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Stephanie is a writer for the American Preppers Network, a small local paper and for her blog, The Home Front and was featured in Marie Claire UK in the October 2012 issue that featured women preppers. To connect with her --> click on one of the many little square social media buttons below! We manufacture and sell two different Solar Battery Chargers that can both charge your batteries (via a USB port) or even your device directly, again with a USB port. I would also like to remind everyone that batteries in storage need to be exercised as well. I would recommend that you add a few PowerEx MH-C9000 WizardOne Charger-Analyzers to your mix for maintenance (standard 110 outlet). Many other have also subbed out the batteries in their solar lights with no problems – however I have heard about over heating and overcharging issues from more than one person. As I already mentioned above battery life is a very important thing to consider in a phone, Gionee Marathon M3 stands out perfectly to be a phone with outstanding battery life. Micromax Canvas Power A96 is a budget smartphone, and considering the, it comes with a massive battery capacity, i.e. It houses a 5 inch display with the resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, giving a pixel density of 196 ppi.
Lava Iris Fuel 60, the last one in the list, but not the least, also comes with 4000 mAh battery capacity, and they claim it to be designed to provide users a relief from all battery and power bank hassles. Today, the best rechargeable batteries are the new hybrid Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) cells. So, basically, these new hybrid Ni-MH cells offer the convenience and shelf-life of alkalines, and the high-drain performance of older Ni-MH batteries. The E8GE 1000 batteries are the newest hybrid batteries to be introduced, and they are also the highest rated at 2100 mAh (this stands for milli Amp hour, and indicates a battery’s energy storage capacity). E8DE batteries are rechargeable up to 1000 cycles, and they are “ultra-low self-discharging” Sony vgp-bps2c batteries. You can recharge the Hybrios in any standard Ni-MH charger, and they can be recharged up to 500 times. How about some good battery chargers to go with these batteries? The chargers featured below are some of the smartest out there — they have built-in protection to prevent overcharging or undercharging.
The LaCrosse Alpha BC-1000 Charger has sophisticated monitoring circuitry that controls the charging process, and it is also capable of “renewing” batteries by running fully-controlled discharge-recharge cycles. Ansmann is a German company known for their range of high-end, intelligent battery chargers. This charger has ten charging positions: six for AAA, AA, C or D sized cells, and four for 9V cells. Ansmann’s “Energy 8? charger has all the features of the “Energy 16? charger, but has 8 charging points instead of 16. Like the Ansmann chargers, Maha’s chargers can restore batteries to their optimal performance level by repeatedly charging and discharging them. With one or two exceptions, the battery life experience on each and every single one of those handsets was absolute rubbish. Gone are the days where you might have a charger at home that you plug the phone into every other day.
Every day I see dozens if not hundreds of people walking around glued to their handsets, oblivious to life going on around them. You see, while many are upset about the woeful state of mobile phone battery life, we’ve brought this upon ourselves. That was, until we used it a bit more extensively and discovered just how terrible the battery life (and multitasking) turned out to be.
There’s proof in the market that a feature rich smartphone can do all the desired things without having a pathetic little battery, and can sell well. Please, hear my call, give us a phone that can last a day or two while it’s actually being used. These phones are plenty thin right now, they don’t need to be thinner, we need to be able to hold them. I also found it disappointing that the Razr Maxx HD didn’t come to Australia, because I imagine there would be a bunch of people who would happily sacrifice some other features to get better battery life.
The good thing about all of the competition in the mobile space is that mobile-processors are being made increasingly more efficient as well as more powerful.

Software clearly makes a big difference too if you think about custom ROMs on Android that underclock the processor when it’s not needed.
This Chargers are small, convenient, easy to use and when the sun is not out they have an on-board battery to keep your batteries and digital devices charged and ready to go. This phone has got a battery capacity of 5000 mAh, which is very surprising for a mid range phone, giving you a battery life of around 2 Days, which is quite a tough task for any android phone, but this phone does the task perfectly. It packs a 1 GB Ram and 8 GB internal storage and has the storage is expandable up to 128 GB via micro SD card. It comes with a massive battery of 4200 mAh, which is quite good when comparing to the other phone in the market. It is powered by a 1.3 GHz quad core MediaTek Processor coupled with 1 GB Ram and a Mali 400 GPU. With such battery capacity this phone gives a very good battery backup which will stand out your daily tasks easily. Lava has been doing great on Indian smartphone industry, recently the became the number 2 in Indian market, this marks their quality in making phones. I hope you enjoyed reading this, you can also read this list : Best mid range smartphones to buy. These hybrid batteries have a lot going for them: they come fully charged (like alkaline batteries), and they can hold their charge over may months (unlike regular Ni-MH rechargeables). Sanyo says Eneloops can be recharged up to 1000 times, and they will retain their charged capacity even after 6 or 12 months of storage.
Eneloops, by comparison, have a lower rated capacity — 2000 mAh (or 1980 mAh according to my informal tests). It has four separate charge channels so you can charge one, two three or four batteries at a time – even on individual charge programs.
Ansmann’s “Energy 16? charger can handle both NiCad and NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) rechargeable batteries.
The six top positions can handle two AAA or two AA cells or one each of the larger C or D cells.
Lucky me I found your site by accident, and I am surprised why this twist of fate didn’t happened in advance! It shows the battery life of half a dozen specific handsets and an average of 101 further handsets.
You can read emails, browse the web, access social media, share photos with your friends, navigate while driving your car, download and listen to music, watch TV shows, remote control your PC or a toy helicopter, irradiate your man- or womanhood and even make the occasional phone call. However, silly as it sounds, these are precisely the things suggested to owners of iPhones to save precious battery life. We reward manufacturers who produce devices that are slim, light and have large screens, that are packed full of all manner of radios and other transmitters.
We all love a well designed, good looking mobile phone, and we at Ausdroid are no different. Give me a slightly thicker phone, with a bigger battery, that can last at least a working day. He has varied interests across mobility, health, and connectivity and can often be found with a smartphone or two in hand preparing a new review.
But every time a product comes out, apple being a repeat offender, thin is touted as a feature. The iPhone 5 freaks me out, it feels like a bar of soap about to drop and shatter at any moment.
Most people I know now will often use their laptops plugged in to the power almost all the time- but how many would decide to just disable everything, drop the screen brightness, etc? Battery would easily last multiple days with fairly heavy use (podcasts to and from work, email, twitter etc) Same thing with a BlackBerry I had in a previous job. If you or someone you know are a member of Costco, they routinely have a kit on sale that beats everyone’s prices.
Knowing that – I cannot and will not recommend the practice as safe and recommend people try it. It gives an outstanding battery life, considering the fact that the phone is having a lower resolution display and low specifications. Coming to camera department, it has a 5 MP Rear Camera With LED Flash and a 0.3 MP Front Camera.

Because they can hold their charge for so long, they are suitable for low-drain devices like remote controls and flashlights.
When the batteries are inserted into the charger, they are analysed, and batteries needing reconditioning are automatically restored by several cycles of charging and discharging. You can mix and charge AA, AAA, C and D sized cells at the same time on individual charging circuits.
Let me tell you about a few phones I’ve used over the last twelve months, and my (admittedly, non-scientific) findings. Who amongst us can remember a time when you could walk in a shopping centre, or go to a concert, or really go anywhere in public without seeing within a few metres at least a dozen people with their faces glued to their mobiles, ferociously tapping away to send a message or play a game? However, that extra thickness in an otherwise small handset allows more battery, which means more battery life.
We’ve panned some otherwise good handsets on Ausdroid because the battery life was so crap that the phone was barely usable.
Even outside the realm of mobile phones, people seem to epitomise thin and attractive beyond functionality. The first accessory that someone buying your phone should be looking for is not a spare charger or two. Chris travels frequently for Ausdroid to bring you the latest news fresh from around the globe.
Rooting it was the only way the make sure ram usage and power settings were kept at appropriate levels.
The phone isn’t going to be useful if its so thin and battery so pitiful that it just turns into an expensive paper weight after half a day.
I can make a couple of calls a day and the phone nearly gets through a working week without needing a charge. If you’re in the market for a good smartphone, you should also look for a phone with long battery life. Looking at the storage, it has 4 GB internal storage, which is expandable via micro SD card up to 32 GB. It holds a 10 MP Rear Facing Camera along with LED Flash and a 2 MP Front Facing Camera.  This one is easily one of the good smartphones with best battery life under 10,000 in India. The AA-sized (R6) batteries are rated at 2000 mAh, and the AAA-sized (R03) cells are rated at 800 mAh. It comes with four AA and four AAA batteries, four battery adapters (which convert AA sized battery to C and D sizes) and a carry case.
All smartphone users looking to scrimp and save battery life are told to do all manner of counter-intuitive things to try to stretch out the meagre allowance of power allotted to us by the manufacturers.
If you tweak a little further (you’d have to root to achieve this most likely) you can get that usage down to around 4-5% per hour, without sacrificing much at all.
Exhibit A, so many Holywood celebrities who look fabulous, are thin, but are as metaphorically thick as two bricks.
They shouldn’t be forking out $35 for proprietary charging cables just so their beloved can last more than four hours out of a twenty-four hour day (cough Apple). There seems to be a compromise between applications, large screens and background processes vs battery life – nothing new to that idea, but chasing multiple days of use is something manufactures should be doing. One downside for this phone is that it is still running on Android Jelly Bean 4.2, no question of updates.
Note, however, if you want to charge C or D size Dell GK479 Laptop Battery, you’ll want to get the Ansmann chargers below. You didn’t need to carry a charger in your bag, have one in the car, and have one at work and at home. The charge times are as follows: AA Eneloops charge in 230 minutes, and AAA Eneloops charge in 135 minutes.
An LCD display shows charging and conditioning status of each rechargeable HP probook 4510s battery pack. We have also replaced the NiCad batteries in our yard lights with higher capacity HiMH, without any issues.

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