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Possible upgrades and lower cost solutions to the product you are viewing based on customer reviews and purchases. We are a value-added battery and power product distributor focusing on advanced battery technologies, LED lighting and custom power solutions. So what is the bottom line?  Based on all recent reviews as well as our own experience with the Deltran Battery Tender line, we rate this waterproof battery maintainer a buy.

The Amazon title says this is an 800 Amp charger (which is a bit ludicrous — most houses are only set to handle 60-150 amps). We are required to show certain products at list price, please call us for special pricing and availability. In the northern Ohio winters where temps can sometime go down to single degrees at night, I know the truck will start in the morning. Our phone lines have been in & out today.Please contact us here or click "Live Chat" below if you can not get through on the phone.

Our company sells to the public, retailers, distributors, OEMS, government facilities worldwide and WE WANT YOU AS A CUSTOMER!

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