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Model 616-0392, Li-on, 2.04whr, all black wrapping, OEM, a little thinner than the above two, so a little less capacity? Model 616-0227, Li-polymer, OEM, seems to be the same battery as above with different model numbers.
For 616-0230, Li-polymer, non-OEM, marked as 650mAh but definitely over rated, poor performance even when new. Conclusion: Li-on battery is more reliable than li-polymer battery, choose li-on battery if you can, avoid non-OEM batteries that is over rated in capacity.

This is kind of car is really splendid and attractive,d esigned with aluminum alloy castings, easy for operation. Product Description Any populated, developed or developing areas of the world can benefit from the use of electric vehicles which represent non-emitting, low operating cost minimum maintenance all utility vehicles.
Portable Wireless Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit For Smartphone Description This product is a wireless bluetooth hands-free car kit, without installation just clip on the car sun visor, very easy to use.
Li-on, This blue battery is the best in terms of capacity and reliability, OEM, manufactured by SANYO.

May have poor protection circuit implemented, some battery getting really warm during charge, could be hazardous as the battery in iPOD nano 1st, Gen.
Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) famously met his end whilst riding an SS100 and swerving to avoid hitting two boys cycling on the road.

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