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The 1.5V AAA Sony Stamina Plus Alkaline batteries are supposedly better than the standard Sony Alkaline batteries and not as good as the Stamina Platinum series, so they should be mid-range Alkaline batteries. I’ve been trying to find a battery solution for my VAIO laptop, as I like the computer but the battery is toast. After putting the old battery back together with the new cells, it was recognized by my laptop. The battery won’t put voltage on the main pins until you communicate with it via SMBus. 18650 is a battery size (as you probably know) – most batteries in this form factor are NiMH, but there are some lithiums coming out now too.

I set the link to 18650 batteries and laptop battery packs – you might find something there. The expiration date on the batteries we have used for testing was 08-2018, meaning they should be offering 5 years shelf life which is not a bad thing to have if you plan to use them in low drain applications.
It uses SMBus to communicate with the motherboard, which is near enough to I2C that I can use I2C to sniff the bus. It is more important however to see what capacity they will be able to provide in our test to see if they are a good choice or you might be able to get better Alkaline batteries then them at a better price for example. Since I haven’t been able to find anything I decided to risk just changing out the cells in the original battery.

So I still don’t know whats going on, and not sure if buying the proper Sony batteries will help me either. Since the cells will have a charge, be extremely careful when desoldering and soldering on the controller board.

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