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The helpful techs at Repairs Universe have put together this screen repair guide for the HTC Windows Phone 8S.
With this cover removed you can take your Torx T5 screwdriver and remove the two (2) screws circled in the figure shown below.
Now taking your safe open pry tool start prying off the back housing by releasing the clips holding it in place.
With the back housing removed you can now remove the six (6) Small Phillips (#00) screws circled in the figure below. Please note that the screws circled in BLUE are a different size from the screws circled in RED. There will also be a small black protective cover that can be removed with the screws circled in BLUE.
Now with the screws removed you want to lift out the battery and fold it over to the side where the flex cable is still connected. Now taking your pry tool gently release the battery connection and remove it from the device.
Now taking your pry tool you will need to gently peel up the three components from the housing highlighted in GREEN in the figure below. You will also need to remove the protective tape covering the connections highlighted in BLUE in the figure below. With these components now freed from the housing you can now safely pry up and lift out the motherboard.
Next you will want to remove the protective tape covering the mid-frame and the back of the LCD screen from the slots in the housing. You now will want to gently peel up the ribbon cable(s) pointed out with red arrows in the figure below. You will also need to take your spudger and gently lift up the copper colored film from the back of the LCD screen to be able to remove it from the housing without any issues. To proceed you will need to take your heat source and apply heat to the front and back of the mid-frame and screen assembly. With the screen and mid-frame properly heated you can begin prying the LCD + digitizer assembly starting from the back of the mid-frame. We found that using a spudger opening tool is ideal to get between the LCD and this mid-frame. While attempting to remove the screen assembly from the mid-frame insert your spudger in a slot in the housing and use a second pry tool to work around the edges of the screen.

Once enough of the adhesive is releasing the screen assembly you should be able to remove the screen assembly completely from the mid-frame. The XDA Developer forum, the largest and most famous forum of its type anywhere on the planet, is getting into the hardware business. The RepairsUniverse team has put together a take apart repair guide for replacing various parts on your Windows Phone HTC 8X. You want to begin by applying heat to around the surface edges of the device for about 15-20 seconds on each side. Next you will need to use the safe open pry tool and begin separating the screen assembly from the frame of the device as shown below. Once you have properly separated the front of the phone from the device you will need to disconnect 3 Flex ribbon connections that are holding the device together.
After these connections have been released the front screen assembly can be removed from the back housing frame of the device.
Next you will need to turn the screen assembly (screen facing down) with the mother board facing you.
Using a small Phillips screw driver, you can begin removing 12 screws from around the edges of the screen assembly. Once these screws have been removed you can begin disconnecting the Flex ribbon cables and Antenna flex cables (5 total). The LCD and the Touch screen digitizer are held in by a jaw connector that can be lifted to release the ribbon.
The two antenna flex cables can simply be pulled out and the Key pad flex cable is a pop connection that can be released using a safe open pry tool.
Now that the back housing and mother board have been removed, you can release the second connections of the antenna flex cables. There are 2 small flex ribbons that will need to be released on the left and right side on top of the green mainboard. Next you want to move the vibrating motor (next to the camera) out of the way so you can remove the upper mainboard.
You can now remove the battery and once you have done so you will have one more antenna cable to release and remove. Last step is to remove the charging connector and the home button from the upper part of the device.
Simply replace the damaged parts with the new ones and reverse the order to put your tablet back together again.

The attached thumbs below are examples: Pieces of the digitizer where highlighted (jagged border) broke off it, revealing the perfectly symmetric shape of the LCD beneath. The unit is obviously poorly designed unless your aim is to coerce consumers to buy some part they don't need. This take apart guide will help walk you through all of the necessary steps to safely disassemble your Windows Phone 8S to perform repairs such as a replacing a cracked or broken screen or even internal components that may have stopped working. These arrows point in the direction to which you will want to peel these cables from the housing. You will need to apply enough heat to the back of the frame to loosen this adhesive enough to remove the screen assembly. Insert the chisel end of your spudger through these slots in the frame as demonstrated in the figure below.
The spudger will give you enough space for extra prying leverage and keep the LCD from re-adhering to the adhesive on the frame. Do I need to follow this guide to replace the digitizer and do I need to remove the screen if I want to replace it ? This repair guide will walk you through replacing a broken or damaged screen or any other internal components on your Nexus 7. If you like what you've heard so far, you'll flip out over the 4500mAh removable battery that includes Quick Charge 3.0. Repair nearly any internal component on your Windows Phone HTC 8X using this detailed repair guide. 4GB of DDR4 RAM is inside and offers better app-holding capabilities than any other smartphone.
This means you'll be able to hold 6 more apps than the average smartphone packing 4GB of RAM. Pricing, availability and other  important information will apparently be revealed in the days ahead. Developers will get to keep 100% of the money they raise by selling these themes.With those high-end specs, you don't have to be a developer to really enjoy the XDA Labphone. Check out some photos of the device along with a couple of screenshots by clicking on the slideshow below.

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