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The cloud of suspicion hangs again over the new product developed by the factory of dreams also known as Apple. The truth is that the battery life is a very subjective and complex matter to be analyzed on a smartphone.
However, when the complaint comes from many different sources, it’s a clear sign that something is really happening. Anyway, it’s clear that this is not a general situation, and this last fact takes us closer to the possible causes. Apparently wizards as the System Activity Monitor are not working properly as some users have found a problem that relates to the synchronization of contacts with iCloud. Apparently this Golden Master version for iOS 5 introduced a bug that has not been solved yet and for which the activation of the time zone in the Location section of the System Services menu forces the phone to access Golden Master constanly.
The new application called Reminders is a practical solution for many of the situations when you need to remember something important. This is the system that helps the iPhone sync with iTunes on our computer and can sync various music and videos libraries.
Activating this option in iOS 5 allows Apple to receive anonymous information about the general operation level of our device. I notice that a lot of people have similar problems with their batteries while I was looking for a way to solve the red X on battery problem.
Normally when you get the X and the battery symbol it means that the phone thinks there is no battery in, meaning there is no connection between the two. Last week, we gave you news related to some users having problems with their iPhone 4S in terms of its inability to keep its battery from draining unlike what Apple has promised it can do. Normally, this problem should be fixed by simply turning-off services running on the background like notifications, Siri, location-based apps, GPS, Bluetooth and 3G. Obviously, the case shouldn’t be like this since we all know iPhone 4S’ battery size has been increased compared to its predecessor to handle any problems like this. In case you’re having the same problem and find out a solution for this issue, feel free to show your comments below.
Apple has confirmed that some iPhone customers are experiencing lower battery performance after upgrading to iOS 5. Users started complaining about the battery life of the iPhone 4S soon after the device's debut. In the meantime, some users have found success in mitigating iOS 5 battery woes, either by disabling the automatic time zone setting or by making other modifications to iCloud or location services. Of nearly 7,000 respondents, more than 75% acknowledged that battery life was diminished after upgrading to iOS 5. Our poll is far from scientific and is naturally skewed towards users experiencing problems, however, it provides some anecdotal evidence of a larger software problem. Some people using the new iOS 5 complained that the operating system is draining battery life too fast, so the people at Apple released iOS 5.1 that tried to fix some of these problems. In fact, the iPhone 4S, after just very few weeks since release, is causing problems to some of its users, and no, this time there is no issue with the signal loss (which on the other hand was never really as severe as we were originally informed), but with a too rapid degradation of the battery power. The reason is that battery life depends largely on how each one of us manages its resources and any small change of habit may cause a substantial change in consumption.
Not long after users have started reporting the issue on specialized forums, Apple began to investigate the iPhone 4S battery problem.

The answer therefore is to be found out, so we must address the issue based on what users are discovering themselves. It seems that iOS 5 always finds a reason to synchronize despite the fact that contacts are up to date, draining the battery.
This is the service that changes the time automatically if the user travels between different time zones. But used together with the location based reminder that helps us arrive to or depart from one location may not be too good for our battery, because apparently the tracking system is not too polished and it consumes more resources by constantly analyzing of our GPS location.
Deactivation has soled the iPhone 4S battery problem for some users and can be done in Settings, General.
Some users have found a significant improvement in their battery life after disabling this service  in Settings, General, Information. As always, and based on what we mentioned above, it would be a good exercise for all of you to test your devices and determine if these errors are affecting your devices too.
People are quick to respond and I have been blessed by the response and knowledge of you guys and today is my chance to give back to the community.
Take out battery, plug in charger to phone, wait til red light comes on, and put the battery back.
However, some customers report the new phone’s battery life “abnormally” drains too fast and they can’t find the solution for this.
However, users still report the device’s battery life drops with a ridiculous rate – and this happened when the device is in standby mode. Having that in mind, there’s a possibility this problem could be related to software on iOS 5 and that’s why some users suggest on trying to backup the device and re-install iOS 5 and see how it plays out.
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We personally have discovered on many occasions, that the battery may drain faster if you open an application more than you normal do. So intense that some Apple engineers have started making calls to users with this problem after they reported the situation through the support site of the Cupertino company. Second, the tests carried out by independent media as Cnet do nothing but corroborate the data published by Apple. Once again, this proves that it is virtually impossible to launch a new model of any brand without having some kind of mistake or anomaly.
The idea of slamming the phone on a mattress gave me an idea that perhaps the contacts are somehow loose (i.e.
As one commenter points out, you sleep with your iPhone 4S at 100%, you’ll wake up seeing it at 47%. Furthermore there are apps out there that can do task management and kill rogue applications manually. One of the individuals who were contacted said he was informed  that Apple was aware of this bug and was asked to install a remote diagnostic tool to monitor the use and status of his mobile device. In conclusion, it does not seem to be a hardware issue so it must be something related to the software, but what exactly?
Now, the question is, have you encountered issues with the battery consumption of your iPhone 4S? However, updates to the software might prove that some of these apps are stubborn and will stop behaving like they should.

This usually fixes battery life issues.Keep the software updatedSometimes, simply making sure you are running the latest software version is the best way to go. Get Daily Slideshow newsletterDaily Slideshow Newsletter is the way to get the best picture shows of the day in your inbox.Subscribe nowSLIDESHOW HOMETECH LIFE SLIDESHOW HOMEREPLAYDid you like "ET Review: Micromax Canvas Turbo" slideshow? The iPhone has a certain sensor in it, a light sensor that is ambient-aware and this will automatically set the screen brightness to an optimal level depending on the light conditions in your room. If you’re outside were it is shiny and the sun is blazing, the screen brightness will be reduced to a smaller factor.
Passport Classic Z30 Z10 Q10 Leap OS 10.3.2 Welcome to the CrackBerry Forums Create Your Account or Ask a Question Answers in 5 minutes - no registration required! It basically detects your surrounding light and if you are in a well-lit area the sensor will decrease back lighting. This in turn will give you a longer battery life.What about jailbreaking?Jailbreaking you device means you will be able to install apps not only from the official Apple App Store but also from Cydia and other third party sources. This also means that some of those apps will consume much more battery life than the official apps that are thoroughly tested before entering the App Store.Terminating apps that are running in the backgroundUsually, any apps closed on your device will enter a paused state. Apple does a great job at controlling these apps and they will not consume any battery life while they are hibernating.
However your might consider terminating apps that are running in the background if they are the kind that need to run hidden. For example, Navigon or Pandora will keep running in the background because they were designed to do so. Being run in the background also means you won’t always be aware of them so this might also be a cause of why your battery life is draining so fast. To terminate apps you have to touble-tap to get to the multitasking bar, find the app you want to terminate and press and hold on it. If you have more than one app to kill and wouldn’t ant to go through a multitude of them, you could reboot your device. Besides the screen brightness, 3G is the one that uses most of your battery life in your iPhone. The thing is third party apps use this notifications system and this in turn can drain your battery life considerably.ConclusionIn the end it all comes down to how much you use your iPhone.
If you use it daily and your needs go beyond periodically checking your emails, then the battery life of the device will also drain more rapidly. There are some hardware tools you could use to make sure this battery life is replenished quickly. External batteries aren’t cheap but they may come in handy if you use your device a lot. There are also car chargers you can get hold of and use them to recharge your battery while driving.

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