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I have done a ton of research and have come to the conclusion that all things considered an Odyssey battery is the best overall choice.
With that said, I bought the battery that Odyssey indicated was the right one for the 80 series and it is a 34R-PC1500T-A.
I have used Odyssey Batteries for years and have one group of 5 - PC925's that I have been using in a vehicle since 1999. The 1700 has the posts reversed (looking at the picture, the + is on the inside when used in the USDS position). I may have had to put a piece of wood underneath to bring it up to the correct height, don't remember.
I thought it was already discussed and discovered that the Diehard Platinum is a rebadged Odyssey so why pay the extra for an Odyssey? The battery in the divers position is not a PC1700, at least according to Odyssey and to me as I have owned one.
Just because Sears rebadged a couple models of Odyssey's extensive battery lineup does not mean that the DHP is a replacement across the board.
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It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. You most likely have a PC1500 or PC1750 in order to fit in a stock tray without modification. The odyssey comes in may more sizes, has different combination of terminals and some models come with metal jackets for added durability. This tray can be used in other 80 Series variants to provide a third battery option - BT80DR. When it comes time to replace it I will most likely go with another Sears DHP like I am using in the passenger location.
Auxiliary Dual Battery Trays - Powder-coated for enhanced durability - we have a tray to suit 99.9% of all popular makes and models of Australian 4WDs and Utilities. The choice of cradle is predominately determined by your vehicle make, model, petrol or diesel, etc..
This tells us about your under bonnet layout and therefore what physical size auxiliary battery can fit and its location. Manufactured right here in Australia, not just another imported cheap copy, we offer the most extensive range of steel, not plastic auxiliary cradles.

This product is engineered to high standards to ensure reliable operation in tough Australian conditions.
Powder-coated or Cad-plated Steel - Give strength, is relatively light and is resilient to corrosion Specifically Tailored - Will fit the maximum sized battery possible, with maximum strength High Sides - Give the tray greater strength and more battery support Pressed Bases - Where possible, pressed bases support the battery better Top Mounts - Provide essential bracing for long term reliability Hardware - All Trays come with all the required hardware. We have a number of tray options available to us, and will send you the most suitable type.
We will of course at completion of auction confirm the make, model, vehicle and an appropriate tray for you.
We offer genuine advice for real applications, and as Service Agents for all popular makes of portable fridges, we know what it takes to design and build the correct system for your application.

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