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Microsoft keenly observed the feedback from its previous releases, and is now all set to launch their Hybrid tablet Microsoft Surface Pro 5 with more sophisticated and newer features. Microsoft's upcoming Surface Pro 5, a perfect laptop replacement with a radical improvement from its predecessor, is to enter the market by mid 2016. Microsoft's Surface Pro 4, which was released in October 2015, only made an average disposal though the company had imagined a good sales rate.
The Surface Pro 5 is expected to sport a lighter Surface Pen, with an auto charging batteries, which when placed on a dock connected to the tablet will charge automatically.

Rumored release date of Microsoft Surface Pro 5, according to Release Date Portal, is around October 2016; however, the American tech giant has to officially announce it yet to the public. A great number of improved specifications and features added to the Surface Pro 5 are now being rumored online. Windows central reported that the battery power is also boosted by the ferromagnetic stylus.
Complaints on Surface Pro 4's fan noise also arise from users, it is expected that the Surface Pro 5 might address this issues.

The previous version Surface Pro 4 had a larger stylus pen that was very difficult to carry, but the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will have the stylus pen sticking to its surface due to its magnetic make. Also, the Microsoft Pro 5 is expected to come with a fingerprint scanner installed on it, rather than embedding a keyboard, just like what the Surface Pro 4 has.

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