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I have been aware of and made use of my auto battery and an inverter many times during power outages.
Please be aware some of the sites we link you to could have pop ups and that we have no control over them. Here's a piece of nice in-house DIY engineering which can help a lot of guys out there looking for the best ergonomics for their electric motorcycle projects.
Nevertheless, since even the DIY electric motorcycles are going to go for style in the end, being able to load a good-looking battery pack on your ride will really be important.
When it comes to the DIY-er’s who build their own solar panels, one critical and important issue is the Battery Bank they need to consider in order to store the amount of electricity produced by the panels in order to get off the grid.
When you go for DIY option you should also think of DIY regarding your Battery Bank as you can’t afford just buying as many batteries as you need, because you will need about 30 batteries to go off the grid, and this is a substantial amount of money to spend!
In the picture to the right you can see a simple diagram that shows a schematic configuration of 100 watt panel sending it’s electricity to a single typical car-battery.
This can give you the basic idea behind how many batteries you will need and why I say that Battery Reconditioning is the only option you need to take into account when you want to get off the grid by building your own panels. If you were to make a basic calculation of what you will need to power your home, you will get to a conclusion that you need about 30-40 batteries to get off the grid, and you just can’t afford paying for it by simply buying these batteries.
That is why the next step for you is to learn how to recondition old batteries in order to get the total price of your DIY project into a reasonable figure. Vinegar is acidic, acids are necessary for wet voltaic cells."An acid is something that has an easily detached hydrogen ion. When rechargeable NiCad (nickel cadmium) batteries became relatively affordable in the 1980's, their marriage to the power drill suddenly meant we had practical cordless drills and the market for them grew so rapidly that few DIY'ers exclusively use drills which take their electricity from mains power anymore. Since the 1990's an increasing number of cordless drill manufacturers have switched to using Li-ion (lithium-ion) batteries instead. Here are what I recommend as the best cordless drills for use around the home - I've based my selection on price-performance, reliability, and the feedback owners have provided on various forums around the web. The Ryobi 18-Volt One+ Kit is my top pick due to its overall performance when the total cost of ownership is taken into account. The 2-speed gearbox and 24-position clutch give you all the control you need for almost any job around the home.
Ryobi have also paid attention to the small but important details by doing things such as placing a bubble level on the top of the drill so you know when you're holding it exactly at a right angle to the wall, and giving it a magnetic holding tray so you don't drop your screws while working. Although the MSRP is $159.99 you can get the P817 kit from your local Home Depot for just $99. The DS18DSDL provides up to 814 in-lbs of torque but is a little heavier than the Ryobi P817 weighing in at 4.6 lbs.
It is equipped with a single sleeve ratcheting all-metal keyless ?” chuck for maximum bit grip and quick bit changes. Its dual speed gearing operates at a low speed of 0-350 RPM (ideal for driving fasteners) and in high speed at 0-1,600 RPM (ideal for drilling applications). The 2 Lithium Ion 3.0Ah Slide Type Batteries that come with it also have a 2 year manufacturer backed warranty.
One feature I quite like is the bright LED light which makes it much easier to see what you're doing in dark enclosed work spaces. Because it's been built for professional use it does cost quite a bit more with an MSRP of $489, but you can find it online for around $280 if you shop around. Milwaukee build tools that last and the 2603-22CT is no exception coming with a 5 year manufacturer warranty. Many DIY'ers say that the claims Milwaukee make about the advantages of their brushless motor are true - customer reviews consistently talk about how this drill delivers more power than most of the others in this class and the motor is extremely durable lasting much longer than some of its cheaper rivals.
It doesn't come with additional accessories, so if you just want a battery powered drill that keeps on going and you don't need the accessories, then this is the drill for you.
DeWalt are famous for their lines of professional powered tools, but they also make some budget models and the DC970K-2 is a sturdy little workhorse well suited to work around the home thanks to its compact design and it weighs in at 5.2 lbs. I've read quite a few customer reviews and most DIY'ers are happy with the torque produced and the amount of charge the batteries hold. I wouldn't take this onto a commercial construction site, but it does offer excellent value for those who just need to do the occasional job around the home.

One of the ways Black & Decker keeps the cost down is by providing only a single 20V Lithium-Ion battery. Although you can't see it in the picture to the left, it does come with a battery charger, It's heavier than some of the other models featured here weighing in at 8.82 lbs. So after reading this you might be wondering why I included it in the list - the answer is simple: it's cheap with an MSRP of $139 but you'll find it for less than $100 if you shop around - it's also the top selling battery powered drill in the Home Improvement section on Amazon.
Although I could have made this list 20 products long and included models from brands like Bosch, Rockwell, Skil and many others, this is a pretty good roundup of cordless drills suitable for home use.
Since the battery is already sealed, I saw no reason to do anything other than seal up the connections with marine goop. We were camping for 5 days so it wasn’t long before they started to come to me to use my inverter. This was my first foray into solar power, and I wanted to share this with you to show how easy it can be done, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to get your hands dirty with solar power. Has to be portable – large deep cycle batteries were out unless I wanted to drag a trolly with me and that would pose a problem fitting it into the car. Should look inconspicuous and not out of place in a home, car or tent – this project was also for post SHTF moments and I wanted to have it to hand without guests asking questions.
The total cost for the project so far is around $200, including the 30 watt solar panel I am in the process of making.
Next a shot of 1 of the 4 batteries I used, these are 12v 7ah batteries, normally used to power electric bikes, scooters and toy cars.
It didn’t come with any connectors so I had to add spade connectors and heat shrink to make it look nice! The 2v DC sockets and switches installed in the lid (which has the orange cover) My Dremel tool made this so easy!
Then I wired the 4 batteries in parallel (which keeps the voltage the same at 12v but multiply the amp hours (ah). I also added a 12v inline fuse which you can see in the image above, this is between the battery bank and the master power switch.
And one of the 2x 12v DC sockets along with blue LED switches to show me they are on and working! The next stage will be to complete my solar panel which I have already started working on tabbing the cells together etc. If you’re thinking about making your own I would encourage you to do so, you will learn a lot and if you have any question please ask in the comments below. He frequently shares his knowledge on a variety of topics from his hands on DIY projects, learning new skills such as hunting and trapping along with reviews on his Survival related purchases - Prepping has been in his family for generations, it's in his blood.
This would pull in the air from one fan and push it out with the other, so the cooler air would flow over the batteries and out the other side. They are simply an easier way to connect the wires rather than soldering and make it easier to replace items. The other thing I needed to change was the weight, my wife complained my old one was to heavy for her to move or carry around. I took my solar panel I already had for charging my laptop battery and used it for this project too.
This is housed in a very small plastic box weighing about 2 pounds not including the solar panel. Total cost, about 80 dollars and it has been tested to provide power to charge 4 phones, 2 tablets and a kindle fire for a whole week on a single full charge. Thanks again for writing this up and giving all of us a place to start and think about our electronic needs. These are the lightest I have seen and suitable for being carried around when backpacking and camping etc. Since I relaced the battery I have had 0 issues thankfully but I also installed a battery tender for the winter.
This time my wife and I were driving down the road on about an hour cruise around town and we kept smelling sewer gas.
Turns out that Deka (East Penn) makes the Braille batteries and offer the EXACT same AGM sealed battery in the ETX30L which is about $90 cheaper.

As Bill Moyers would say, a€?Splitting the difference between a point and counter-point doesna€™t equal the truth.a€? But, this lazy brand of relativism so effectively masks cowardice as judiciousness that ita€™s become the default model of American punditry. Here's the new positive wire coming in through the fender wall and running along the passenger door sill. I do have a small generator that keeps my freezer and refrigerator running during those times and so have always used my inverter for smaller appliances one at a time. However, we will never link you to a site that requires you to make any purchase or join anything to view the article. But what most ppl don’t tell you, is that if the power goes out from the grid, your panels are useless.
Once you've picked out 10 pennies that will work, use 100-grit sandpaper and start sanding one side of the penny.
It has a 22-position clutch with drill mode so the torque can be properly matched to the application.
Where DeWalt have kept the price down is with a clutch with only 17 settings (although that's usually enough at home) and by using the older style NiCad batteries. Where I have it mounted on my T-13, I have to reach way in the front hatch to get access the plug.
These friends are not of our prepper mindset and as such had no way to recharge their phones, batteries or run any kind of device that required power. He has a passion for learning anything and everything to help sustain his and his families way of life post SHTF. If you wanted to use them in a smaller case for example, you would simply mount them on either side with one facing out and the other facing in.
That is a lot of Amp hour for a electronics charger but I understand it is to last all weekend. I used two for my two 12v sockets at 5a each and I used two for my usb ports (2 per board gives 2.5a per usb port) and I have an extra one for something else. I am currently building my own version of the SOLN1 and SOLN8 (you can Google them, there are a ton of videos etc). Also, great in a SHTF event as they take up little space and can be mounted practically anywhere. It worked well when my children were small and would get bored and rowdy during longer term outages to run a DVD player or the VCR.
Anybody can make one in so many configurations, it is silly to try to think about how many. I just went to the junkyard and grabbed the battery cable and terminal out of a old bmw 3 series.
But I had not considered the long term use for a battery bank if we should have an event that takes down the power grid over some length of time. I ended up removing it because it wasn't really needed, and could present a corrosion problem.
This was just my take on it after reading about yours and deciding to build one, actually 2, one heavy and one light. The featured article here gives instruction for determining which kind of battery would work best for your home usage and just how to put together a bank of power to keep your household running with some sense of normalcy during a long term outage. See how I hack together stacks of pennies into makeshift batteries that can drive small-current devices like LEDs and calculators. It is up to you to use common sense and your best judgment when using any information contained within the articles. So While you’re here check out some of those other articles you may find them interesting!!
I picked up a calculator from the dollar store and removed the screws on the back so I could get to the battery. This time, I didn't feel like sanding pennies, so I added some zinc washers that I got from the hardware store for about 3 cents each.

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