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Subscribe to our mailing list to find out about new products, trends, community favorites, and DIY crafts! You will then be directed to our international shipping partner, iGlobal, who will estimate your order in your local currency and collect payment for your order. These are great lights and it very light because they are operating on a watch-size battery not AA or AAA batteries. This LED battery powered paper lantern light just clips on the top wire of your lanterns and gives you 8 hours of light.

Other choices for lighting your lanterns You can light your lanterns with Paper lantern clip on light 12 LED 7+ hours - battery operated 12 LED 1" Cube - battery operated3 LED light- battery operated Cord and bulb plug in kits or for smaller lanterns hang two aquabrites on the inside (they have a hook for hanging).
The light has three bright blue LED lights, is battery operated, and features a flexible 10-inch cord for hanging.
The LED light has three bright red LED lights, is battery operated, and features a flexible 10" hanging cord. These lights are lightweight making them an excellent choice for illuminating paper lanterns.

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