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The same rule applies if you're racing or like to live 'on the edge' in terms of performance, then by all means, every gram counts. The cost of a charger is something that also needs to be factored in your overall project cost. They are sensitive to overcharging, so they need special chargers that detect when the cells approach full charge.
Lead acid batteries are suitable for medium to large displacement hulled boats, such as battleships, tug boats, working boats etc. This past week, Fast Company visited Tesla Motors headquarters for a look at the automaker's progress on its first mass-market vehicle, the Model S electric sedan. Rawlinson, VP of Engineering (we also spoke with Rawlinson at January's Detroit Auto Show). The MotorThe Model S's motor is liquid cooled, which increases its continuous power and allows higher speeds for longer. The Front ModuleThe front of the Model S is made out of high-strength boron steel and is covered in energy-absorbing foam to reduce the damage from collisions. Durability TestingThe Model S has undergone extensive durability testing, including low-speed crash testing and winter weather trials. So while you shop for batteries, compare the cost and performance of the chargers to go with them at the same time. The purpose of making a pack from several cells is to increase the overall voltage beyond that of a single cell.
1Ah is the norm, so at that rate you should theoretically be able to draw one Ampere for an hour.
Unfortunately, the losses increase quite a bit as the current draw increases, so be happy if you'll see 20-30 seconds worth at that rate.The capacity of a battery deteriorate over its life.
Regardless of type, they do contain traces of material that don't belong in the environment. LiPo batteries have been around since the mid-1990s.LiPo batteries are lighter weight than any other common battery type for the same capacity. The principle is the same as with a regular car or motor cycle battery, with one big difference.

They can provide power for hours and hours in the right boat and can deliver high currents with ease.They are inexpensive if you look at their amp-for-amp performance and are most common in 6 or 12 V.
They work perfectly well in small models with modest current draws of up to a few hundred milliamperes. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. That means the pack could in the future be compatible with Better Place's automated battery swap stations.
The system also features three radiators, with two side ducts that cool the car and a middle radiator that deals with heat from the motor and battery pack. They include one vehicle used for air-conditioning testing, one used to tune noise vibrations, one for winter testing, and one used to fine-tune the vehicle's interior. For model airplanes and helicopters much easier - the highest power density you can afford is the ultimate solution.
For the rest of us, there is often a more tempered solution where value is the operative word.Most radio controlled boats are not competition class, but rather casual model boats. You also have to make sure your charger is compatible with the voltage and amp rating of your battery pack. Voltage, capacity, weight, size and internal resistance varies with the chemistry of the cell. It simply loses its ability to keep the charge.The Capacity rating doubles as an indicator as to how long it will take to reach full charge.
They boost a much better power-to-weight ratio and are much less harmful to the environment. The batteries suitable for RC models have the acid in gel form rather than liquid and are completely sealed.
Lead Acid has an advantage for very large boats where standard NiMH would not last long enough, and the heavy weight of the lead acid battery can double as ballast. According to Straubel, two generations of technology from the Roadster have gone into what we see in the Model S.

Secondly, they are sensitive to capacity loss, especially if they are charged before becoming completely flat - they develop what the industry call a "memory".On the upside, they are durable and can handle repeated high current draw with modest power loss. A typical NiMH RC battery pack of the same size as a NiCad can hold almost twice the capacity. They are often found at surplus outlets.A drawback with lead acid is that they tend to drain relatively quickly when stored and that they deteriorate quickly if left uncharged. The pack provides the Model S with up to a 300 mile range—and the whole thing can be recharged in just 45 minutes. Soon after, beta production will switch to Tesla's $42 million Fremont factory, which will begin commercial production in 2012. Paying top dollars for the most compact and light RC battery pack, while loading the model boat with pounds (or kilos) of lead for balance, makes no sense.To aid in the search for the best value RC battery packs for your needs, here are some aspects and features to consider. Typically the Electronic Speed Controller, or ESC, is limited to 12V, so don't go over or you'll fry it.A note about Lead Acid cells - The actual voltage at full charge is generally quite a bit more than the nominal voltage printed on it and may therefore damage sensitive electronics if you're not careful.
When over-discharged, they will no longer accept a full charge, much like NiCad batteries.LiPo batteries has an advantage over other technologies where the higher power density has an immediate advantage. To prevent permanent damage and capacity loss, it is a good idea to trickle charge whenever they are left unused.Lead is a heavy metal and is therefore a pollutant. For model boats we're talking extreme speed boats where every gram counts and where the much higher cost can be justified. Smaller packs are available for park fliers and radio receivers.NiCads are on their way out, replaced with more potent technologies. If you are just getting started in the hobby, avoid NiCad since they have more disadvantages and will gradually be phased out.Always recycle NiCad batteries.

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