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Gorgeous looks plus a great interface and display overcome the Envy 14 Spectre's slightly higher weight. Encapsulating the monitor bezel in glass, however, allowed HP to build a 14-inch display into tight quarters--the Specre offers essentially the same width and length as most 13.3-inch Ultrabooks do.
The LCD panel offers excellent horizontal viewing angles, and good vertical viewing from above the laptop.
Performance, on the other hand, is a little disappointing, trailing behind that of similar systems in the class, such as the Dell XPS 13. The base model of the Spectre includes a 128GB solid-state drive; HP offers a 256GB SSD as an option.
Like most Ultrabooks, the Envy 14 Spectre uses Intela€™s HD 3000 graphics technology, so ita€™s suitable for only light-duty PC gaming at lower resolutions and detail levels.
The keyboard offers an excellent feel, although the spacebar is slightly recessed, which results in mashed-together words when you miss pressing the spacebar all the way down. Youa€™ll need to weigh a few trade-offs with the Spectre: It has a bit more heft and slightly reduced performance compared with most Ultrabooks, but it also offers a much better display, a good keyboard, and an excellent pointing device.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. The first round of Ultrabooks bore a distinct resemblance to the MacBook Air, mimicking everything from the low profile keyboard and glass surfaced trackpad to the minimalism of the aluminum Unibody.
We recently named several of the best ultrabooks now on the market, but even in the weeks since then, we've seen new entrants into the category, touting newer hardware, longer lasting batteries, and crafted from everything from carbon fiber to Gorilla Glass.
But an army of PC Makers, united under Intel's Ultrabook flag, are putting Apple in its place with systems that offer lighter weight (Toshiba Portege Z835-P370), innovative designs (HP Envy 14 Spectre) and price (HP Folio 13-1020us).
There are certainly compelling reasons not to dismiss the Apple MacBook Air, but when all things are taken into consideration, the current crop of ultrabooks gives the Apple MacBook Air a run for its money, and this is one race that won't be over anytime soon. The new Apple MacBook Air 13-inch (Mid 2012) is a simple upgrade of the class-leading line, with a $100 price drop.
New "Ivy Bridge" ultrabooks are arriving, and the Sony VAIO T13 (SVT13112FXS) is a nifty example.
The HP Folio 13-1020us is one of the most handsomely designed and well-engineered ultrabooks you can buy for $900.
Toshiba plays the value card as well as the featherweight card with its Portege Z835-P370 ultrabook. With its sexy glass casing, fine keyboard, and great battery life, the HP Envy 14 Spectre is a slick premium package. The glossy, glass-topped display bezel and keyboard tray look elegant and understated, and the uniform, thin chassis gives the laptop a sleek appearance. HP took advantage of the bigger display area, packing in a 1600-by-900-pixel native-resolution LED-backlit IPS panel.
If you look from below the plane of the sweet spot, however, color and contrast shifting are severe. The Spectre posted a mark of 106 on WorldBench 7, the second-lowest in comparison with four similar Ultrabooks, but good overall performance nonetheless.
All of the system's ports, including the two USB ports, the gigabit ethernet jack, the headphone jack, the SD Card slot, and the HDMI and mini-DisplayPort video outputs, are on the left side. You won't find a built-in optical drive, but thata€™s pretty typical for this class of system. At moderate volume, HPa€™s Beats Audio equalization system enables music and movie content that sounds richer than on most laptop speakers, but if you crank the volume past about 60 percent, you can hear noticeable speaker distortion.
The touchpad is one of the best wea€™ve seen on a Windows laptop, coming close to the feel and usability of the larger trackpads built into Applea€™s MacBook Air.
Ita€™s also not inexpensive, with the base unit costing about $1299 (as of March 29, 2012), so you should factor that in as well. For a while there, Apple had no one to compete against but itself, and it's easy to look great with no one nipping at your heels.

The ultrabook category may have been laid out by Intel, but it was defined by Apple, with nearly every defining point aping the MacBook Air. Newer models are bold departures from Apple's influence, and getting bolder if this fall's announced designs are any indicator.
Even Ivy Bridge processors have made an appearance (Sony VAIO T13) giving ultrabooks the same performance and energy efficiency that Apple offers.
Second impressions are a little less positive, though: When you pick up the Spectre, it seems heftier than youa€™d expect. I would like to see at least four USB connections on these units--the chipset supports that, and the Spectre certainly has enough chassis real estate for them.
Full support for multitouch gestures, proper button sensitivity, and tapping anywhere to make a right mouse click are welcome. In the end, HPa€™s Envy 14 Spectre falls just short of being a classic--but it doesna€™t disappoint, either. As the technology has progressed a lot, modern college students are increasingly depends on portable computing devices for interactive learning and so laptops for students are specially manufactured for them to carry out their academic works efficiently.
The new slim laptops would be razor-thin (under 21mm), light (under 3.1 pounds), and long-lasting (with 5+ hours of battery life).
As new models compete with each other on everything from features to price, Apple's MacBook Air is looking more and more like one of the crowd.
In addition to the variety of options offered by the several manufacturers making ultrabooks, you can also bank on the fact that you will be able to get equal or better battery life and a wider selection of ports on most ultrabooks available today. Thata€™s because HP covered it in impact-resistant glass, similar to what you might see on a high-end smartphone. Rather than matching the tapered shape of many competitors, the Spectre is just under 0.9 inch thin (barely meeting the Ultrabook specs that Intel set) throughout, which makes the system seem somehow larger than other laptops in its class. The higher-resolution display likely has some impact on performance, but having all those extra pixels makes up a little for the slightly lower scores. It may have taken a couple of years for the rest of the PC world to get their act together, but get it together they have. The 1,440 by 900 resolution display is still among the better screens, but plenty of competitors have ditched the 1,366 by 768 screen as well (more on them in a moment). It also weighs more than many Ultrabooks (a spot-on 4 pounds without the power brick), partly due to the glass surface and partly because of the larger LCD panel. The 1600-by-900-pixel display also makes editing photos a bit easier than systems with a more standard 1366-by-768-pixel display typically do.
But new devices like Chromebook, Ultrabook, Netbook and Notebook are being made by the laptop companies to meet the people needs. The Ultrabooks have landed and Apple is suddenly facing stiff competition—enough so that current MacBook Air models have the latest, fastest Intel processors where originally they lagged a year or two behind, using hardware that was merely good enough.
There are also a few features offered by Apple that you won't find anywhere else, starting with Lion OS X, soon to be updated to Mountain Lion.
You can put that display to good use right away, since HP includes full versions of Photoshop Elements 10 and Premiere Elements 10. Every device has its own pros and cons and you could choose the best one based on your requirements. If you’re my regular, you might know about my interest in comparing and explaining some awesome tech gadgets like Desktop Vs laptop, Can Tablets replace Laptops? Apple's trackpad is still the best clickpad mouse we've used, and the gesture support in OS X is second to none.
And Apple is no longer resting on its laurels with two and three year old processors, having swooped in with Intel's third-generation Ivy Bridge processors before many PC manufacturers have even made it to market.
Through this post, I wanna discuss something useful and so I took an opportunity to compare the two tech gadgets, Chromebook and Ultrabook in their important aspects with which you could select the exact one based on your requirements.
Now, let’s begin the post with the rudimentary details of these two amazing devices.What is an Ultrabook?Ultrabook is a new class laptop which is light in weight with more battery life.

This device is specifically designed to offer superior computing functionality with more convenience. It was announced in CES 2012 and the Intel has given the trademark name Ultrabook to describe specific features of laptop.Features of UltrabookSome of the prominent features of Ultrabook are1.
Larger display screen (up to 15”) and latest Intel core processor to perform multi-tasking.2. These mini laptops are specially designed to surf the web at greater speed and optimized with Google Chrome web browser.Features of ChromebookSome significant features of Chromebook are1. Price Comparing the price of two gadgets is most important since the buyer might be fixed the amount to buy it.
Functionality and design As Chromebook is a browser-based device, it is somewhat difficult to run the high-end applications like video editing and gaming. Productivity Since Ultrabook and Chromebook are portable laptops, both are good in surfing the web and regular office work.
Freebies You could get free cloud storage and specific amount of free Google drive storage in Chromebook. Moreover, you need not to have anti-virus software in Chromebook as it has in-built security features. Internet connection and Backups Most of the time, Chromebook needs internet connection to access the data stored online. Besides, even though the cloud providers have advanced backup solutions, you have to rely on third-party to protect your data. Also, it may contain few USB ports and contains sealed units which cannot swap out a spare battery.What you can do with a Chromebook?If you wanna get things done quickly and connect to web at most of the time, you can pick Chromebook. Here you could access all your files with more security, built-in cloud features and with powerful web apps.
As we are in the modern world, everyone wishes to have a fast and sleek laptop with more storage capacity. Some people need small weighing laptops with extended battery life for their travelling profession. For them, getting Ultrabook is an ultimate choice.Recently, Google and VMware has announced that Chromebook can now run Windows apps and desktop through VMware service and it is really a glad news for the Chromebook users. I am interesting to hear you and so discuss with me through comments ??Get Free Email Updates!Signup now and receive an email once I publish new content.
If you ask me, I would still prefer ultrabook because of its productivity, internet connection and backup features. In a place where is there limited and high cost internet, using a Chromebook may be difficult.And as much as security for cloud storage is improving, i believe i can protect my files more for myself than any third party out there. As am a part-time blogger and I used to work 5-6 hrs daily and I have good internet connection. But still when I going to purchase a new Laptop for me I went to Shopping Mall and analysis all the electronic product very deeply.I must say that I was pretty disappointed with Chromebook built-in quality and OS was also not that pleasant. And on other hand Ultrabook was looking so adorable that I could stop myself looking at her. Being a gadget lover, I always prefer advanced technology that comes up with advanced features like ultrabook.
I will prefer Chrome-book because it have great benefits.Reply Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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