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Once you’ve installed the tweak and clicked on the icon you’ll get a page that shows you your charging state, capacity, voltage, cycles, temp, charging state, charging current, and finally discharging current.
I’m not sure if this workaround is already made by someone, or if not possible since its so closed sourced. Can someone please help me, every time I put the repo in it doesn’t work please help. Power Practical Electronics makes the Powerpot V, an innovative and lightweight camping cook pot that also converts heat to electricity to charge your smartphone. It comes with a micro USB charging cable that can be reversed to charge most Android phones. Power Practical sells them for $59.99 with free shipping on their website and that’s pretty much the final price you’ll find if you search other online retailers. The meter plugs into the USB connection on your charging source and then you plug the USB cable that’s connected to your device into the meter.
The Practical Meter was the beneficiary of a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign last year, so there’s obviously a lot of gearheads who need to know the truth about the charging capacity of their devices. The truth is that I haven’t ever really noticed either charger’s performance before, but I’m the kind of person who’s tweaking my connected devices like they’re a 1969 Dodge Charger, either. Countless iPhone apps and jailbreak tweaks have, in the past, promised to improve the battery life of our iDevices. In essence, BattSaver works rather a lot like Carat - at least the ethos of the jailbreak tweak is the same as the iPhone app, and that is to identify aspects of the smartphone that are draining its battery life, and to eliminate (or suppress) them. The Aggressive mode does the same thing as Normal mode, except it will also disable the data connection completely if WiFi is connected.
Finally, Ultimate Mode - the most extreme of the three - completely disables all radio signals. Though all three modes provide a variation, Custom Mode allows jailbreakers to completely customize every aspect of how BattSaver affects the iPhone in question. All in all, BattSaver is worth taking a look at - especially if you've been searching for a battery life-saving solution for some time, and have so far had no luck.

Sure, graphical interfaces are nice and I like pie-charts and pretty colors, but I also equally like to see numbers and know what is happening under-the-hood of things. I just want to find a way to get a workaround of the charging limiter, since I want to override or bypass that check. BatteryLife jailbreak tweak for displays useful information about your device’s battery health, also including the current capacity and a temperature reading. They didn’t send us one of those, but we did get a chance to check out their Lithium 4400 Battery Bank and Practical Meter.
It features a sturdy rubberized construction but doesn’t have any protective covers for the charging ports.
It comes with a 3-in-1 fast charge cable that includes 30-pin, micro USB and mini USB connectors (no lightning connector). I tested a drawer full of cables and chargers and discovered that one of our off-brand wall chargers is really not performing as promised and another off-brand charger significantly outperforms the Apple charger that came with the phone. However, most users report limited success with such battery-enhancing solutions (though, on a personal note, Carat recently appeared to have identified a number of battery life "bugs" and "hogs" on my iPhone handset).
Normal Mode, when your iPhone is "sleeping," will disable all radio signals, thus saving battery life. The thought behind this is that you already have a valid WiFi connection, so why waste extra battery with a cellular data connection waiting as a backup?
It's a rather extreme method, and also rather the same as enabling Airplane Mode on the smartphone.
Countless configurations can be made here, meaning users can come up with a bunch of settings to suit the individual. Currently, the jailbreak tweak is available to download in the Cydia Store for $2.99 - though if you're a non-jailbreaker, or would like to find a solution that's available for free, consider downloading Carat for iPhone. Having just gotten back from CES, I of course just now find a tweak that could have come in handy while walking around with multiple battery packs and cases – BatteryLife. While it does leave room for improvement (I’d rather see it in Settings rather than it’s own icon) it certainly is a nice look into the underbelly your iPhone’s power system.

However, I’ll add that to my list of things to look out for in the future when trying out new tweaks and post accordingly if I find something!
We’ve reviewed less expensive options, but you’re not getting as much charging capacity at the lower price. The cable won’t transfer data and promises to charge your device more quickly than the standard issue cable. I also found out that one of my lightning cables is doing such a terrible job that it needs replacement.
Nevertheless, jailbreakers are still in the market for an effective battery life-enhancing jailbreak tweak - something that works, and works well.
If you're concerned about emails, worry not: the handset will briefly check every 15 minutes for new mail, meaning users of BattSaver won't miss out. For those of you worried about phone calls and SMS messages, don’t worry, the GSM cellular radio that those services rely on is left alone.
Perhaps in the future we could even get the addition of graphs (assuming it doesn’t cause battery drain).You can check out the tweak at modmyi .
Fortunately, with "BattSaver," it would appear that one jailbreak developer has provided such a solution.
Ultimately, the jailbreak tweak aims to better manage when these iPhone radios are enabled and disabled, thus - in theory - providing users with an increase in battery life. Like Normal mode, when your device is asleep, you won’t receive notifications, but instead of Normal’s 15 minute refresh period, Aggressive mode will enable your data radios every 45 minutes to retrieve emails and notifications.

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