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A battery screwdriver (more commonly known as a cordless screwdriver) is basically a small, lightweight version of a cordless drill.
As their name states, they are predominantly used for driving screws into wood and plastic, but can also be used for small drilling jobs. Cordless screwdrivers feature many different components, and having a sound understanding of these plays an important part in the purchasing process. Some models (high quality models in particular) will come with two detachable batteries, allowing the user to have a charged back-up battery on hand. Screwdrivers with two batteries will have stand-alone chargers, whereas those with one battery will commonly have a small charging cradle that the whole screwdriver rests in.
Some cordless screwdrivers also have battery indicators that show you how much fuel you have left in the battery’s tank.
For more detailed information on the different types of rechargeable batteries used on battery screwdrivers, simplyclick here. On some battery screwdrivers, the further the trigger is depressed the faster the tool will rotate.
With a flick of this switch, the drilling direction changes to allow for forward and reverse motion (right and left motion respectively). If flicked between forward and reverse in a neutral position, it also locks the switch to prevent accidental operation of the tool. The clutch collar is very useful for repetitive screw driving, and allows screws to rest at a particular height. On cordless screwdrivers, the mode switch allows you to choose between screw driving and normal drilling. Motors are the main component of all power tools, and are the component that converts the electricity into motion. Some manufacturers state the output wattage that a cordless tool produces (UWO, or Unit Watts Out). Also known as a gearbox, transmissions dictate the speed range (revolutions per minute, or rpm) that a battery screwdriver can operate at, and the corresponding torque (or turning force) that it can produce.
Depending on the model, they can have between 3 and 20 Newton-metres (Nm) of torque (turning force).
These maximum drill and screw sizes depend on the specific model of the screwdriver, and it is recommended that you consult these specifics before making a purchase.
A clamshell housing is where the housing is manufactured in two plastic halves, and where these halves are fixed together around the internal components. A jampot housing is where the internal components of the screwdriver are inserted into the housing and then a lid (usually an alloy casing) is screwed down to seal it.

Some battery screwdrivers also have an LED light at the front of their housing that light up the material upon operation of the tool.
The handle is the component of the drill that you hold with your dominant hand and is what you use to apply pressure to the screwdriver. On cordless screwdrivers, the handle is called a pistol-grip handle, and is commonly covered by rubber for user-comfort.
Due to a cordless screwdriver’s ?” (6.35mm) chuck, they can only take accessories with a ?” hex shank. A cordless screwdriver is all about convenience and versatility, and therefore lightweight models with Li-ion batteriesare highly recommended. It is important to bear in mind that the entire cost of any power tool is not just it’s initial purchase cost.
To browse manufacturers of cordless screwdrivers, please select a company from our list of power tool manufacturers. The following tips will help to preserve the life of your cordless screwdriver, increase your efficiency, and most importantly, keep you safe. If the cordless screwdriver has a gear switch, always ensure it pushed fully into the required gear. You should never change the direction of drive whilst the tool is still operating, as it is highly likely you will damage the tool’s gears. Hold the screwdriver firmly to counter any light reaction forces when drilling or driving screws. About Tool CobberTool Cobber has been designed to offer you – the consumer – a chance to do your research before you buy.
Why not tell us and our B2B sales team about your specific business needs and expectations? This feature is found on all cordless screwdrivers, and can be very helpful if you need to remove screws, or if you need to release your drill bit after it has jammed in a hole. It is found on most screwdrivers, and is activated by simply selecting a number, known as a torque setting (usually a number between 1 and 10). If a small gear is used in the transmission, then rotary speed will be high but torque will be quite low. This is because they are only for small jobs, and don’t need the versatility of larger cordless units. This may seem quite a slow speed range, but this is sacrificed to keep the torque up and the weight down. Torque is a debatable value to base a decision upon, but most models are able to effectively drive screws up to 6mm in diameter.

Accessories are locked in place by pulling or pushing the collar down (depending on the model), inserting the bit, and then releasing the collar. This durable style of housing is generally used on high quality power tools, and is much more effective at keeping the internal components aligned and the power tool structurally sound.
From the features listed above, decide what features are most important to you and make sure these are included in your final purchase. Bear in mind that at least one of these three elements is commonly sacrificed by manufacturers to reduce the tool’s price and increase its sales. Added costs can include accessories for the tool to function, maintenance, downtime, and replacement costs. There are a limited number of online resources available for detailed information on tools, especially in Australia. It comes as a durable aluminium housing with a non-slip grip and includes eight double ended chrome-vanadium precision bits.
At Maplin, we’re always looking for innovations and technology that can help your business work more efficiently.
This means that once the battery has been drained, it must be recharged before further work can be done. The numbers act as a fraction of the maximum torque possible, and when the desired torque is reached the chuck ceases to rotate. The main considerations you should make include how much power you require, the size and weight of the tool, and how often you will be using it. With a dedicated business team and special services available only to business customers, you can access our electronics and technology solutions through our wide network of over 200 stores, our website with more than 20,000 products or though your personal account manager over the phone.
This is distinguished by the presence of a small numbered gear switch, usually found on the top of a cordless screwdriver. On cordless screwdrivers with a single gear, torque and speed are balanced for optimal driving effectiveness.
Their warranty periods tend to be much shorter than DIY tools, and are exclusively repair warranties. Those with two gears feature more torque in their first gear, and more speed in their second gear. The main advantage of these tools is that they should well outlive their warranty period, and if they require repair and maintenance spare parts are readily available.

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