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While the Germans have long been known for their fastidious and dependable car manufacturing skills, there has been a rare problem recently reported that could affect both car sellers and drivers alike. BMW asserted that the owners of 109,000 5-Series and 6-Series car models would eventually be tracked be contacted in the next few weeks in order to arrange a visit to their local dealership. The issue only came to light during the testing and development process that all BMW vehicles go through, as well as a lot of customer feedback.
Any concerned people who own these cars have been urged to contact the BMW customer service Freephone number: 0800 325600.
According to phones review, the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) smartphone has been as big a hit as many expected since its release and is still selling in huge numbers.
Earlier this month phones review told how some owners of the white Galaxy S3 had noticed some cracks on the back covers of their phones and it now appears that other customers have had problems with the Galaxy S3's battery life.
It's at least worth a try though and as it's very simple you may feel you have nothing to lose by giving it a whirl if battery drainage has been bothering you on your Galaxy S3. Gotta Be Mobile reports that a reader tipped them off about the fix so if you want to try it out, read on. Although this has come from a user of the Galaxy S3 international versio we can't imagine why it wouldn't also work for those in the U.S.
On average you should expect between 8-12 hours of use on the iPhone 4s and newer, though it varies based on your usage. With iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 Apple makes it easy to find the apps that are using your battery life.
Limiting Facebook and games during the day is an easy way to stretch the iOS 8.1 battery life longer on your devices. The iPhone can refresh apps in the background so that the data is there when you open the app. Instead of turning Background app refresh off completely, you should find apps that use it too much and turn it off for them one, by one to see if that solves any iOS 8.1 battery life problems. The iPhone and iPad include sensors to change the screen brightness based on the light in your environment, but too often the device will boost the screen brightness to obscene levels. If you notice that the iPhone battery life is very short or that the iPhone is warm, you need to restart it or reset it.

You can also reset the iPhone by holding the iPhone home button and the power button for about 10 seconds. Here’s where you’ll start to see the iOS 8.1 battery life fixes that can handle major problems that are draining your iPhone battery life in a few hours. Last week, we gave you news related to some users having problems with their iPhone 4S in terms of its inability to keep its battery from draining unlike what Apple has promised it can do. Normally, this problem should be fixed by simply turning-off services running on the background like notifications, Siri, location-based apps, GPS, Bluetooth and 3G. Obviously, the case shouldn’t be like this since we all know iPhone 4S’ battery size has been increased compared to its predecessor to handle any problems like this.
In case you’re having the same problem and find out a solution for this issue, feel free to show your comments below. At the end of March, it was revealed that a battery problem that could lead to car fires has forced BMW to recall in excess of 1.3 million cars worldwide. BMW had discovered that they would need to run a product recall because of an issue with a battery cable cover that had been incorrectly fitted in a small number of cases. Yesterday, they have news on a reported battery life issue with the Galaxy S3 and it seems that if you're one of the device owners suffering from this problem then they could have details of a simple fix for you. Samsung has responded by saying it will be issuing an update that should fix for the problems but it seems that a simple fix may already be available. From the Settings page of your Galaxy S3 you need to then head to Wi-Fi and select Advanced. If you are seeing battery life less than 10 hours you may need to fix a problem, rather than make a small tweak to keep the battery going longer. When you find an app that uses too much battery life you can limit your use of it when away from power, stop background activity or remove it completely. When your phone needs to search hard for a signal it runs the battery down faster, so keep that in mind and you may need to turn on Airplane mode when you have no real cell signal. This is very handy, but even with smart updating in the background it does use more battery life.

This will not remove any of your data, but sometimes this is enough to fix whatever was draining your iPhone battery life.
If you see the usage and standby numbers listed as the same when you look at iOS 8.1 battery usage this is the step you need to take.
This will take 5-10 minutes to complete and will put all settings back to defaults.This will not remove any data or photos from your iPhone. However, some customers report the new phone’s battery life “abnormally” drains too fast and they can’t find the solution for this.
However, users still report the device’s battery life drops with a ridiculous rate – and this happened when the device is in standby mode. Having that in mind, there’s a possibility this problem could be related to software on iOS 5 and that’s why some users suggest on trying to backup the device and re-install iOS 5 and see how it plays out. The fix does not require a software update or rooting, which will please many readers, but be aware that it may not work for all of you. You should then see some text that reads "Connect to Wi-Fi while asleep" and need to change that to Never. Phones review is really interested to hear if this simple fix works while Samsung is working on an update?
As one commenter points out, you sleep with your iPhone 4S at 100%, you’ll wake up seeing it at 47%.
Apparently the person who supplied this easy fix said that it has made a major difference to his GS3 battery life. If you are having battery life issues with your Galaxy S3 and try this out then phones review would appreciate you sharing with our readers if it worked or not by sending your comments to them. You can try restoring from your backup after the update, but if the problem returns you will want to do this again without restoring from backup.

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