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Vivian told us she goes for the Grade S because it shares the same engine with Grade E and Grade SE. When the car was first launched in 2008, our first impression was the front view of the car looked exactly like the Kamen Rider Black (Masked Rider Black), a superhero for most of us when we were kids.
The 506 liter boot capacity is very practical for anyone who needs a subcompact with big boot.
Honda City’s competitor or other similar cars: Toyota Vios, Ford Fiesta, Proton Gen-2, Suzuki Swift, and Mazda Mazda3.
Over the years, Honda has put in a lot of effort to research and develop the City which has gone through improvement after improvement. You will also receive the details on SMS for future reference by verifying your mobile number.

According to Honda service center, these are the preventive maintenance rates and costs for a Honda City up till 35,000km. Thanks to Vivian who had given us the opportunity to test drive her beloved 2010 Honda City Grade S. She prefers not to pay RM92,980 for extra accessories including fog light, door mirror with turn light, exhaust pipe finisher, 16” alloy wheels, Modulo body kit, Nanotechnology solar control film, paddle shift, steering wheel audio control, leather steering wheel, leather gear knob, rear armrest with cup holder, and rear foldable seats. It is the fifth generation that was first introduced in Siam Paragon, Bangkok on 10 September 2008. Driver’s heart will definitely pump faster especially those who are not used to high speed driving. On the dashboard, there is a digital fuel consumption gauge to inform the driver how many km the car still can go.
Grade E and SE have adjustable seat but Grade S has no such feature, this does not bother her at all.

When we reved the car, the response was fast compared to some other vehicles in the same category. The steering wheel is light and it will be a good car for beginners or first time car owners.
You can also load thousands of songs into a pen-drive and play the songs through the car stereo. You can play songs from iPhone or iPod on the car stereo by connecting them to the auxiliary port.

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