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According to phones review, the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) smartphone has been as big a hit as many expected since its release and is still selling in huge numbers.
Earlier this month phones review told how some owners of the white Galaxy S3 had noticed some cracks on the back covers of their phones and it now appears that other customers have had problems with the Galaxy S3's battery life. It's at least worth a try though and as it's very simple you may feel you have nothing to lose by giving it a whirl if battery drainage has been bothering you on your Galaxy S3. Gotta Be Mobile reports that a reader tipped them off about the fix so if you want to try it out, read on. Although this has come from a user of the Galaxy S3 international versio we can't imagine why it wouldn't also work for those in the U.S. A message was sent to us by Lea through The Droid Guy Mailbag that reads, “I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 GT 19300.
This Galaxy S3 gray battery icon problem seems to stem out of a hardware issue, because if it is a software issue, the Factory Reset should have fixed it.
If you have access to another Galaxy S3 or any compatible device, remove the battery of your Galaxy S3 and use the battery of a similar device. Test the charger of your phone if you see that your battery is working well on another unit, or check if the charger of another device is working with your Galaxy S3. If you do not see any problem with the charger or battery of your Galaxy S3, maybe the problem is with your unit’s USB port, flex cable or any of its components.
Originally Posted by STARGATE Now they need to come up with a way (an app maybe?) to stop this bugs! Originally Posted by Axee7 Samsung Galaxy S4 has the cheapest of hardwares, be aware of it and never put it on charge before sleeping, there are 4 cases reported of Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire and cumbusted during charging. I have pretty good battery life on the S4, and have since purchasing it two months or so ago. You can get DSBattery Stats Pro or Better Battery Stats and have those two monitor for about 48 hours and they will show you which app is sucking how much battery. Then, use Greenify to hibernate those apps; and using DS Battery Saver in the balanced profile will really optimize your phone's usage.
Yesterday we reported about Samsung's Galaxy S3 battery problems that were outraging customers. The International Business Times reports that the German website Mobiflip noted that around 30 percent of Galaxy S4 handsets sold in the market have been found with faulty batteries, which may take a direct hit at the smartphone sales. Samsung is now trying to stem the angry tide of customer complaints spilling over to the mainstream press and have now offered Galaxy S4 customers a free battery.
According to Counterpoint, a Hong-Kong based analytics firm, the Galaxy S4, which once was Samsung's highest selling smartphone, has dropped to the five million sales mark in August from seven million in June.
What kind of innovator can Samsung really be when they've allowed a bad battery problem still plaguing the Galaxy S3 to continue through to the S4?
Think about it: A 30% failure rate on a smartphone like Galaxy S4 is huge considering that Samsung has sold approximately 12 million since June. The news derived from Korea who does everything that they can to defend their homeland companies such as LG and Samsung. This is the first year that Samsung has employed a unibody design in its flagship Galaxy S line sealing the smartphones completely. Here are some of the tips to help you fix Galaxy S6 battery issues; these tips also work on Galaxy S6 edge and other Android flagships as well.

It is always recommended to restart your gadgets if you are facing any kind of performance, battery, or heating issues before resorting to any other solutions. In times when you are in no need of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth services, NFC, GPS, or even the cellular data, never forget to turn these services off. We don’t necessarily need the location services unless we are using maps or any other app using the location. This is a very simple solution to speeding up your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge  with more impact on performance than the battery itself.
Receiving notifications for every single app is not only annoying but also eats up resources of both data, battery and the processing speed. If none of the above tips work for your smartphone, it is time to go for the last resort: factory resetting Galaxy S6.
The first one of these limits the maximum CPU performance, reduce brightness, and do other such small things here and there to increase the Galaxy S6 battery life.
The Ultra power saving mode, on the other hand, is designed to be enabled at the very critical times when you need to save every drop of the battery juice.
Both of these do work so use them when you are out of home and need to save on the battery as much as you can. Yesterday, they have news on a reported battery life issue with the Galaxy S3 and it seems that if you're one of the device owners suffering from this problem then they could have details of a simple fix for you.
Samsung has responded by saying it will be issuing an update that should fix for the problems but it seems that a simple fix may already be available.
From the Settings page of your Galaxy S3 you need to then head to Wi-Fi and select Advanced. The trouble may be a result of a battery problem or issue in some of the internal components of the device. The tool they developed adds new functionality to the compiler so that it can determine where no-sleep bugs might exist. Yesterday it said I had 40% left on the battery so I went into an app and the phone died again.
Today we learn that Samsung's battery plague is striking the Galaxy S4 in huge numbers. You're howling in the wind as an Android fan which is understandable, but it has nothing to do with what the Korean tech press is reporting on. Half my office uses the S3 or S4 and we have many conversations concerning smartphones and not one of them, myself included, have had any problems.
While it was always possible to change the batteries of your Galaxy S phones when they start fussing up, it won’t be possible any longer. These services slow down the devices by constantly updating and hence draining battery life. You won’t find in the default option but you can always find one online or create one for yourself.
Make efficient use of notifications and disable them for apps you don’t require notifications for. It doesn’t stop you from using anything, it simply cuts down on fancy things like vibration and screen on-time.

This mode brings your device to a grayscale theme along with limiting the number of apps you can use.
Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. The fix does not require a software update or rooting, which will please many readers, but be aware that it may not work for all of you.
You should then see some text that reads "Connect to Wi-Fi while asleep" and need to change that to Never. Phones review is really interested to hear if this simple fix works while Samsung is working on an update? I removed the battery, read the trouble shooting tips provided here and applied them to no avail. It should be noted that the frozen Galaxy S3 logo may be an indication that your phone is not getting enough power to boot up properly.
When I try to turn it on again it tells me that the battery is fully drained and has to be recharged. I tried to switch it back on but it said the battery was totally drained even though not even a minute beforehand it said I had 40% left. Some happened during the warranty period, but many happened just after the warranty expired.
Powered by a 2,550 mAh battery, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge sport a power consuming Quad HD display, high-end Exynos 7 octa core processing chipset and other such top notch features. Simply turn these off from the Settings whenever you don’t need them and make a habit of only switching them on when you actually need these services. Power cycling this way helps in getting accurate battery usage data and is good for your battery maintenance too. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page.
Apparently the person who supplied this easy fix said that it has made a major difference to his GS3 battery life. If you are having battery life issues with your Galaxy S3 and try this out then phones review would appreciate you sharing with our readers if it worked or not by sending your comments to them. Terms & Conditions Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central VR Heads A mixed Xperiance Reviewed: Sony Xperia X Performance The next generation Phone nerds, it's time to start caring about Huawei Unlocked!!! I downloaded a battery doctor and it says I still have power left on the phone but then it dies a few seconds later with a completely drained battery. Go to your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge Settings and in the battery session, look at what apps are eating out the most of your battery life. Here is how you can fix Galaxy S6 battery problems with simple and easy tips without having to lament over the impossibility of changing the Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery. I cannot recall ever doing the Kit Kat update and think I may have another gremlin that crept in on an app?

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