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Here's a piece of nice in-house DIY engineering which can help a lot of guys out there looking for the best ergonomics for their electric motorcycle projects. Nevertheless, since even the DIY electric motorcycles are going to go for style in the end, being able to load a good-looking battery pack on your ride will really be important. I have been aware of and made use of my auto battery and an inverter many times during power outages.
Please be aware some of the sites we link you to could have pop ups and that we have no control over them. I do have a small generator that keeps my freezer and refrigerator running during those times and so have always used my inverter for smaller appliances one at a time.

However, we will never link you to a site that requires you to make any purchase or join anything to view the article. It worked well when my children were small and would get bored and rowdy during longer term outages to run a DVD player or the VCR. But I had not considered the long term use for a battery bank if we should have an event that takes down the power grid over some length of time. The featured article here gives instruction for determining which kind of battery would work best for your home usage and just how to put together a bank of power to keep your household running with some sense of normalcy during a long term outage.
It is up to you to use common sense and your best judgment when using any information contained within the articles.

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