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The V10 TDI requires more starting power, and is factory-equipped with the larger AGM battery in both positions. The battery, in the right side of the trunk, is equipped with a battery cut-off to increase crash safety.
Caution: If the sequence is not followed, the pyrotechnic battery isolation system switch may trigger, which may damage electrical components in the vehicle. You will NOT need to do this if you're only replacing the starter battery, only the VPS battery. Even if you don't have your car's full maintenance history, you can still find out how old your batteries are. There's a small bar on the right side of the battery, hooked down to the battery carrier on one side and held down with a bolt on the other. In my case, I chose to upgrade to the larger AGM battery, the same one used for the VPS battery and the same one used for the V10 TDI start battery. Just like the new start battery process above, you should fully charge your new battery before installing it.
The TPMS controller can be detached from the bottom of the relay carrier and set aside, to make the rest of the process easier. The wiring bundle can be taken out of the wire-management clips on top of the relay carrier, to give you more flexibility in moving it aside. Because the battery cables are very stiff, you may have to loosen the battery paralleling relay and shift it upward to get enough clearance. If you don't want the label scraped up, you might place a towel or something on the battery compartment ledge when you're putting the new battery in. After the new battery is installed, reconnect the batteries in sequence - VPS battery, then start battery.
When you start the car after replacing the VPS battery, you'll get some complaints from from the stability control and level control systems. I can't think of why someone would pay a VW dealer, or VW parts counter prices for a battery and then get the wrong one. Hi all--I picked up my new left-side battery this afternoon and hope to install this evening. I suggest you adhere to the recommended procedure, especially where pyrotechnics are involved! For benefit of other readers, yes, you should disconnect the start battery before the VPS battery as the factory manuals say. It’s no surprise to me that people are calling for transmissions and the parts that make up the drivetrain for the hybrid automobile named the Toyota Prius. Before I get involved too deeply, it was inevitable for Prius owners to wear out drivetrain components and related parts. A Hybrid Synergy Drive [HSD] is a transmission that combines a planetary gear-set system that works almost exactly like a Continuously Variable Transmission [CVT] with one conventional gear change.
For all practical purposes, the ECCVT transmission [Called Hybrid Synergy Drive] is an electrically operated CVT transmission. 2001 Golf GLS TDI Reflex silver, rough road suspension and steel skid plate, 2004 Passat Variant, Candy White, rough road suspension and geared balanced shaft module, and much, much more. I took my Phaeton in yesterday because I was getting a warning to pleses start engine after it was already started. The original battery management isn't that good, newer software versions do the job better. IMHO the chance thad both batteries go dead is extremely low, except both have been dischanged completely, but this only happens when the battery management fails.
1) I have noticed that the vehicle power supply battery (the larger battery, the one on the left side of the vehicle behind the easy to release cover) has surprisingly limited capacity to power all the accessories in the vehicle if terminal 15 (ignition power) is switched on and the engine is not running. 2) If I allow the vehicle power supply battery to run down further, after getting the first "Please Start Engine" message, then my Phaeton will start to display messages in the Y24 display between the speedometer and tachometer, along the lines of "Suspension Fault - Workshop", "Brake Fault - Workshop", and so forth. 3) When my Phaeton came due for its 5,000 mile oil change, I asked the Phaeton technician at my dealership to have a look at the health of the vehicle power supply battery. We then checked the current flow to both batteries, for the purpose of recharging the batteries, when the engine was running. I have written a letter to a 'Phaeton enthusiast' friend in Dresden, and he assures me that the software will be changed - during the next routine maintenance release - so the DRL's go off when the parking brake is applied.

I have since been more cautious about starting the engine if I think I will need to have ignition power on for more than 10 minutes.
4) I believe (meaning, I'm pretty sure about this, but not quite ready to bet the rent money on it) that the guided fault finding software in the current release of VAS 5052 does not take into account that the Phaeton and Bentley vehicles have two different batteries in them. Below is a photo I took of my Phaeton in the shop with the AVR tool hooked up to the vehicle power supply battery.
Note that it is much, much easier to do work in this area if you first remove the fuse and relay panel, and then attach it to the trunk lid with the big cable clamp that is built into the top of the fuse and relay panel. PS: I forgot to mention that my dealer put a new vehicle power supply battery in my Phaeton as part of the PDI process. This is why we are so reluctant to try replacing this battery after only 6 months and 5,000 miles on the road.
The starter battery in my car is original, but it has never given me any problems, so we have no concerns about that. It's been 3 weeks since the big battery troubleshooting exercise, and since then, I have been careful to not leave the ignition on (without starting the engine) for longer than 5 minutes. So, I think the PRIMARY cause of the problems I was having was that I was letting the vehicle power supply battery run down, by leaving the ignition on for 15 to 30 minutes without starting the engine. I'm going to wait another month to find out what experience Rodger has once his J367 Battery Control module is replaced with a new one at a higher revision status (see this post: Report on first 3000 mile trip.
BTW, just for the record, you have the 'B' revision battery management controller in your car, with software revision 2600.
When I was at the Phaeton owner GTG in Dresden, I learned that this particular controller - the J367 Battery Monitoring Controller - cannot be updated from A or B status (software 2500 or 2600) by way of a software flash. The only way to update the controller is to physically replace it with a new one that has the part number suffix C. Any other dual-battery Phaeton can easily be upgraded with the larger battery on the right. In the event of a collision, the airbag control module triggers a separation, which disrupts the power supply wiring to the starter. If your VPS battery has been disconnected or discharged, your car may emit some ABS and suspension warnings and some convenience features might not work.
This will allow the steering angle sensor to re-learn the wheel position and bring it back online.
Check the negative battery terminal and you'll see a pair of numbers stamped into the top - the week and year of manufacture. If the car were in start-able condition, the paralleling relay would probably allow starting from the VPS battery. In this view, the nuts have been removed from the hold-down adapter but the adapter is still sitting there. With the hold-down adapter removed, the battery carrier is identical to the left side and fits the AGM just fine.
Again, the regular process is to use the Varta SLA battery and it's perfectly normal to use that. This is especially critical for the VPS battery, as the vehicle electrical system will not fully charge it. There's a release clip that needs to be pressed in on both the left and right sides, and then the relay carrier can be slid up slightly and removed. This gives a clear view of the release clips R1 and R2, and the slots for the relay carrier pegs 1, 2 and 3.
You won't be removing the wiring itself, but you'll have enough slack to get the relay carrier out of the way. The vent hose is on the left, same as the start battery, so be sure to install the vent plug on the right. When I had them both disconnected last, only the interior lights needed an on-off, and one seat needed cycling from end to end. I've disconnected the VPS battery alone in the past, before I read up on the right procedure.
We call the transmission type an ECCVT, which is an acronym for electronically controlled continuously variable transmission. Locating a company to supply us with the finest replacement components for replacing all of the parts of the system, or just one part is a big benefit to our customers, first and foremost.

CVT transmissions are well suited to Hybrid cars because they are small and they also use very little power to operate.
A good number of folk have mentioned in here that the Bently Manuel can be rather vague and in some places actually wrong in one place and correct in another on the same topic. So replacing the battieres is only fixing the results, better to fix the cause and that's where the software updates do their job.
Several owners have chosen to do just that, for extra starting power in winter and better longevity. Your car's electrical system is not designed to fully charge a battery, and will not do so for almost any model car out there.
You don't need to remove the nuts, or the adapter, if you're replacing the factory battery with a like battery.
To fully seat the connections, you may need to tap them down slightly with a mallet or small hammer. I think some older Phaetons might have the same type and size of AGM battery with a slightly lower rating, but if you order a new battery today, the one you get will have the higher rating. You don't need to remove the entire assembly from the car, just detach it and shift it upward.
I seem to recall seeing somewhere here that it was NOT necessary--because that's how you can do it without wiping your settings?and when I mentioned to the local Phaeton tech that I wanted to do it myself, he didn't mention that step.
The transmission unit includes the electrical assist motor [PT300] generator [alternator] PT601] and starter [PT604]. As a company who prides themselves on uncompromising quality parts and customer service, it has been a great pleasure being chosen to supply these exclusive components to our customers. The computer controlled [HSD] transaxle adjusts and blends the amount of power from the [Atkinson] gasoline engine, and the electric motor-generator(s) as needed by the front drive wheels and main rechargeable batteries. Combined with full computerization, a CVT will provide absolute seamless power, without noticeable gear changes.
Call now and speak with one of the few companies who can provide the products and information you need in terms you understand. To prevent inadvertently triggering separation while working on the battery or batteries, or the battery cut-off, always perform the work procedure as described in the repair manual. For technical reasons, the Phaeton actually does a good job of charging the start battery, but like most other cars, not nearly as well for the VPS battery.
The positive battery cable is thick as your thumb, and it runs all the way to the engine compartment, along the right edge of the floor. You'll need to re-adapt the window automatic close function, which you can do just by fully opening and closing the windows once. Glad I've got the right piece in there now--and I'm sure my little car-passes-out if left alone for a few days thing is behind me. There will be some arcing as you move the battery connection lugs around, and I could hear the paralleling relay switching the start battery in and out in response.
The battery is sealed, in theory, but it contains water and you should not keep it tilted any longer than necessary. If you are replacing both batteries at the same time, wait until you're done with the VPS battery before reconnecting the start battery. You'll need to do the same for the sunroof, and the same for the power-open trunk if you have that option.
The airbag controller (which owns the start battery separation pyro) would be seeing some crazy voltage fluctuations, which can't be a good thing.
Yes, in daylight, I can see the color of the fuse, but Murphy's law suggests that it'll be dark and raining when I'd need to figure out what's needed. If the collision doesn't do it, emergency responders might cut into it when forcing the doors open. The start battery is rated for several hundred cold-cranking amps; the instant short-circuit amperage will be quite a lot more.
I've only flipped through the manual once, so may have missed something ..but is there a URL that decodes these too-clever icons?!

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