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A great sound system needs a great capacitor: a high-demand audio setup can often place extra demand on your car's electrical system. Firstly before, working on any component of your car stereo system, cut off the car’s negative battery cable. Now if the amplifier and stereo are kept separate, connect them together with RCA cables, which are the two-pronged cables along with the red and white plugs. In crimping, wires are twisted together as they assemble alongside and then their leads are put in a crimping cap and finally the cap is tightened through a crimping tool. Mount the solid black cable under a screw on the chassis or else under another metal ground. As most aftermarket speakers are not designed particularly for your car; so you have to find some place in your car to install them, for instance you can install them behind the rear seats. If your car speakers are wired to an electrical connector (connecting them to the stereo), simply connect this connector. Then you will use a stereo mounting bracket otherwise a car mounting bracket (may be their combination) to mount the stereo inside the dashboard.

On the other way, soldering the wires requires twisting their leads together as they position to one another, then a soldering gun is used with the solder touching the wire and finally leads are insulated by means of heat-shrinking tubes. Mostly, the gray wires are connected with the right front speaker, the white wires with the left front speaker, purple wires with the right rear and green ones with the left rear. Its red wire is used for switched power and connects it to the wiring harness on the starter of your car. The best car battery chargers can quickly juice up your battery, getting you back on the road. Providing 16 volts of power, it's got all you need to make sure your system sounds awesome and stays safe: a blue digital voltage readout to show you how much power is available, electronic polarity protection, and an over voltage protection circuit.
To enable you to power your vehicle at a cost effective price, we bring in a huge selection of used car batteries in Houston TX that are just not pocket friendly but prove a valuable replacement of faulty batteries as well.
It may require some effort to install an audio system in your car which usually depends on its type and type of your car as well.
Next pry off the trim panels from the instrument panel, by using a flat-bladed tool although it may require some other tool in case of other types of vehicles.

For instance you can run the wires through the crack in between the back seat and wall, through an available hole in the firewall, and along the floorboard. If it is not the case then you have to connect the wires by crimping or else soldering the wires together. The cables having black band of color normally go to the negative leads and the plain ones are connected with the positive. The yellow wire is used for constant power and is mounted underneath the positive terminal of the battery.
Although it is not impossible to carry out this job and you can do it with a little effort.
In case if you are installing a stereo and amplifier, both would be connected to the battery but only the stereo is required to connect with the starter.

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