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Speaking of laptop batteries and how long they last, you'd think that by now Windows would afford laptop users a more useful battery gauge.
Enter BatteryBar, a free, easy, and so-smart-it-should-be-built-in power gauge that's compatible with XP, Vista, and Windows 7.
On most systems, you have to mouse over the tiny System Tray power icon to get Windows' read on how much battery life is left. Interestingly, the developer lets you choose your own price (sort of) for BatteryBar Pro: $6-10 for a lifetime license, $4-5 for a two-year license, or $1-3 for one year.
Rick Broida, a technology writer for more than 20 years, is the author of more than a dozen books. Powered and implemented by Interactive Data Managed Solutions News provided by The Associated Press. D?i v?i ngu?i dung may tinh xach tay, tinh tr?ng pin laptop la m?t thong tin r?t quan tr?ng.
N?u b?n c?m th?y phi?n toai v?i di?u nay va nghi d?n y tu?ng dua tr?ng thai pin laptop len thanh tac v? (taskbar) cho d? nhin thi cong c? mi?n phi BatteryBar s? la m?t l?a ch?n thich h?p. BatteryBar la m?t ti?n ich mi?n phi cho Windows 7 va XP, Vista giup hi?n th? tinh tr?ng pin tren thanh tac v?.
Sau khi b?n cai d?t BatteryBar, nh?n chu?t ph?i tren thanh tac v?, ch?n toolbar va sau do ch?n BatteryBar d? hi?n th? thong tin pin.
B?n cung co th? xem them thong tin nhu % th?i gian con l?i, dung lu?ng pin, t?c d? x?, tinh tr?ng pin (s?c ho?c x?) va t? l? hao mon pin b?ng cach d?t con tr? chu?t len nut BatteryBar giup b?n s? d?ng pin laptop hi?u qu? hon.
Adjust the battery meter's look and feel with comprehensive display preferences and custom themes. BatteryBar Pro monitors your laptop battery over time to develop highly accurate estimates of remaining power. Graphs and themes will appeal to your need for visual candy, while alerts tied to different warning levels ensure that you’ll never get caught by a dead battery in the middle of something important.
BatteryBar Free zeigt Ihnen den Ladezustand ihres Notebook-Akkus in der Taskleiste als Batteriesymbol an.

Verstopfte oder ausgefallene Lufter konnen zur Uberhitzung der Festplatte und damit zu totalem Datenverlust fuhren.
Das BIOS Kompendium vermittelt ihnen umfangreiche Informationen zur Benutzung und den Einstellmoglichkeiten im Zusammenhang mit dem BIOS.
ChipInfo ist eine Systeminfo-Software, welche speziell zum verwendeten Mainboard-Chipsatz sowie den dazugehorigen Geraten, als auch zum PCI-Bus, umfassende Informationen anzeigt. CPU-Z zeigt Informationen zu allen Hardwarekomponenten von Ihrem Computer: Prozessor, Cache, Mainboard, Bios, RAM-Speicher. BatteryBar ist ein kleines Programm, dass die Akkuleistung von Note- und Netbooks uberwacht und den Lade- und Entladezustand in der Taskleiste anzeigt. I first wrote about this utility a few years ago, and with the imminent arrival of Windows 8, I figured it was time for another look. Much as Windows' power-management capabilities have improved over the years, the OS still doesn't tell you much about your battery.
In fact, from what I can see of Windows 8, Microsoft hasn't changed anything about battery status reporting.
That's why I continue to be a huge fan of BatteryBar, a superb power gauge that's compatible with XP, Vista, and Windows 7.
Normally, if you want Windows' read on how much battery life is left, you have to mouse over the tiny System Tray power icon. That gauge shows you either a percentage of battery life remaining or the amount of runtime left; clicking it toggles between the two readings.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. BatteryBar adds a full-time, at-a-glance gauge to the right side of the taskbar, which by itself is handy. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Vi?c h?t pin d?t xu?t s? d?n d?n nguy co t?n h?i ph?n c?ng, hu h?ng h? di?u hanh, m?t mat d? li?u, hay chi it la lam gian do?n cong vi?c.

Trigger alerts alerts with warning levels, and let power-saving features keep your system running.
With BatteryBar Pro, the longer you use the program, the more accurate it becomes as it familiarizes itself with how fast your battery depletes, and under what conditions. HDD Temperature uberwacht laufend die Temperatur der Festplatten und sendet bei Uberhitzung eine E-Mail oder Warnmeldung ubers Netzwerk. Neben der Restlaufzeit in Stunden und Minuten, werden sie auch uber Kapazitat und Entladerate informiert. With its help you can keep track on your battery's lifespan and figure out how to take better care of your laptop.The installer includes a BatteryBar toolbar and floating toolbar, and you can select which of these components you want to install (or both).
BatteryBar adds a full-time, at-a-glance gauge to the right side of the taskbar, which I find incredibly handy. Interestingly, when you're running on AC power, the gauge switches from green to blue and shows how long until you reach a full charge.
Ngu?i dung luon ph?i nhin vao bi?u tu?ng pin laptop ? goc man hinh r?i doan th?i gian con l?i, hay ph?i re chu?t d?n d? xem chi ti?t.
It also offers support for additional themes and language translations.The interface of the tool consists of a very small frame which resembles a battery meter. Sobald sie mit Ihrer Maus uber das Icon gehen, erscheint ein kleines PopUp-Fenster mit weiteren Informationen wie der verbleibenden Laufzeit, die Gesamtlaufzeit, Akkuverschlei?, Entladerate, Kapazitat sowie dem Status des Netzteils. For example, you can select a battery power scheme, make the frame stay on top of other windows, as well as pick a battery profile to display in a graphical representation, based on the charge or discharge factor.However, the main configuration is done from the Settings panel, as BatteryBar sports numerous options to alter.
In conclusion, BatteryBar delivers a simple solution for monitoring the battery status, yet allows plenty of configuration steps for power users.

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