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There is a really dodgy Android app which has suckered more than a million people to download it, with the promise of repairing your battery and defragmenting your built-in storage.
The app, called Battery Life Repair will hopefully be removed by Google, as it’s currently in Google Play and still available for download. The site says that the app “claims to repair your battery and basically looks like a hard drive defrag program”, but it apparently doesn’t do what it claims. The app has somehow managed to get a rating of 4.5 stars from over 180,000 users, despite its bogus claims. Websites like Android Police and Phandroid have actually done quite a good job at bringing dodgy apps to Google’s attention, as the search giant only removes apps after users have alerted them as to their authenticity.
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S'il fallait citer des categories d'applications qui font fureur en ce moment, nous pourrions sans grand risque citer celles qui se chargent d'augmenter l'autonomie de votre smartphone.
Une application gratuite qui ne fait rien, qu’a cela ne tienne, ce n’est pas trop derangeant ! Tell us what you think about Universal 3000mAh Battery for ProntoTec 7" PT7 PT7-HD Android Tablet PC - Replacement Repair, share your opinion with other people.
Have any question or inquire for Universal 3000mAh Battery for ProntoTec 7" PT7 PT7-HD Android Tablet PC - Replacement Repair? Repair athe battery and improve the performance of your mobile with this essential in your Android. Complete and detailed analysis of your battery and the usage of each of the apps you have in your Android device.
Batteries in our smartphones are getting larger, but battery life doesn’t appear to be improving all that much.

This app is designed and developed by Qualcomm, who is the leading processor manufacturer for mobile devices right now. You probably know Avast from their anti-virus software available on the desktop (and Android).
Like Clean Master, listed above, this app will clean and also boost the battery life on your smartphone.
Greenify is probably one of the best battery saving apps out there, that doesn’t do things like turning off your Wi-Fi, or mobile data. For those that want to find out what is using up your battery and solve the issue (maybe a wake lock), BetterBatteryStats is what you want. Using Battery Life Repair Pro, you can fix your battery life and optimize it so that it will last even longer. Unfortunately, the app does absolutely nothing, and was brought to light by the fan site Android Police. If the app actually did what it said, it might be worth trying, but unfortunately all the websites which have tested it have disproven its claims, so don’t be tempted to shell out for either version. From time to time, apps that claim one thing and do another do appear on Google Play and the Apple store, so just be wary before you download anything and check the reviews online if you’re unsure. Tips: Open your device, measuring the battery size and accommodating space, choose the right battery. That is partially due to the amount of tasks your device is doing in the background, as well as the fact that processors are getting faster and more power hungry.
Snapdragon BatteryGuru is here to learn how you use your phone, and then intelligently optimize your phone so that you can get more out of your battery.
How this is done is by shutting off some features, as well as analyzing what’s running and using RAM. It can save you quite a bit of power by closing apps you aren’t using or those that might be taking quite a bit of energy.

This allows you to quickly optimize your smartphone or tablet so that the battery isn’t being used so much.
GSam will give you all sorts of information including the amount of time that the screen has been on, how long each app has kept the device awake, as well as the Wi-Fi and phone radio keeping the device awake. Battery Life Repair Pro does something similar to most of these other apps, in that it will stop apps that are using too much RAM or energy, as well as turn different radios off if they aren’t in use. However, there are quite a few apps available to help you extend your battery life, as well as help you figure out what is using all of your juice.
It’s particularly useful for getting more boosting the battery life in your smartphone. If there are apps and services running that are using heavy amounts of RAM and they don’t need to be running, Power Battery will shut them down and save you some of that precious juice.
There are also a few different battery profiles which you can choose from to get the best experience depending on what you need your phone to do or not be doing. This is great for being able to clear out tasks that might be using more energy and using up your battery. You get so many battery stats from this app that you probably won’t know what to do with it all.
It can be very helpful in determining how you can extend your battery life and get more out of your smartphone. It analyzes the battery usage and will hibernate some apps that are not being used, this will save you some juice in the long run.
So you can set it to be more proactive in saving battery when at home or at night, versus during the day or when you are at work.

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