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This tells you how much energy a battery can store at a given time and allows you to measure the improvement that you made. Detailed instructions in each section explains exactly what you need to do in plain English.
I wanted to let you know I have been using your product for battery descaling of the charge plates and the electrolyte freshener for a couple years now.
I reconditioned the original battery per his video and instructions and “Bingo” my Town Car starts every morning if needed!! That car, and Phantom 1, the midget I built for him, (Brad Dunham) were battery operated (ignition).
I drove the batteries down to Walter and within a week, I received a phone call from him saying that the batteries were ready and that they were repaired with Battery Chem. It’s been 2 years since the repair, and let me tell you, the batteries are still running like new. I am very happy with your Battery Chem electrolyte conditioning treatment and highly recommend it to others who are looking to add more life and power to their existing batteries that they otherwise thought dead. I put in a heaped teaspoon worth of Battery Chem in each cell and charged it up using the equalizer charger, left to cool for 24 hours then did the tests again, tested out perfect! Today I was doing some work at the customers address who owns the ATV this battery came off, after a short conversation with the customer, we swapped the battery with the one I reconditioned, and hell did it turn over and start immediately, better than the battery that was on it!!! 2) A van belonging to our local petrol station, this van has been parked on their forecourt for 3 years!, they were using it for storage!, battery would only hold charge for about 24 hours, I checked for discharge through the vehicles wiring but found a minimal drain of 0.02A, which I presume would be for the radio and clock! I reconditioned the battery using Battery Chem, It is now better than brand new, as we had sourced a new battery from our motor factors, and compared the 2 on our discharge tester, the reconditioned battery was reading more CCA than the brand new one!!!!!! We just received a grant from the Nebraska recycling association for a enclosed trailer that will allow us to carry more product and to recycle batteries that may otherwise have not been disposed of properly. Thank you for mentoring us into battery reconditioning and being there when questions need answered.
WE ARE FINDING A GREAT MARKET FOR THESE BATTERIES AND CONTINUOUSLY BUILDING OUR BUSINESS AND INCOME. These tests should be performed monthly if you want to get the longest possible life from your very expensive electric forklift batteries. You still have to be very careful not to short-circuit any tool, or your body to metal when working on these batteries as the stored voltage is very high and can cause death or severe burns and injuries.
Do not wear any metal rings, bracelets or any other metal objects while working on High voltage direct current batteries. If you should ever ground the positive terminal to any part of the metal forklift then you will be severely injured. Always wear eye and face protection and proper clothing to protect yourself from acid spills or splatter.
Never smoke or make flames or sparks near batteries and always work in a well ventilated area with a fan blowing if possible to prevent the accumulation of explosive or toxic gases.
Place the forklift in a clear area where there is plenty of room to work and good ventilation. Be sure the power key is off so the forklift will not move if anyone accidentally presses the accelerator. Once you expose the battery for service the first thing you do is determining the operating voltage of the battery by counting the cell water filler caps and multiplying the number of filler caps by 2 volts.
The next thing to do is to take your DC volt meter, set it for the proper voltage to match the battery voltage and measure from the + terminal to the – terminal and record this voltage. It should equal the rated voltage of the battery or possible a little higher if it just came off the charger. Using the probes clipped to the volt meter cables,  place the positive probe on the cleaned off + terminal and place the – negative probe into the first cell electrolyte (water).

Then read the volt meter making sure you are making good clean contact with the positive battery terminal.
The next thing we have to do is to use the hydrometer and read the specific gravity of each cell.
After you have taken all of the voltage reading and the hydrometer readings it is time to decide whether or not you can recondition the battery. If the hydrometer float readings are very low in the white or red area of the float it is a pretty solid indication that the battery has sulfated from misuse. If the cell test readings are under two volts each it is more of a gamble that the battery will come back at all. These batteries are so expensive to replace that I personally would take the shot even if one of the cells are a low as one volt, but if several were that low I would be very doubtful about rescuing the battery.
Again , I have been fooled before so because of the high value of the battery I would take the shot. At this point, if you decide to move forward and add the chemicals make sure that each cell in the battery has distilled water above the plates by at least ? inch. After the Battery Chem™ is added to all the cells,  you simply replace the filler caps and watering hoses if there are any,  and place the forklift back on the battery charger for a long slow charge. New Battery Chem™ Forklift service dealers must be briefed on the keeping of service records, and the marketing of our products including marketing of our monthly service policy. We will provide master copies of the proper service forms and warranty procedures and costs. Our service people must wear full eye and face protection and protective clothing when working on any batteries or equipment; this is most important.
The maintenance and care of your heavy-duty forklift battery is important to keep the machine running avoiding expensive downtime.
It is recommended to select weekend, or weekly charge every 5 – 10 cycles this process will keep your battery running at top efficiency.
An automatic charger with microprocessor control will more than pay for itself by providing a long, useful life for your forklift batteries. Because running a battery dry will damage it, always check the water lever in your batteries every five charges, to check to see if the water lever is just high enough to cover the plates within the battery.
If your battery is reconditioned with Battery Chem™, it may require water every 5 charges instead of every 10 charges for new batteries.
Dial a Battery is proud to offer after 8 successful years as one of the top business opportunities in South Africa - a work from home starter package for the entrepeneur wanting to own his own car and truck battery reconditioning business at a very reasonable price, as well as contribute to saving our planet by recycling.
Supply reconditioned batteries to second hand and cheap car and truck dealers, taxis, spare shops and general public. As batteries are “cycled” through numerous charge and discharge sequences, particularly if the batteries are not charged fully, or are allowed to remain in a partially discharged stare for extended periods, the amorphous lead sulfate is converted to a very stable crystalline form. To improve a battery’s performance and extend its life significantly, sulfation must be eliminated. Our battery energizers connect to a battery or charging system and emit a high frequency electrical pulse that reverses the lead sulfate crystallization process. Hundreds of tests and actual field installations have shown that Dial A Battery’s Advanced Desulfation Technology improves battery performance by eliminating sulfate build up on older batteries, and preventing it from forming on new batteries. Dial a Battery agency offers an unique business concept with no royalties, easy startup, very competitive selling prices on our reconditioned batteries with 6 month guarantee.
EVERY VEHICLE OWNER NEEDS A BATTERY !- A MUST HAVE PRODUCT THAT SELLS ITSELF AT HALF THE PRICE WITH SIX MONTH GUARANTEE ! That, together with our unique client satisfaction policy and free delivery-u ring – we bring, at half the price of a new battery our 40 plus existing agents can give testament to our success in the South African market. START FROM HOME AND EASILY EARN BETWEEN R 8 000 AND R10 000-00 PER MONTH WITH OUR UNIQUE BATTERY RECONDITIONING SYSTEM.

I am going to find companies that have a lot of electric fork lifts and find out what servicing they currently have, I guess if any. We are saving our customers 50-75% off new prices and also saving emissions from producing new batteries.
2 months later the pallet jack operator has reported that the battery runs better and longer than when it was new! If the overall voltage reads lower than the rated voltage, that means you have some weak cells. There may be an automatic watering system attached so try to remove the hose and cap as a unit if you can to save time and labor.
You are going to need a DC volt meter and the metal probes as shown in the free training video. Start off by cleaning off the top the + positive terminal at the top corner of the battery by the filler cap. After about two weeks of steady charging and using and recharging you should achieve excellent results.
This is necessary because of the huge amount of employee neglect and mistreatment of forklifts and other material handling equipment.
Forklift batteries are different than other types of batteries because they have a much longer life, if you recharge them as necessary, rather than on a daily basis as with other batteries.
It is important to rinse any overflows from the battery immediately with generous amounts of baking soda and water, this is to prevent corrosion on both the top and bottom of the battery.
It is also recommend that the battery should be rinsed every Spring and Fall or more as needed, to remove the acid residue from the battery.
Recycle and recondition old car and truck batteries with our proven battery recondition system and unique imported battery reconditioning chargers. This process, called sulfation, is the primary cause of declining performance over time, and is ultimately the leading cause of battery failure. Dial A Battery is one of the SA’s leading suppliers of the most effective desulfation technology. Batteries operating at peak voltage absorb voltage spikes from the alternator and other equipment, and deliver clean, stable power, protecting the entire electrical system.
Our customers have been pleased with the product they receive and we continue to build our base of customers as some companies have been testing our product over the past year and have been buying more! I RECOMMEND THIS BUSINESS IN A BOX TO ANYONE WHO WANTS A BUSINESS AND DOES NOT WANT TO PAY FOR THE HIGH PRICED SYSTEMS, WHICH CAN RUN WELL OVER $10,000 DOLLARS. Its patented battery energizers revitalize and extend the useful life of lead-acid batteries by preventing and even reversing the sulfation process. SOME OF THE BATTERIES WE RECONDITION COME OUT AS GOOD AS NEW, AND SOME EVEN HAVE HIGHER CRANKING AMPS, THAN THE ORIGINAL LABEL WHEN FINISHED.
Forklift battery terminals like most other batteries are marked Positive + and negative - . My wife and I sell the reconditioned batteries through our Discount store and they are selling very well.
With 2 people and clubs I was getting about 12 holes before needing a charge now I get around 27 holes.
It has now been turning a 5.7 litre engine over in my Camaro now for a week and half and is working great.

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