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CTEK Power, Inc., has its own answer to this problem in its extensive lineup of battery diagnostic tools, which we got to see for ourselves on Tuesday, November 5th. With the CTEK Battery Analyzer, connecting and testing is easy, with no need to disconnect or remove the battery from the vehicle prior to testing. Most battery chargers are bulky, and feature a trickle charge, normal charge and vehicle start settings. Though Range Rovers aren’t always best at keeping their value, they sure have become increasingly popular over the past decade. Car batteries seem to pick the coldest, wettest and dreariest days to decide they’re going to die, leaving you stranded either on the side of the road, or at home unable to get to work. Belgian producer Optimate has gone its own way with the interface on its chargers, and it’s nowhere near as intuitive as the simple LEDs used by rivals.

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Oxford is best known for its chargers for motorcycles, although this one is more than capable of tackling cars. Ken Palmman, general manager for North America, was on hand to educate us as to what sets these tools apart from the competition. While roadside assistance is a valuable resource, it can take them hours to arrive and get you back up and running again. Behind the confusing array of lights, there is a quick charger with restoration mode and the ability to revive severely flattened batteries. The best car battery chargers can quickly juice up your battery, getting you back on the road.

It’s one of several battery chargers made by CTEK that can be used on cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, and boats to provide diagnostic and proper charging to extend battery life.
The 7002 for example is more than half the size of a typical charger, and fits into a small stuff-sack that can easily fit into the door panel pocket of most trucks and SUVs.
The 7002 charges the battery in eight steps that varies the amount of amperage and voltage delivered to the battery. This delivers a better state of charge, and in the process prevents sulfation and reconditions battery cells for optimum performance.

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