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July 24, 2013: This photo shows the Organic Transits ELF bike in a parking lot in Reston, Va.
Mark Stewart turns quite a few heads as he zips through the streets on his neon green ELF bike.
What he's driving looks like a cross between a bicycle and a car, the closest thing yet to Fred Flintstone's footmobile, only with solar panels and a futuristic shape. He was consulting on bike-sharing technologies being considered for New York City's proposed program when he saw there was a market for his vehicle.
The convenience of a handheld battery-powered vacuum like a Dustbuster is usually overshadowed by the fact that it doesn’t do a very good job at cleaning.
Its 1,800 watt motor ensures the vacuum really sucks, in a good way, though it also means the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are only good for about 20 minutes of cleaning.
Here are some Tags: Appliances, Household ← MINDstyle To Produce Vinyl Toys Based On Pixar Short FilmsOhGizmo! A big limitation of the modern day planes is the requirement of runway for the landing and take-off.
A new hybrid helicopter-plane is in design and simulation phase that is able to take off vertically.
S2 aircraft is anticipated to be able to carry two people and fly over 200km just in 2 hours. The aircraft is 5 times more energy efficient as compared to a traditional plane, thanks to the efficient and small sized batteries, intelligent control systems, small sensors, and compact motors. Company claims this new design would be the future of the air travel because of its safety and economy. In the 1990s, NREL worked to advance hybrid electric vehicles, particularly propulsion systems, building the technology's viability in the marketplace. But plug-in hybrids don't necessarily require petroleum; they can use biofuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel. Visit the Vehicle Systems Analysis Web site for more information about plug-in hybrid research. Standard hybrid electric vehicles contain a small- to medium-sized battery pack and electric motor. In contrast, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles have the ability to recharge their batteries with electricity from the utility grid. Hence its name, a plug-in hybrid features a plug, which can be plugged into a standard 110-volt outlet for recharging the batteries. The vessel, designed by Havyard Design and Solutions in Fosnavaag, will be constructed at Havyard Ship Technology`s yard in Leirvik in Sogn, Norway. Havyard 833 WE ICE is a newly developed platform supply vessel (PSV) design based on the most recent technology within fuel economy and environmental friendliness.
The greatest innovation onboard the vessel is that it is equipped with a hybrid battery powered diesel-electric propulsion system.
The idea of hybrid battery diesel-electric propulsion system is the same as for hybrid cars, namely to produce energy as efficiently as possible while also having access to necessary power whenever it is needed.

A typical PSV has large variations within its energy needs depending on the operation being carried out. This latest contract is the second Havyard has signed with the Icelandic offshore shipping company Fafnir Offshore. Posted on April 15, 2014 with tags Fafnir Offshore, Havyard, Havyard 833 WE ICE, Maritime, News by topic, offshore, Shipbuilding. Havila Shipping has been awarded a contract with Maersk Oil & Gas for the PSV Havila Fortune. Iskes Towage & Salvage took delivery of the Bernardus, the first Damen ASD 2810 Hybrid. Alfa Laval has won an order to retrofit Alfa Laval PureSOx exhaust gas cleaning systems onboard four vessels. The moment when we finally see unmanned ships in our harbours and seas is still some way off. With each pedal, his feet take turns sticking out from the bottom while a gentle motor hums in the background. He said he wanted to avoid the almost $1,000 delivery charge, so he decided to fly down to pick up the bike in person and learn how to operate it before taking the long trip back home. While few bike shop workers have seen the contraption, the materials, such as the tires and pedals, are items on your average bicycle. The company is working on their 75th bike, with more than 200 already sold or reserved with a deposit. They'll look, they're interested but they don't question its right to be on the road," Stewart said. But the Hybrid can also be plugged into AC when the batteries are dead, and it takes about 3 hours to charge them up completely. In fact the aircraft,  materializes something which could not have been thought a decade ago. The 12 electric motors not only make the aircraft safe but are also three times more efficient as compared to fuel combustion engines. Plugging the vehicle's cord into a standard 110-volt outlet, recharges its electric battery.
Today, NREL is working with industry and other national labs to take this concept one step further with plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. For a light-duty vehicle fleet, NREL researchers estimate that plug-in hybrids could reduce the per-vehicle demand for liquid fuel by more than 50 percent, making it practical to use domestically produced E85 (85 percent ethanol, 15 percent petroleum) on a national scale. The electricity used to recharge its battery can be generated by a renewable energy source, such as solar, wind, or biomass.
These devices help the engine operate more efficiently and enable normally wasted braking energy to be recaptured.
They typically have larger battery packs and will use the stored electric energy instead of gasoline whenever possible.
Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, operated by the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC.

This PSV is designed to operate as efficiently as possible and with the least amount of influence from exposed waters.
Weather and wind conditions, waves and currents, also play their part in the swift variations of energy requirements. This hull design combined with hybrid battery power ensure that a PSV in given operations uses 30 to 40% less fuel compared to a traditional PSV,” said the Design Manager. On April 4th the hull of Havyard`s newbuild 120, Fafnir’s first newbuild, arrived the Leirvik shipyard in Sogn, Norway. At 14 pounds it’s definitely not the lightest cordless vac on the market either, but a set of casters makes it easy to wheel around. Aside from the fare of innovative consumer electronic products, the reader can expect to find news about geek culture, absurd inventions, awe inspiring technology, and an ever growing assortment of articles that we like to think fit within our view of what we’re calling the Geek Lifestyle.
Retractable motors are the catchiest objects in the aircraft that have resulted in this hybrid aircraft. A computer inside the vehicle determines when it's most efficient to fuel the vehicle with electricity or liquid fuel.
For longer trips, a plug-in hybrid draws liquid fuel from its onboard tank, which provides comparable driving range and performance to a conventional petroleum-fueled vehicle. Also, the fuel cost savings with plug-in hybrids could amount to more than $500 per vehicle per year. While hybridization helps improve the fuel efficiency of hybrid vehicles, all of the energy used still comes from the fuel tank. Our business model with products in ship design, equipment and shipbuilding, provide us with flexibility when we offer exactly what the customer wants, whether the customer wishes to construct in Norway or internationally“.
Interestingly, anticipated hybrid helicopter-plane will also be pollution free as it will use charged batteries for its propulsion.
Firm says, the speed of motors, noise and flight could easily be controlled with a computer. NREL is researching how the introduction of plug-in hybrid technology may enable more widespread use of renewable energy technologies. When needed, the engine and liquid fuel will be used to extend driving range and enhance performance. Indeed, this may remind many of us of our childhood dream where we assumed that a real plane is powered by batteries. Entrepreneur JoeBen is leading this project but after the success of prototype, the NASA has also got involved in the project. The plug-in hybrid battery can be recharged using a standard electrical 110-volt outlet at home or even at the workplace. The anticipated S2 aircraft is able to carry two people and fly over 200km in just 2 hours utilising 50kwh of energy.

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