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Most hybrid batteries last roughly 7 to 10 years based on wear and fuel economy during their time in service. Work to be Completed*Please allow more than one business day for one of our folks to confirm your appointment. How to replace the coin cell battery in the key fob remote control of a 3rd generation 2006 to 2012 Toyota RAV4. How to replace the coin battery in the key fob remote control of a 2007 to 2011 Toyota Camry.

How to guide with pictures for replacing the CR2032 3V coin battery in a Toyota vehicle's key fob remote control. Our mechanics are certified hybrid specialists who are equipped with the knowledge and the proper tools and machines to maintain and repair your hybrid vehicle.
When it comes time to replace your vehicle’s hybrid battery cell, there is no need to overpay at a dealership. Your appointment is request is not confirmed until you have heard back from one of our professionals.

Bring your hybrid to Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco or Jim’s Auto Repair and get your hybrid battery replaced for less!

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