circuitry, you will effectively double your voltage which can and will destroy attached devices. A microchip controls the charging process with Progressive patented technology, it Automaticly analyzes each battery to determine the battery state prior to charging. JustVape reserve the right to refuse any sale where we believe the purchaser is either not of legal age or purchasing products on behalf of a minor. This stainless steel mod is designed with 3 battery tube extensions for use with different sized batteries. Spare tubes allow this device the ability to use one of three batteries; an 18350, an 18490 or an 18650.
Laser etched engraving is used and it has individualized serial numbers and a perfectly engraved logo.

IF ANY NICOTINE PRODUCT IS CONSUMED, SEEK MEDICAL ASSISTANCE IMMEDIATELY AND TAKE THE LABELED BOTTLE WITH YOU. The bottom button has an exquisite switch, that is easily fired because it sits comfortably in your hand.
The bottom button has a unique switch that enables it to easily fire and maintain a comfortable grip in your hand.
The firing button is lockable and the top cap ring allows the adjustment of air flow to get your perfect vape draw.

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