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Battery Tender Waterproof 800 is a compact 800 mA battery charger has all the charge characteristics of its cousin the Battery Tender Junior.
Charger is no larger than a standard computer mouse yet packs 800 millamps of pure constant current charging power.
My previous review indicated the LED status lights were not functioning properly- it was a blown fuse!!
The 12v cord is shorter than the JR version and also has fewer light parterns (yellow and green) to show the charging status. Rated best battery charger ever, charges at a slightly slower rate than Plus version, can be connected to battery all the time.

Attaches to your bikes battery so the next time you need a charge, you won't have to worry about getting to the battery itself.
Der Battery Tender® Waterproof 800 wird mit zwei Schrauben am Pfosten des Carpots befestigt.
Geeignet fur den Einsatz bei Scootern, Motorradern, ATV, Quad, gro?en Motorradern, Jetzski und PKW. The interior is completely encapsulated, protected from shock, vibration, and moisture by an electrically insulating, thermally conductive, flame retardant, UL recognized, synthetic epoxy resin compound. Coupled with a brain (IC chip), the charger will constantly monitor, charge, and then maintain your battery.

This comes with the “sealed” unit and two sets of leads, (1) alligator set and (1) eye connector set. Perfect for all outdoor types of ATV's, watercraft, motorcycles, boats, or anywhere water is a threat. Supersmart Technology - Spark Proof - Short Circuit Protected - Reverse Polarity - Protected - Waterproof - Weighs only 1 Pound - 3 Year Warranty.

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