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For the racer that demands the best, Xcelorin have introduced three new high-performance 60C LiPo batteries. Lipo Battery Shootout 4- 2S 5800 mah Edition « Big Squid RC – News, Reviews, Videos, and More! Featuring a true Front Motor and Triple Belt drive train, the true front motor design brings it closer to the weight distribution of real life drift cars, allowing a prolonged high speed drift action. All are ROAR-approved for competition and feature hard cases that can withstand the demands of the racing environment. It is the first few with full front motor RC drift chassis and is expected to be the cheapest of the bunch.

Combining ideas and feedbacks from seasoned Drift racers, the 3 Racing Drift Car was designed from the ground up instead of re-bagging an existing chassis and selling it as a new product.
The 70C Venom supplied us for this shootout is one of their most expensive yet, is it worth the extra cash? Onyx Batteries Link Speedpack 2S 50C 5200 – We reviewed a Speedpack a few months ago and it was a good pack (we received a new sample for the shootout), how would it fair against a full field of of higher capacity packs? This time they sent us one of their best “nano” packs to test, was it able to pwn the field? Traxxas Lipo LinkSo there we have our 7 combatants!As always, thanks to all the companies for supporting our tests!

We know everyone just likes to ruin the book and skip to the end, but seriously, this link is for reference later.
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We didn’t want to go and do full giant reviews on every charger because nobody wants to read that much.

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