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General Motors Corp will collaborate with Segway Inc., one of the biggest two-wheeler makers, to build a new kind of two-wheeler, PUMA (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility). The battery-run, two-wheeler GM-Segway PUMA is expected to make commuting in congested urban streets easier. Even though GM has said that it will launch the GM-Segway PUMA by 2012, it is not very likely that the GM-Segway PUMA prototype will go into production anytime soon, given GM’s overwhelming financial troubles. Segway will launch two models out of its portfolio of green (zero-emission) self-balancing vehicles, the Segway X2 (a new XT model) for the outdoors and i2 (from its i-series) for indoors, in India. The wireless infoKey controller enables the rider to monitor speed, distance, and battery life, while riding.
The Segway i2 is powered by Saphion lithium-ion batteries that offer a range of up to 24 miles on a single charge, depending on terrain, and payload.
However, the company is focusing on the commercial segment, rather than individuals, for sales.

Segway Inc expects sales to come in from Special Economic Zones, airports, golf courses, malls and big factories.
Described as a "motorbike-car" hybrid, the Lit C-1 two wheeler uses a set of futuristic electronic gyroscopes to ensure it remains upright and balanced, similar to the technology used by Segway scooters and the recent Honda UNI-CUB.
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When optioning for vehicle financing it is recommended to look on what types of car financing options are available for a decent reliable car. Apparently PUMA will adjust to the traffic using wireless technology to navigate in cities.
The Segway models will be retailed through Bird’s 30 centres across India, as three separate knocked-down parts and assembled in Gurgaon, Live Mint has reported.

It comes with the company’s LeanSteer technology that allows riders to lean into turns and eliminates grip-based controls.
It comes with a wireless InfoKey controller that allows riders to set the top speed and turning rate using two modes, Beginner and Regular. Our focus will be on commercial usage and for policing where we see tremendous potential,” Hindustan Times quoted Jason G Barton, vice president, worldwide sales, Segway Inc, as saying.

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