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I used this product along with the other products I purchased on my fat tire bicycle I spent a lot of time attaching the lights to my wheels it turned out amazing and I had the coolest bicycle in town. Add fun illumination to your holiday crafts and party decorations with all the best colors combined! Just bought these after the holidays so haven't used them yet, but they appear to be very good quality.
Expertly crafted, effortlessly brilliant, exceptionally efficient, these truly are the DIY enthusiasts dream light! Is a high performance 16-litre Knapsack Sprayer using DC power with a single rechargeable battery.

Battery operated blue LED lights are energy efficient and exceptionally brilliant making them an essential addition to any crafter's collection, plus you can choose from steady or twinkle effects for added design versatility!
Battery operated LED lights feature vivid illumination, energy efficiency and long life, providing you with the perfect solution to your craft projects! Battery operated green LED 5mm lights might be small in size but their conical wide angle bulb design allows vivid light to be cast in all directions! Wrap blue LED lights around greenery for the holidays or mix with red and white to create a stunning patriotic themed centerpiece!
5mm lights might be small in size but their conical wide angle bulb design allows brilliant light to be cast in all directions!

I thought at first that i was going to have to return the Lithium batteries, which cost $20 for 12, certainly add to the cost of operating the lights.

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