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This 12-inch ultraportable consist of a 6-cell battery that lasts around 7 hours; however, if you want to increase it to up to 12 hours then you can choose the 9-cell option for it. Lenovo ThinkPad T430 notebook boasts of having the best keyboard in its segment and users will love to work on it all day long. This 14-inch notebook is a robust and solid choice for users who are looking for a laptop with great battery life. For an additional $150 you have the option of adding a sheet battery to the Sony VAIO SE, which you will get around 10 hours and 30 minutes of battery backup. If I ask you which the most important criteria of smartphone are, is it Camera specs, Processing power, Water resistance, etc based on which you judge a Smartphone. If you will find you will get many supporters in the Android world of HTC One M8 and majority of them support it due to its wonderful battery life. This phone is very good performer in many areas so it is strong in battery section as well. As compare to the earlier version Xperia Z2 this phone Xperia Z3 comes with the battery capacity of 3,000 mAh. This phone is packed with one of the largest batteries which is available in market 4,100 mAh.
If this is not enough for you then you can even use the sheet battery that provides a brilliant 20 hours of backup for your notebook. With just $50 you can upgrade this notebook to a 9-cell battery that will make this powerful notebook last more than 13 hours without plugging it in.
The sealed in battery is capable of providing you around seven and a half hours of battery backup.

Apart from this, it has other appealing features including a dust resistance and spill resistant keyboard, steel hinges, and a tri-metal frame.
This will allow you to watch all your favorite movies and play your favorite games without the need to plug it into a power outlet. It comes with 3,000 mAh battery capacity, display is powered by 5.5 inch QHD LCD screen, processor is Snapdragon 801 and paired with 3GB RAM. In comparison with LG G3 it consists lower specification but still I will say it is one of the better devices in terms of battery performance. The best part of this phone is the battery is removable so you can always carry spare battery and use it at the time you need. The manufacturer has provided this huge battery because it was needed as phone is powered by 6 inch Full HD screen and runs on Octa-core Hisilcon Kirin 925 processor. The following is the list of Top 10 laptops with the best battery backup based on the Laptop Battery Test.
If your device is running more than a day before the battery is getting fully drained, then in 2014 it is doing good job.
Based on this specification I can say it is very high performing device but at the same time LG has done a great job in terms of battery life. It comes with 2,600 mAh battery, display is powered by 5 inch Full HD screen and processor is Snapdragon 801. The phone has 5.1 inch Super AMOLED display which will consume less battery as compare to other competing display. Sony has claimed that this phone battery life can stay for 2 days with some battery left in phone as well.

As phone is holding this big specification still the device can last for 2 days in normal use and there is two power saving mode as well smart and ultra. If you are confused searching best Smartphone battery which you can find it on Android so please go through the below mentioned guide in which you will get five best smartphone with longer battery backup.
LG G3 can live for 2 working days if you are not using any demanding apps, playing games etc.
The Snapdragon processor of this phone has received a little but good improvement as compare to previous version in regards with power consumption. Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with unique power saving mode which is Ultra Power Saving which will help you provide additional support for some hours and even for days as well. The phone is water resistant so its battery is not removable and even I will not able to say how its battery will work with PS4 Remote Play feature.
Now we have left to compare it with 6 inch Nexus 6 and see it can stand in front of this phone but till now it is one of the best device for based on battery performance in Android. As it has a large QHD display so you will like to watch movies and play HD games but it will drain down the battery life may be less than a day but still in compare to other device LG G3 is excellent.
For publicity Samsung has also said it can go a week-long means you can go cross country road trip on a single charge.

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