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I may start a site all to do with smartphone battery problems such is the current trend to moan about how long our poor mini laptops last. So now it seems Nokia have again released an update aimed at solving the Nokia Lumia 800 battery problems that have plagued so many new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7 device owners.
One of the main issues that Nokia acknowledged at the back end of 2011 was that the device was not reporting the full capacity of the battery.
The roll out has already started with owners getting a notification on their device o show they can indeed go ahead and do the update, this will require access to a PC or Mac and will be delivered via Microsoft’s Zune software to finish off the installation and all being well result in an improved overall experience for Lumia 800 owners.
With Samsung not particularly acknowledging reported battery issues on their various devices affected until a recent statement saying that all 2012 Samsung smartphones will last a full day on one charge it is quite nice to see Nokia actually have a go and stand up to the reports and actually look like they care while taking some action…fingers crossed it all works. Have you had issues with your Nokia Lumia 800, if so please do let us know any ways you have manged to rectify or avoid problems moving forward. I have had exactly the same problems and also when going to make an outgoing call the handset freezes and turns itself off however already had it exchanged once now the same fault as developed in 2 days.The really annoying part is tmobile now say I can send it for repair only does this not class as a Sale of goods act issue not of satisfactory quality????

Nokia 2700 Battery Empty Drain Consume Problem Solution Jumper Ways problem can be cause of water damages. The Nokia Lumia 800 promises to bring you the a€?amazing everyday,a€? but many UK users have found the a€?everydaya€? part to stand for daily charging.
The Nokia Lumia 800 is, hardware-wise, an N9-reboot with one of the least successful OS ever launched crammed on-board.
You should've just bought a HD2 which would have cost you half as much and is capable of running WP7, WM, Android, MeeGo and Ubuntu. In general have heard great things about WP battery life (especially the Sammy Focus line). This is the first product of Nokia with WP7, so i believe they will resolve this problem with lumia and future phones.
This update will however bring with it another solution to the disappearing virtual keyboard bug that has also been a cause for concern for Nokia Lumia owners.

WP will only become more efficient down the line, but I guess one has to research before buying a product (as always).
Even our greatphone manufacturer Sammy's product SGS2 had display issues with it, remember??? Battery draining in less than a day is inefficient and probably the result of a software bug. I'm currently at 47% and it estimates 1 hour left,a€? user mkr10001 kicked off the discussion at Nokia Support a couple of days ago.The Lumia 800 has only been available for a few days in the UK, but the poor battery life problem has already been noticed by quite a few users.

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