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Stunning Warm White Glow LED Battery Powered Fairy Lights are ideal for Christmas, wedding tables, parties and all year round decorations. Wedding bouquets, glass vases, floral displays, garlands and wreaths, bay trees, window displays, children's bedrooms.
LED bulbs never get hot, so place them where you want with the confidence that they are safe.

Fairy berries are 22mm in diameter and are powered by 2 included CR 1220 batteries that are replaceable.
High quality LED bulbs on a discreet transparent cable allows these fairy lights to be placed anywhere the imagination will allow. Each Fairy berry contains a battery operated white LED light that will glow and fade smoothly between a multitude of colors (as seen on the picture below), producing a fire bug twinkly fairy light effect.
To activate your Magic LED Ferry Berries, simply pull on the plastic tab that covers the batteries.
This set can mold and hold it’s shape around objects, so you can wrap it around accessories like a bedpost or bulletin board. Whether you choose to use them in a table decoration, add the finishing touch to floral arrangements or just as Christmas decorations with a twist, these battery powered fairy lights are your perfect choice.

These Warm White Glow LED bulbs are three times brighter than traditional fairy lights so they can be seen during the day, but are superb at night! Place them on your lawn, in your backyard or garden to create a colorful landscape taken straight from a fairy tale. Fairy berries will also float on water, place them in your pool or pond to create a magic athmosphere for your venue.

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