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Dial a Battery is proud to offer after 8 successful years as one of the top business opportunities in South Africa - a work from home starter package for the entrepeneur wanting to own his own car and truck battery reconditioning business at a very reasonable price, as well as contribute to saving our planet by recycling.
Supply reconditioned batteries to second hand and cheap car and truck dealers, taxis, spare shops and general public.
As batteries are “cycled” through numerous charge and discharge sequences, particularly if the batteries are not charged fully, or are allowed to remain in a partially discharged stare for extended periods, the amorphous lead sulfate is converted to a very stable crystalline form. To improve a battery’s performance and extend its life significantly, sulfation must be eliminated. Our battery energizers connect to a battery or charging system and emit a high frequency electrical pulse that reverses the lead sulfate crystallization process. Hundreds of tests and actual field installations have shown that Dial A Battery’s Advanced Desulfation Technology improves battery performance by eliminating sulfate build up on older batteries, and preventing it from forming on new batteries.

Dial a Battery agency offers an unique business concept with no royalties, easy startup, very competitive selling prices on our reconditioned batteries with 6 month guarantee. EVERY VEHICLE OWNER NEEDS A BATTERY !- A MUST HAVE PRODUCT THAT SELLS ITSELF AT HALF THE PRICE WITH SIX MONTH GUARANTEE ! That, together with our unique client satisfaction policy and free delivery-u ring – we bring, at half the price of a new battery our 40 plus existing agents can give testament to our success in the South African market. START FROM HOME AND EASILY EARN BETWEEN R 8 000 AND R10 000-00 PER MONTH WITH OUR UNIQUE BATTERY RECONDITIONING SYSTEM. Recycle and recondition old car and truck batteries with our proven battery recondition system and unique imported battery reconditioning chargers. This process, called sulfation, is the primary cause of declining performance over time, and is ultimately the leading cause of battery failure.

Dial A Battery is one of the SA’s leading suppliers of the most effective desulfation technology.
Batteries operating at peak voltage absorb voltage spikes from the alternator and other equipment, and deliver clean, stable power, protecting the entire electrical system. Got an awesome cordless drill with dead nicad battery packs and don't want to throw it out? Its patented battery energizers revitalize and extend the useful life of lead-acid batteries by preventing and even reversing the sulfation process.

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