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Opinion: Does integrated VoIP support in iOS 10 signal the beginning of the end for voice plans? With no official support from Apple, the third-party strap market for Apple Watch is still a bit of a wild-west, but there are some companies making it possible and offering inexpensive alternatives to Apple’s own bands. Apple might have its own exclusive strap colors available for a select few, but you’ll likely need to go the third-party route if you want a similar level of customization for your Apple Watch. Below we’ve put together a list of third-party bands already available to order, as well as adapters for traditional straps and replacement straps for Apple’s leather bands. Apple is selling its own bands for Apple Watch that range from $49 for the rubber Sport Band up to $449 for the stainless steel Link Bracelets. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, Monowear is taking orders for a large collection of nylon, leather, and metal straps ranging from $59-$99.
Some companies have started making replacement straps for Apple’s Classic or Modern Buckle leather straps.

The first promise of a strap with built-in battery for charging comes from the $249 Reserve Strap. MyCell is promising replacement, replica (knockoff) bands that look a lot like Apple’s, ranging from $25 for a Sport knock-off to $224 for stainless steel. Accessory maker Lunatik plans to launch this protective case and strap combo, the Epik Apple Watch Kit, on Kickstarter. The Click Kickstarter campaign already ended and now has a website dedicated to preordering.
I am looking for an extra long band, probably about 2 inches longer than the silicon bands that you can get with the Apple Watch, does anyone know where I can find them? Not without an accessory like Click, which offers an adapter to attach any standard 22mm watch band to Apple’s proprietary slide-in mechanism for swapping bands. It doesn’t include Apple’s mechanism for actually attaching to Apple Watch, so this is for customers of Apple’s Classic or Modern Buckle bands that want to do the required disassembly to attach a new band— tools are included.

A few of the products were featured in previous roundups that included all accessories, or news stories, but many were not.
Also, it raised more than double its goal (more than 7 times actually) so…not so up-to-date information in this article. And I always click these stories out of hope for new things, but damn if you don’t just keep giving us not only the same accessory makers but the same damn products every single time! And if you bump it into anything, it’s likely the face is going to get the brunt of it, not the shell and back of the device.
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