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Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. If you’ve got a netbook with really great battery life, you’ll probably still have loads of time left even with only 10% of the battery remaining. Note: obviously if you don’t have a great battery in your laptop, you should probably be careful with these settings or you might lose data. You’ll want to start by heading into Power Options from the Control Panel, or more easily, by just clicking on the power icon in the tray and going to More Power Options. Next you’ll want to click the “Change advanced power settings” link at the bottom of that dialog. Now find the option for Battery at the bottom of the dialog and expand it until you find the various settings for Critical, Low, or Reserve battery levels. Reserve Battery is when the laptop will start taking drastic measures to stop using extra power, usually at 7%.
Critical Battery is when your laptop will immediately go into Hibernate mode, usually at 5% remaining. You can customize any of the levels here, and you can even disable the notification entirely if you want.
On my MacBook Air running Windows 7, I’ve adjusted the Critical Battery Action to Sleep Mode instead, and changed the low battery notification down a bit. Lowell Heddings, better known online as the How-To Geek, spends all his free time bringing you fresh geekery on a daily basis. If it still only goes to 81% then it might be bad, but if it provides you will hours of use, then who cares if it thinks it’s full at 81%? Thanks for the info, I couldn’t find what reserve battery option meant,,,,,,,, now I know. I hate sleep mode because when ever I try and download somthing on my laptop it goesinto that so I’ve disabled it. I work on computers and at times I see batteries that say plugged in not charging and thats is usually the charger. DID YOU KNOW?Camels with two humps (Bactrian camels) are critically endangered, with only a few wild and very small herds remaining, the majority of the two million left are domesticated; their one-hump relatives (Dromedary camels), however, have a global population of roughly thirteen million.

Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Microsoft has concluded that Windows 7's battery alert feature is functioning properly, despite numerous user claims to the contrary. Windows takes into account the average laptops with battery lives around 2-4 hours and Microsoft has accordingly set the battery levels after which the users get notified and eventually pushing Windows into Hibernate mode after reaching a critical stage. Now that you have got the basic idea about different battery levels, let’s get into to details of changing the low battery notifications in Windows 7.
And you can save these settings as a profile so that you can easily and quickly switch it over when needed in the future.The first thing you need to do once you have it installed on your computer is to Run Diagnostic from the Diagnostic tab to let the tool to get know better of your computer system and setup. Here’s how to tweak the settings so it alerts you or goes into sleep mode at a more reasonable time.
Once you’re there, you can tweak the current plan by clicking the “Change plan settings” link. That’s mostly because I’ve got great battery life, and I’ll always plug it in quickly once the battery dies.
Redmond performed a series of tests to determine if its latest operating system was erroneously warning users of a battery issue, and in each of those scenarios the notification only showed if the battery was actually performing below certain standards. The company noted that the message is new to Windows 7, so folks upgrading from XP or Vista may be taken by surprise when they are told their battery is a paperweight.
And wonder why you are being notified even when you have pretty much time left to plug into an AC power supply? But if you consider the case of the users with long battery backups, they would still be having more than enough time to save their current work, get plugin the power supply to the laptop.
Type “power options” in the Start Menu search and open the first result under the Control Panel section. Now select the power plan for which you want to change the low battery notification settings, and click the “Change plan settings” link found next to the power plan.
In the “Edit Plan Settings” window, click on the “Change advanced power settings” link found at near the bottom.
Scroll down to “Battery” section in the Advanced settings tab and click the “+” button to expand it. You may adjust the settings for each of the battery levels i.e Low battery level, Reserve battery level and Critical battery level.

You can change the Low Battery Action to go into sleep mode if you want, though that would defeat our purpose here.
My Netbook battery only charges to 81% and then it says “Plugged in, but not charging” Do I need to perhaps replace the battery? Wait until the machine hibernates due to low battery and then turn it back on and keep using it until it shuts off from lack of power.
When possible it is normally better not to discharge to below 40% or so, which seems to be the common level recommended by many tech blogs. Of the 20 support inquires related to this message, all of them have turned out to be age-degraded batteries.
So if you are once such user, you might want to change the low battery actions on your laptop. It will automatically turn of and off certain hardware like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infrared, and any external peripherals, as well as adjusting screen brightness. Before that, let’s see what are the different battery levels considered by your Windows OS. If it is left more or less permanently connected to the mains, some people recommend removing the battery and only using it when needed.
It can be set to automatically alert you when the batter usage increases or drops in a certain percentage.Battery Optimizer works on all major Windows systems, from XP and above, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.
It requires a very minimum hardware requirement and runs in a fairly small footprint in your system.VerdictIn most cases, the built-in Battery Optimizer, aka Power Options, should be sufficient to get your batter in the right place. But if you somehow messed up and are having concerns about your battery not running in an optimized way, this Battery Optimizer certainly is going to help you out.

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