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First the alternator died a few months ago, replaced it and no issues since until last week. About to take in my third one that I though was working to have it tested but wanted some opinions first. Sometimes I'll be driving and my battery will be reading at around 14v but most of the time the gauge is bottomed out at 9v and the battery isn't being charged.
Check your battery connectors and make sure your charge wire from the alt is hooked to the batt.
Found the answer, that little black block is nothing more than an idiot proofing so you don't mix up wires on the alt.
Reply Forum BlackBerry OS Phone Forums BlackBerry Torch 9810 battery drained. My Samsung galaxy tab 3 completely died for the first time a couple days ago, since then i have not been able to get past this screen (the attached picture) when i plug it in, no matter how long i leave it plugged in it never changes. Thanks ahead of time for the help, sorry if this is already resolved in a different thread.
I used to have the tab 3 10"(GT-P5210), I did brick it my first time trying to flash a rom haha but I actually fixed it which was surprising. If you can enter download mode, You should try to find a download link for the stock firmware and download ODIN v3.7 and force a file dump of the firmware, I dont know if it works in your situation though.
Thanks ill give that a try when i get home, ya I'm about to spike this piece of garbage on the ground. Wild fluctuations in battery charged percentages » Similar Threads Galaxy S5 - How to get bluetooth to auto connect every time I get in the car? Last Post: 12-02-2015, 08:32 AM Samsung Galaxy S3 Cracked Internally - is there any hope? What laptop tablet battery won’ charge, Occasionally we receive a question on makeuseof answers about a battery that refuses to charge. Acer laptop wont turn ’ fix , Countless people complain about acer laptops that won’t turn on! The controversial Tesla Autopilot charged its first fatality Who will take responsibility now? To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community.
Assuming you have an identical replacement to the original charger it might be the charging circuit on the board.

I found the support page as far as diagnostics are concerned and it looks like the charging circuit is on the main motherboard with no secondary boards being present. I looked around on the community page and I didn't see anything specific to your laptop but you could always post a question there yourself.
I'm not sure about your specific one, but Dells usually have a three pin connection on the charger. Using a multimeter set to DC, CAREFULLY check for voltage between the center pin and the OUTER sleeve.
I have bought several Dells and all of them used and ones I have had to work on and comparing Dell batteries to one other brand of laptop I have they seem to last longer at least with my experience anyway. The battery meters respond differently to a failing battery depending on what version of Windows you are running and the monitoring circuitry built into the battery.
The indicators on the battery itself is simply a 'fuel gauge' just like the one in Windows. And due to the circuitry inside the battery (that's why there's usually 8-10 pins on the battery connector), you can't just take the battery out and stick a voltmeter on the terminals to see if it's charging.
JerseyMatt I kind of thought there wouldn't be a way to check on the laptop itself as I kind of figured there would a switch or circuit or something but I wasn't sure which is why I asked you if you could test it. Alternator died again, took it in and got a new one because of the warranty and it was bad.
While the gauge was reading 9v I got out and hooked up my multimeter to the battery and it read 11.8v. I left it off my firebird one time while doing an engine swap and I couldnt figure out the problem. I bought some contact cleaner and dielectric grease and am planning to get everything with some grease. I found my charging issue, one of the contacts was nearly busted off and when I bolted it back onto the alt.
Asin the phone would not turn on at all, i fotgot to recharge it, so 5 days i put it on charge and all that has came up is a blank screen (black) with an enlarged battery symbol with a lighting bolt through it.
Ive had ipads since they have came out and never had a problem, but i thought i would try something new.
It has been a while since I looked into issues with a Dell Latitude D600 I have so I am not sure if the charging circuit is on the main motherboard or on a circuit board where the power button is. It could be where the power cord is plugged in being bad but it doesn't in my opinion seem to be a likely candidate as you are getting power to the laptop.

That being said I did buy a Latitude D600 that had a bad battery and when I had put that battery into a Latitude D600 that I knew had a good charging circuit the battery charging light constantly flashed. The hardest time was re-soldering a switch on an old beat up desk top computer where room was just about as tight as on that charger. There are 5 charging strips on the battery and none of them have glowed to say 'one bar charged' or something. I will try to do some checking on Dells website for you but would really need the service tag number to more easily identify the laptop as there are certain variations that are made during certain model years.
I will try to find something on Dells community forum perhaps someone has posted a similar question there.
It very well could be though as there is circuitry in the battery itself and as the battery gets older it will not show being fully charged at least not on my model of Latitude. Terms & Conditions Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central VR Heads The next generation Phone nerds, it's time to start caring about Huawei Unlocked!!!
I have tried 6 different cables and every power source possible(wall charger, car charger, PC, car power converter, different wall usb connectors too). Once I have that Dell does have an online service manual that makes it fairly easy for anyone to diagnose and repair their own computer and I can point you hopefully in the right direction.
As I remember though the battery on your laptop has no indicator on it or at least it appeared to not have one when I looked at a picture of the battery on Dells website.
While I don't always recommend e-bay in this case I am as I really think you can find a genuine Dell charger.
A question for you JerseyMatt where I myself haven't done this I would think there is a way to take the battery out and then see with an ohm meter if the battery compartment is getting any voltage and if so the best way to go about as to settings etc. As you know I am not an expert but you have worked on these I assume in your computer shop.
You might possibly be able to get a new one directly from Dell but it will be more expensive than going through e-bay. I have only replaced screens and cleaned some out and never tested anything so your input is valuable!

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