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Apple doesn't make many iPhone accessories, so the controversy when the Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s arrived was all the more pronounced.
Plug in a regular iPhone charger - you don't get one in the box with the Smart Battery Case, nor even a spare Lightning cable - and iPhone charging will be prioritized, up to a point.
It's perhaps a shame, then, that the external battery is smaller than many of the third-party options offer. That means, at most, if your iPhone 6s is dead then you're only going to see around 80-percent of a total charge delivered: the Smart Battery Case does't have enough to completely recharge the iPhone's own, larger pack. It does mean, though, that if the case isn't attached then there's no way of knowing whether it's full or flat. With the Smart Battery Case in place, I finished a travel day with a flat case and around 80-percent of a charge in my iPhone. At $99, I suspect how alluring the Smart Battery Charger will be to you depends on how you plan to use - or already use - a battery case. If - as I suspect Apple envisages it - you plan to put your iPhone in the Smart Battery Case and use it as an everyday case, your priorities could well be different.
Given that it can put its battery case right on the shelf next to the iPhone 6s, Apple will undoubtedly sell plenty of them.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Let’s start with the TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case, it provides up to 120% or 3,200 mAh of extra battery with a low profile design and a soft rubber touch.
I like this dual case approach as sometimes I did not want the extra bulk of a backup battery.
A button on the side activates charging and four LEDs on the front indicate the amount of power left. The DX offers uNu’s 4th generation battery technology with five years of research behind it.
Other iPhone 6 battery cases might be compatible with 2A input charging, this case specifies it can handle the extra amperage. Lenmar’s Maven iPhone 6 Case With Battery is probably the lightest feeling out of all of the cases tested even with a rated 3,000 mAh of power. In keeping with the undead theme from Lenmar, their on and off switch is an LED lit X on the back that also shows its remaining charge level. EnerPlex has engineered the Surfr iPhone 6 Battery Case to charge the smartphone as normal or in emergency situations via a solar panel integrated on its back.
Lights on its base show how much battery life is remaining and if the case itself is being charge by the solar panel.
Disclosure: I was provided the above iPhone 6 battery cases from the brands above at no cost for review.
Qylur Qylatron Baggage-Screening Locker.Going through airport security never Favorite job everyone, but the locker system could change the process considerably. PhonesReviews UK- Mobiles, Apps, Networks, Software, Tablet etcAll about Mobile Phones Reviews & Updates. Ok, so we know that MOTA is not original with the naming of its new case, the Battery Case, but you cannot argue with its price, which is slightly cheaper than the most expensive version of the Juice for the iPhone 5S, and also comes with more battery capacity, especially the 6 Plus. In the video below you get to see a hands-on with the Mota iPhone 6 Plus Charging Case, which explains its design and what you get in the box. Looking at the case, there is a fear its sliding design might scratch the phone and so would benefit from felt in the outer-frame to protect it, but time will tell if this is an issue or not.

We also have a second video review and the guy in the video says he was able to get two and a half days of usage from his iPhone 6 Plus when placed inside this battery case.
With more cases of this type now being released, how long are you prepared to wait for Mophie to get its act together and release a Juice case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus? The peripheral products of iPhone battery is always enjoying a good sale due to the fact that the its built-in battery is of limited capacity and cannot be replaced. It is made of a hard plastic case which has got a bezel on the screen so as to protect it from a fall.
To sum up, the stunning advantages of the uNu DX include: fancy look with sleek design, practical use with large capacity battery, easy to use installation.
Not because anybody doubted the iPhone 6s occasionally needed an extra hit of battery, but because the silicone sleeve made it very obvious where it was hiding its Li-Ion pack. Personally, I was already using Apple's charcoal silicone case on an iPhone 6s, so the difference between that and the Smart Battery Case was clear: a tiered step and a little extra length. Slotting the iPhone into place is a matter of bending back the top section and sliding it down; there's a cutaway for the mute switch along with rubbery buttons for lock and volume. Compared to the Mophie Juice Pack Air I usually carry in my bag for mobile top-ups, Apple's case feels thinner when you hold it since the edges are basically the same as the regular case.
For a start there's a Lightning port rather than the microUSB that's par for the course on third-party products.
The case lacks a physical switch to manage whether it's powering the iPhone or holding its charge in reserve - something the control-freak in me took getting used to - and there's only a single LED indicator, oddly placed on the inside in the swathe of soft microfiber that cushions your phone, and which glows red for charging and green for full. The Mophie, like most other third-party battery cases, has a row of LEDs to show charge status; it's not as precise as Apple's iOS integration, but it does mean I can quickly check while the Juice Pack Air is still in the side pocket of my bag. I can't say it's something I've ever particularly noticed with other battery cases, and though I had no issues with either voice calls or LTE data while using Apple's model, neither did I notice any difference over my usual Mophie. If I'm out of the office for meetings or traveling, then it can be mid- to late-afternoon when the meter hits 20-percent and goes ominously red. That means that with a little coddling - turning off the radios overnight - I could've probably gone a reasonable amount through the second day without needing a charger.
For me, I prefer a thin case for most of the time and then the reassurance of a battery case in my bag to act as a top-up when the iPhone is running low. Suddenly every little difference in heft, whether real or just perceived through the tapering edges, is more significant. Like with any accessory, though, it pays to look at the third-party options out there and consider just what you want from an external battery, since the power case market is competitive - and is likely to only become more so with the Smart Battery Case's arrival - with cheaper alternatives if pure power is all you're concerned with. It comes in black and offers an inner protective case that can undock from the Power Sleeve. It has four LEDs to show charge level and an sensor that turns off charging when the iPhone 6 reaches 100%. The case is applied in two pieces via a sliding top section that locks it all into place and is made to not bust apart when dropped.
That means A+ lithium-polymer batteries, 500+ charge cycles and over and under charge protection.
An integrated solar panel is unique and the first company to do so for an iPhone 6 battery case.
Charging a battery of this size with the integrated solar panel could take tens of hours, even under the right conditions, so it is best to use a wall charger instead. They offer several types of battery cases for the iPhone 6, so it might be worth it to check them out before making a decision.

A simple arrangement of LED lights estimate the remaining charge battery compartment, so you always know approximately how much juice remains. We still cannot understand why it is missing; although once you see the former model you might reconsider the latter.
You will be pleased to know you get two detachable frames, ideal if you get bored with the same color. The minimal of 15mm thickness allows the DX case to comfortably protect while still emanating the iPhones original design.
Plug the iPhone into the bottom piece which engages the Lightning connector, after that, the top piece will slide on to accordingly.
The capacity of my backup battery, therefore, is a higher priority to me than its bulk or general aesthetic, and the extra 95c Mophie asks for its more capacious Juice Pack Air seems worth dealing the extra chunkiness.
We recommend letting the battery run completely dead, then completely charging overnight to insure proper break-in for extended life. Some of them even add a little extra to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack.
Its 3,000 mAh of extra power is rated to give you more than double that comes with the iPhone 6. In my testing, I found that I was successfully able to insert and remove my headphone cord without the extender. 2,700 mAh of power provides the iPhone 6 with more than 100% extra battery life and feels lightweight while attached.
He enjoys traveling, driving cool cars, flying in jets, food, events, red carpets and profiling celebrities when they visit his hometown of Las Vegas. If you need a battery box to get through long days in the office, this is the iPhone 6s event that you need to own. There is a small headphone adapter for convenient use because the actual headphone jack is recessed in the case. Many users will have a little complain because they will have to press the button at the back of the case for at least three seconds before activating the uNu DX battery case.
I have reviewed many TYLT products over the years and they all have been consistently of good quality. The sliding protective case that detaches from the battery is handy for when I knew I would not be using the extra battery power.
Priced at US$79.99, this uNu DX Protective Battery Case for iPhone 5 is compatible with Lightning connector and sported a Micro USB which can be used as a charger for the mobile, which allows you to charge the phone while sync it with a cable without taking off the case.
Besides, there is a LED attached at the back of the case to indicate you the battery level with different colors: green for fully charged, blue means battery below 70% while red alerts battery below 30%, moreover, when the battery drops below 5%, the LED will flash with red constantly. Besides, it takes a while to charge the uNu DX fully, therefore, it would be better to get a charger prepared by your side in case that you have missed out on the evening charge. In addition, the uNu DX lasts around 20% longer than Mophie iPhone 5 case under similar usage conditions.

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