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Choose this service if your iPhone 3GS's battery does not hold sufficient charge or the device does not turn on at all. Choose this service if your iPhone 3GS’s battery does not hold sufficient charge or the device does not turn on at all. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If you have an iPhone 4 with a bad battery, or a battery that is not holding a charge for as long as it should select this do it yourself battery. If you are not up to the challenge of this repair, simply send it into iBroke LLC and let us take care of you.
Opinion: Does integrated VoIP support in iOS 10 signal the beginning of the end for voice plans? Need to learn how to replace your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus’s battery, display, or other components? All the tutorials walk you through the process and also provide links to purchase any necessary tools you might not have.
In case you need a closer look inside the devices before starting your repair, you can also access the company’s recent teardown.

I can replace the battery in my Samsung Galaxy S5 in less than two minutes ans without any tools. Your piece of Sam Dung could shit out gold on an hourly basis and I still wouldn’t be interested.
Good to know if one chooses to hold on to their phone for a few years and the battery gives out. This iPhone motherboard repair option is for the iPhone 4 battery connector motherboard repair. Sometimes when taking apart the iPhone 4 for a screen replacement, some folks get a little ahead of themselves. We are the motherboard repair masters, we have perfected the game and will continue to hold that title for as long people are breaking motherboards and having iBroke repair them.
This repair will replace the battery if your iPhone 6 if it is not lasting very long between charges.
After your payment has been processed and received, you will be directed to a page to complete the shipment process.
We can make sure that your phone lives for as long as you need it to with this high powered OEM battery.

The iPhone 6 guides can be accessed here, which are quite similar to the almost identical but larger iPhone 6 Plus model here.
The battery replacement, for example, requires 13 steps and a handful of tools like a suction cup, tweezers, a screwdriver, and other tools for prying up any glued down or pressure-fit components. I mean, how on earth would you be able to recover your phone from an Android bug without removing the battery. While it’s nice to have a solid frame and such, I do wish I could come home and swap a battery real quick and be on the go again. This repair option is for the replacement of your iPhone 4 battery connector, it requires special soldering equipment and usually has about a 48 hour turn around time. If you have tried to remove the battery improperly or used to much pressure on the battery connector, then you can easily rip this fragile battery connector off the motherboard. Select the battery replacement service below, where we will install a high-capacity OEM battery that will bring your iPhone 4 back holding its charge.

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