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You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. Solved dell laptop battery plugged charging linux, I had the common problem of charger being plugged in but not charging i tried all the reboot and tapping the power button etc etc none worked so as long as the.
Xps 13 ultrabook battery charging dell community, Hi my year old xps 13 ultrabook's battery is not charging when plugged in.
I've decided to post his here in case this could be of help to anyone who suffered the same problem I faced exactly 7days ago.

About 10days ago, my DELL Studio 14 laptop that has been quite rugged and functional for about 20months suddenly started to stop charging at intervals. I rang DELL Customer care up and they were diligent to explain to me how much I have out-shot my warranty period. After much thinking and frustrations, reading through posts Online, I took my chances with local technicians at the major computer mall around. I returned 1 hour as agreed and low and behold, my laptop was glowing brighter again--charging problem fixed.

He ran the cables through paths that seemed most convenient to him without care if any crinkled!
This was exploited by Sirmacis, who early on took the lead, stealing the impressions with its performance….

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