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This CPAP includes an optional heated tube and humidifier system for increased therapy comfort.
Foam Pollen Filters are intended for use with the Respironics REMstar Plus, REMstar Pro or REMstar Auto CPAP machines only. Proper cleaning and replacement will help ensure you maximize the life of your REMstar Plus, REMstar Pro or REMstar Auto CPAP machine! The filters are manufactured by Sunset Healthcare and meet all specifications needed set forth by Respironics.
When using the pollen filter with the Ultra Fine Disposable Filter- Respironics REMstar Plus, Pro or Auto, the Ultra Fine Filter goes in the filter cavity first and then place the Pollen Foam Filter in last. Respironics REMstar™ Legacy Water Chamber Kit to be used with the REMstar, REMstar Plus, REMstar Pro Legacy product line of CPAP and BiPAP machines. Now, based on customer input, we're delivering an even higher level of sophistication in a series of intelligent therapy devices that think and act the way you've told us they should.
The new 60 series offers a new modern design with even smarter features to enhance the CPAP experience. If you know this is a feature that you want you can purchase everything bundled together in the ReMstar DS5660TS Auto CPAP Machine with Heated tubing. System One Resistance Control achieves complete system comfort by enabling the device and mask to work optimally together. Our natural and clinically-proven technologies that enhance traditional pressure therapy – C-Flex, Bi-Flex, A-Flex, and now C-Flex+ in our fixed-CPAP advanced units – are an excellent way to establish improved patient comfort and increased compliance. Clinical studies show patients on Flex use their therapy on average more than four hours per night at both 30 and 90 days compared with an average of less than four hours per night when using traditional CPAP.
We've built in more device intelligence so that you can make the most informed decisions possible. But the real advancement is its ability to point out when a patient is experiencing symptoms beyond classic OSA. The PR System One Heated Tube is intended to provide the same amount of humidity at the mask that is supplied directly from the chamber while preventing rainout! Ultra Fine Disposable Filters to be used with the Philips Respironics System One, M-Series or SleepEasy CPAP or BiPAP models. Philips Respironics brand name Ultra Fine Disposable Filters (6 pack) used with the System One CPAP or Bi-PAP Machines and can be used with M-series CPAP or Bi-PAP Machines as well as Sleep Easy CPAP Machines. Philips Respironics brand name Pollen Foam Non-Disposable Filters (2 pack) used with the System One CPAP or Bi-PAP Machines and can be used with M-series CPAP or Bi-PAP Machines as well as Sleep Easy CPAP Machines.

The proper way to insert the filter is to place it in the filter cavity of the CPAP machine first (before the pollen filter) with the tab up and rough side towards the machine.
The PR System one 60 series is the newest platform of CPAP Machines from Phillips Respironics. You as the user can extend your Auto trial up to 30 days to determine what your optimal pressure range should be. The new 60 series CPAP machines also have the capability of a heated tube to deliver the best humidification experience ever. If you like the new PR system One Resmstar Pro 60 Series but you don't use a humidifier you can also just buy the RemStar Pro C-Flex 60 Series CPAP DS460S. Approved by the FAA for use on all commercial flights within the US and all international flights that depart or arrive in the US.
The PR System One REMStar 60 Series AutoIQ CPAP Machine and Humidifier displays a modern look with a richer charcoal color and metallic silver as accents on the control and side panels. C-Flex Plus softens the breathing cycle between inhalation and exhalation based on expiratory flow. The A-Flex comfort feature is built on top of the REMstar Auto algorithm which provides the lowest pressure needed to keep the airway open during sleep. In order to deliver optimal pressure Respironics developed a numbering system to note the resistance characteristics of each mask.
The external power supply used by this system IS NOT compatible with other units in the Philips Respironics line of products. The REMStar 60 Series CPAP is not compatible with earlier versions of the PR System One Heated Humidifier.
The machine and humidifier in the PR System One REMStar 60 Series CPAP with Heated Humidifier and Heated Tube assembly cannot physically be attached to earlier versions in the Philips Respironics line of products. An RX is required to purchase a CPAP Machine for US customers according to the US FDA's classification of CPAP Machines. PR System One 60 Series REMstar Pro CPAP Machine is a part of the newest line of CPAP machines made by Philips Respironics. It's the first technology to consider the ambient humidity in the room by adding a heated tube.
Use distilled water in the water tub for best results; replace every 3-6 months or once build up occurs. Includes A-Flex technology and uses auto adjusting mode to increase and decrease CPAP pressure as needed. Through simple settings, the technology instructs the device to compensate for variable resistance characteristics related to different masks.

Each Philips Respironics Sleep Therapy System device has an on-board Flex Demo mode to allow patients to feel the difference for themselves.
Our new sleep system addresses advanced sleep assessment parameters including AHI, large leak, flow limitation and RERAs that help you determine appropriate clinical management of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). With intelligent technology that can identify clear airway apneas and periodic breathing, the system immediately indicates the potential need for specialized therapy.
Unlike other algorithms, the REMstar Auto can manage an event in the early stages rather than waiting for it to occur. 1,2 or 6 pack of filters to be used with the PR System One, M-Series or SleepEasy II Respironics family of CPAP or BiPAP machines. This model is the DS460HS which is comparable to the older model the PR System One Auto IQ DS450HS. People new to CPAP therapy find adapting to treatment much easier when the airflow pressure is reduced during exhalation.
Pressure is lowered based on a breath-per-breath analysis and provides up to 3 levels of relief based on the user's expiratory flow. It minimizes the transition between pressures and provides greater comfort when in the fixed-pressure CPAP mode. A-Flex adjusts to deliver pressure as needed to eliminate breathing events without raising it too high. Using the Resistance Control number, the machine compensates for the mask being used to provide a consistent and reliable pressure. The Heated Tube CANNOT BE used with any other PR System One machines and humidifiers, only the Heated Tube Humidifier (part number DS6T). Just set the desired level of humidification and it will maintain from the machine to the mask, ultimately reducing rainout.
For use with M Series Sleep Systems and System One REMstar Auto, REMstar Lite, REMstar Plus, REMstar Pro, REMstar Pro2. The result is synchronous pressure delivery and the assurance patients can enjoy the full benefits of our Flex comfort technologies no matter which Philips Respironics mask is used. With our new system, all events can now be verified by looking at detailed patient flow waveform data captured by the device. Because small degrees of flow limitations are usually present before the onset of a complete obstruction or apnea, our algorithm is designed to proactively seek out these early indications and adjust pressure to resolve an event before it occurs.

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