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This repair is to replace the battery if your iPod Touch 4th Gen if it is not lasting very long between charges.
If you chose the "Mail-In" option, once in our hands, we have it repaired and headed back to you in less than 24 hours! Repairs are completed and posted back via Royal Mail Special Delivery the same day we receive them.

All of our repair services come with our warranty, covering any parts used during the repair, all parts, labor and return shipping are included in the cost of the repair. The iPod touch 4th gen battery has a limited lifespan so if your iPod is not holding a charge or no longer lasting as long as it once did after it's been charge but working fine in every other respect then this repair is for you. Our site uses cookies, they are nothing to worry about however they do help us to tailor our site experience to you. Once we have received your booking we will contact to confirm that your booking slot is available.

You may be able to find other iPhone repair companies, which can provide repairs using cheaper lower quality parts. These parts will be poor copies, will fail prematurely and will never be as good as the original ones.

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