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Climate is an important consideration when buying a car battery.In colder climate batteries with higher CCA is needed than in hotter climates. The most important consideration is sizing the battery's CCA rating to meet or exceed, depending on the climate, the car's OEM cranking requirements.
In hot climates, buying batteries with double or triple the CCA ratings that exceed the OEM requirement is a WASTE of money. Reserve capacity rating (RC) is measured as the amount of time the battery can stand to provide the minimum voltage required to run the car in case of failure of the alternator. The two most common types of car batteries based on maintenance are low maintenance (non-sealed) and maintenance free (non-sealed or sealed).
The advantages of maintenance free batteries are less preventative maintenance, longer life, faster recharging, greater overcharge resistance, reduced terminal corrosion and longer shelf life, but are more prone to deep discharge (dead battery) failures due to increased shedding of active plate material.In hot climates, buying non-sealed batteries is recommended because a sealed battery will NOT allow you to add water when required or to test the specific gravity with an external hydrometer. Some manufacturers introduced a third type of car battery, "dual", that Combined a standard battery with switch able emergency backup cells. Cranking or shallow Type: This is designed to provide quick energy for ignition and provides a high electric current in a very short period of time. Deep Cycle Type: This type of battery is designed to provide continuous energy for a long period of time. Manufacturers build their batteries to an internationally adopted Battery Council International (BCI) group number (24, 26, 70, 75, etc.) specification. Battery warranties are not necessarily indicative of the quality or cost over the life of the car. According to Team BHP Forum post Amaron, Optima, Exide Eternity, Panasonic seem to be good options. Can be charged, discharged and startup for over 5000 times comparatively longer life time than normal battery. Mighty power and startup ability unique design and workmanship ensure Trontek automotive batterya€™s performance on high-rate discharging. High capacity: Capacity design according to most of international standard, ensure adequacy power supply.
Mahindra Revai Car Price in India : Mahindra Revai battery powered electric car is available in India at a price between 3,50,000 to 4,30,000 Rupees according to variant models.
This entry was posted in Cars and tagged features, Mahindra, Price, Specs, Video on August 20, 2011 by rashmi. New Delhi: After 13 years of research and development, India's first electric car 'Reva' was launched in the national capital by Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit Wednesday morning. Beating Alto, Swift DZire has emerged as the best selling car in India in May.After Maruti launched the revamped DZire in February 2012, its monthly sales rose to over 15,000 units every month and has now crossed 17,000 units. Maruti Suzuki continues to dominate the Indian automobile market with its best-selling cars like Alto, WagonR and Swift.
Headed by Chetan Maini, The Reva-i is made in India’s unique looking hatchback powered by small electric re-chargeable lithium-ion motor and can be charged at your normal house socket! More than two decades old Maruti has made 800's production finally at a halt after recent stringent emission norms but the car is still sold except in 13 Major cities.
In-spite of launching a better looking sibling i10 at similar price range, Hyundai hasn’t yet discontinued the old Santro. A replacement for Daewoo Matiz, the spark comes with cute looks as a bonus and proves to be perfect new car for lady drivers to suffice daily transport needs.
Tata Indica Xeta is look-wise a handsome car and I still personally love it over new Vista and recommend most if your driving as well as useage is tough and rough. The Accent truly has a big and executive car feel at small price, Also it is reliable as well.
Initially, when Honda Siel released Civic Hybrid at Rs.20 + Lakhs, Public reaction was "Huh!
The Prius is latest offering from Toyota Kirloskar, and certainly the most expensive hybrid in India.

Originally Posted by raj_5004 on the expensive cars, the gas would just take away the driving pleasure. Originally Posted by Akash Did u notice, you try to get price details on that page, theres no option of Civc Hybrid. Plastic Battery ride on car for kids in india, View ride on car for kids in india, Dio Product Details from Shantou Dio Toys Trade Co., Ltd.
Is buying a car about affordable, comfortable travel, or is it about being the ‘proud’ owner of a car from a luxury brand?
Buying the ‘right’ car is anything but an easy decision to make for most people – a decision where logic is trumped by emotion more often than not. Low-cost cars have many takers in developing countries like India, but consumer preferences are shifting from value-for-money to premium models. Premium models are equipped with top quality interiors and superb technology with advanced safety and performance features.
Deciding between premium or budget cars is influenced by various factors such as affordability, gadgets, safety, fuel type, car size, power, cargo capacity, resale value and maintenance costs. Founded in 2010, India Transport Portal (ITP) is a leading independent and analysis hub, whose particularity is to bring together academics, experts, business people and public authorities. Vehicle cans startup easily with Trontek automotive battery even under an extreme temperature of -30 C.
Maintenance free battery using high purity lead calcium alloy, special circulation and structure sealing design lead to infinitesimal water volatilization and longer life time.
This Eco-friendly car comes with 48 V 200 Amp-hr EV lead acid batteries, Microprocessor based battery management system, 350 Amp microprocessor, regenerative braking, 52Nm torque, AC induction motor etc.
Describing Reva as 'a little cute car', Sheila Dikshit said her government was committed to taking steps to improve the city's environment. This is one of a common saying which we all have been hearing since our childhood and eventually after the trend of automobiles has rapidly increased in our country, It is translating in a lot of air pollution and Of late, This has become a serious matter of concern which needs to be applied real soon. The proper car-like looks with easy maintenance and cheap LPG running won’t let you think of any other reason for not considering to buy one. On its days, This car was a winner in segment but now if you look around, there are much better options available. If you are in search of an Eco-friendly sedan at really tight budget, go ahead with accent and also its design still feels to be fresh enough.
That too at an attractive price and easy maintenance but HM - Mitsubishi's weak dealership support may disappoint you. However it is currently available only in Delhi and NCR at an affordable premium over regular Petrol counterpart. This futuristic cross-over offers almost everything you need, starting from Exclusivity to Head Turning Factor to features but the extremely steep pricing at nearly Rs.30 Lakhs for which you can buy a Merc, BMW, or an Audi makes it rare as well as an unpopular car, unlike other Toyotas. And they are the only good option looking in market.LPG duo cars are doing comparatively better. Also i asked my dealer about the Civic hybrid about which he said that company stopped new booking for Hybrid in Feb and since then no word about Civic hybrid has been communicated to them.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. India is home to a plethora of budget and premium cars from global auto majors eager to capture the lion’s share of the domestic auto sector. Buyers often go from baseline models to luxury upgrades as their lifestyles and purchasing power change.
Even the second-hand luxury car market seems to be booming in India with Audi, BMW and Mercedes reporting increased sales of pre-owned cars. Premium cars have a strong range of engines and amazing features that take us one step closer to autonomous driving.
There are good buys in every price category, choices that are backed by statistics and research.

This platform gathers and involves specialists from different fields on key issues with regard to transportation challenges in India. Even if the driver or mechanic is successful to fit the wrong size car battery, it will hamper the entire functioning and operation of the car. Battery using special high purity leads antimony alloy, low water volatilization and excellent startup performance. Though, where there are positives of Reva such as compact size, It has its own negatives as well which includes poor service back-up but if you are living in Bangalore, Hopefully, Servicing shouldn’t be a much of concern.
Thus, Soon Honda learn from their mistake and as a result the car is now priced just a couple of lakhs more over regular variant and sold like Hot Cakes after major price drop! Research shows that value-conscious Indian buyers are now tending towards premium cars that boast superlative performance backed by solid engineering in favour of economy cars.
Although the Indian car segment is just finding its feet again after a prolonged slump, car makers are excited about tapping the potential of this investment destination characterized by low car penetration and rapidly changing consumer preferences.
Consulting firm KPMG’s survey shows that Indians consider safety innovations and fuel efficiency as the major deciding factors when buying cars. Car batteries are specially designed for high initial cranking amps (usually for five to 15 seconds) to start an engine; whereas, deep cycle (or marine) batteries are designed for prolonged discharges at lower amperage. Ultra storability; Trontek maintenance free batteries have very low self-discharge rate, only 3-5% per month in average. Revai 3 door hatchback car comes in a dimension of 2638 x 1324 x 1510 mm and weighs about 700 Kg.
This is a discussion on The Best Green Cars You Can Buy In India within The Automotive Library. The basic must-haves for a car include reverse sensing systems, airbags, defoggers, antilock braking systems, adjustable steering and seat comforts, multiple 12V power outlets, fog lamps and traction control. Indian consumers don’t really need cruise control, gear indicator, sunroofs, and roof rails.
You've already explained the reason for Hybrids not doing well in our country but the Prius, My opinion would differ a bit.
Secondly, there's not any confirmation whether Duo is now being produced, even for other small cities. To popularise the battery-operated car, the government announced a 15 percent subsidy on its base price, 12.5 percent exemption of value-added tax (VAT), and a refund of road tax and registration charges. The luxury car contributes around 3 per cent of the total pre-owned car market.” Most car owners in India are looking to upgrade their cars and enjoy the undeniable prestige that comes from owning a luxury car. Disposable incomes of buyers act as a constraint and designers have to be really inventive to make the car appealing.
With a bevy of benefits on offer, automakers are even providing unique features on their entry-level models to get an edge over competition. The subsidy and exemptions would bring down price of Reva's base model to Rs 299,000, and it would cost users 40 paise per kilometre. Infact, I've seen some people who are still un-aware that Prius has been already launched in India. Low-budget cars will not obviously have the coveted attributes of the higher-end versions – the more gadget-obsessed a consumer, the higher the price tag. Indian buyers must also factor in the ‘green credentials’ of cars before they zone in on the car of their choice.

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