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Your device's battery is dying every day - Battery Life Android gives you the best insights on how to improve the battery life of your Android Device. Today most users try to live with our lithium ions batteries, but there is not denying that the current capacity they offer is unable to meet the energy needs of devices on the market. Sonicable, by Bluetech Industries, is a new crowd funded charging cable that promises to cut down the time it takes to charge your mobile device. Part 2 of our Microsoft Surface coverage includes tons of battery life analysis, a look at what it takes to slow down Tegra 3 in Windows RT, a demonstration of the first tablet able to extend the Windows Desktop, and some clarification of display quality. Last week we published our first impressions of and experiences with Microsoft's new Surface tablet in Microsoft Surface Review, Part 1: Performance And Display Quality. The Surface does surprisingly well in our first test, which looks at battery life during the playback of an H.264-encoded movie at 50% volume.
As some of you have noticed in past tablet reviews, our Web browsing benchmark is more taxing than the video playback workload. As a result the Surface touches six hours of battery life in our second suite, topping a number of the tablets it previously lost to.
Here's the thing, though: we ran those figures with each tablet's display set to maximum brightness. So, we take the extra time to go back and run the same tests with each tablet fixed to the same luminance level. When we switch over to Web browsing and music playback, the Surface runs for two hours longer than it did at maximum brightness. Powerful graphics architectures make lightweight gaming a reality on today's tablets and smartphones.
We've found this game to be unforgiving of Tegra 3-based tablets because it's specifically optimized for Nvidia's SoC, taxing it with additional quality enhancements. As the Surface delivers comparable battery life as Apple's third-gen iPad, it also impresses by enabling much speedier recharging times. For every minute you spend browsing the Web and playing music on the iPad, you need to spend the same amount of time charging it back up.
The Asus Vivo Tab is much better than Microsoft's own version of surface, the display is much brighter, the keyboard dock has a battery, usb and SD card inputs.
I hate when I'm looking at a computer screen and from that trying to see which picture is better of another computer screen. Keeping in mind that most of Tom's Hardware writers use Macbooks, iPhones and iPads, so they're immediately in love with any kind of walled garden.
The Sony Xperia SP recently underwent our rigorous review process, and now we’ve got some battery result numbers to show you as well. Our own talk time test posted a very impressive result of just under 20 hours, good enough to beat out both Sony flagships, which had some great numbers of their own. When it comes to web browsing, the numbers posted by the Sony Xperia SP were right in between the two flagships, putting all three devices in the center of the pack in terms of mobile web performance. In regards to multimedia performance, the Sony Xperia SP beat out both of the flagships with it’s almost 7 and a half hours of continuous video playback.
Standby performance also went above and beyond what we saw with the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL, and ultimately helped the Sony Xperia SP achieve a very respectable endurance rating of 51h.
We are now about to see how the Moto G’s 2,070 mAh battery holds up against its display and chipset. Unfortunately the video playback turned out the weak link in the Motorola Moto G performance. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is bound to become one of the hottest selling handsets and so it must undergo heavy scrutiny. We didn’t use those features for the test as they are for emergencies when the last few percent of the battery have to hold out for hours before you can charge the phone again. The HTC One (M8) does come out ahead of the Galaxy S5 in the video playback time, but by just a smidge – both new flagship lasted 11 hours.
Compared to last year’s Galaxy S flagship, the Galaxy S5 manages three hours more of talking and two hours more of web browsing, but an hour less of video playback.

Efficient standby on the new phone results in an Endurance rating of 72 hours, which puts it between the Galaxy S4 and the Note 3. Even without Samsung’s advanced power saving modes, the Galaxy S5 offers excellent battery life. Gone are the days for iPhone users to boast about the latest version device too, because it is no where a match to the Galaxy S III in terms of battery life when browsing the web. All the devices were tested with the 3G connectivity to keep the results at the same level, although a few had a 4G LTE connectivity too available.
No one would like to keep the brightness low when they want to have a good browsing experience, and thus the number of minutes resulted in the test were the actual browsing time when the brightness of the phone was kept at maximum. The simple-yet-productive Windows Phone 7 based Nokia Lumia 900 stood near the last position, with just above 3 hours of usage while browsing the Internet. The biggest contenders in the current market are the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3, and the S3 is the winner! Apple iPhone has always been a talk in the town for the negativity when battery draining is the issue. One cannot give an easy conclusion whether the results have anything to do with the operating system, because there is no evidence that Android phones have got a better battery life, thanks to just 139 minutes of battery lasting in the HTC Sensation XL, which has the Android OS, and the battery draining would be a total blame on the manufacturer.
A clear competition in the present world is between the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Apple iPhone 5, and the true winner in terms of one of the biggest factors, i.e. I had a samsung S3 but the battery life is not so good as it is, how to improve the battery life? Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. In today’s mobile-first society, many techy entrepreneurs and mobile savvy individuals are looking to do just that. Every iteration of their flagship Galaxy S series is followed up by people and articles lambasting that it steals styling cues and core features from Apple’s iPhone. They have been making waves with their revolutionary battery, which, if it works, will be able to fully charge in less than a minute.
In that piece, we covered the platform's underlying (familiar) Tegra 3 SoC, a handful of browser-based benchmarks, and an analysis of display performance at maximum brightness. We have a comprehensive look at battery life with the tablet at maximum brightness, and then normalized to 200 nits, a second analysis of Windows RT, a demonstration of external monitor support, initial experiences gaming on the Surface, and additional discussion of display quality.
Microsoft's tablet lasts for more than seven hours, besting a number of notable tablets, but trailing behind some of today's most popular models like the third-gen iPad and Nexus 7. This is because most SoCs are able to offload the most intensive aspects of the decode pipeline.
This is problematic in its own right, since we'd be inclined to dial up the brightness on a low-gamut display.
Although that's an hour less than the Nexus 7, the delta between both devices is narrower here than it was at maximum brightness. Unfortunately, it's difficult to pin down cross-platform tests because there are so few games that run on iOS, Android, and Windows RT. If you game on the Transformer Prime or Nexus 7, you'll see additional details like water splashes that don't show up on other tablets. You can browse the Web at full brightness for six hours, and then spend three hours to charge back up to 100% capacity again.
This SoC is already outdated.I wouldnt buy a device today which i know is going to be upgraded in a few months with atleast a better SoC, and probably a better display. It also has the same 2370 mAh battery found in the Xperia ZL, but is rated at a higher talk time by Sony, likely due to its processor being only of the dual-core variety.
This is likely due to the lower amount of pixels it has to push out compared to the higher-resolution high-enders.
This means that with an hour of calling, browsing and video playback each per day, you should need to find a power chord every 51 hours. In theory it should provide you with much better endurance than the uninspiring Moto X, due to its lower-power chipset and slightly smaller screen.

Its battery died after 9 hours, which is among the better results we’ve encountered so far. The Ultra Power Saving mode disables most functionality and shows a simplified black and white homescreen. That puts it ahead of the HTC One (M8) by an hour, three ahead of the Galaxy Note 3, but well behind the impressive 25 hour result of the LG G2. With moderate usage you can get three full days of usage before you need to charge your phone.
Browsing the web is one of the commonly done activity on any smartphone, with the advancement in the technology where things are bound to happen on-the-go.
They kept the connectivity level at the same level to keep the test fair, and the clear winner in the list was Samsung Galaxy S3. Still, it has got the least battery consumption for a particular time when browsing the web and making calls. Apple has made a lot of changes and advancements in the interface and design of the phone, but the non-removable mysterious battery of the iPhone has been criticized, and nothing in that should be wrong when the non-biased tests put out these results which might be shocking to even those Apple fans boasting about their devices all the time. My experience with both s3 and apple is same and they both don’t last more than 4 to 5 hrs in case of continuous browsing.
However, it's not a scientific-enough measurement to stand alone because each tablet's screen is different, resulting in different maximum brightness levels. Riptide GP is a rare exception, which makes it possible for us to use the game to test battery life. Interestingly, though, the Surface outperforms the other Tegra 3-based models, even exceeding the third-gen iPad's battery life, all the while giving you better visuals. We're only missing one piece of this power puzzle: what impact does charging more quickly have on the Surface's battery's longevity? It is still more than the Nexus 5, but it seems Google definitely has to tweak its default video player. The Snapdragon 801 chipset should also offer a big performance boost over the Snapdragon 600 of last year. The Samsung phone lasted nine and half hours of browsing the web over Wi-Fi, beating the One (M8) by half an hour but again lagging behind LG G2. Don’t forget to check our Battery life test page if your phone usage differs from the standard one hour of each per day we use to calculate the Endurance rating.
Although there are several apps and 3rd party browsers available for all the operating systems, the default web browsers of the phone are the most simplest ones which would not give any hassle or won’t slow down the performance of the phone.
Unexpectedly and surprisingly, the Xperia S from Sony stands just next to the winner, while the iPhone 5 from Apple is 5th in the list.
What came as the biggest surprise and a big blow to the iPhone 5 users and Apple fans, is the poor battery backup and more consumption than expected when the connectivity is on and actively being used. She just plugs in an extra monitor and USB hub (for full-size keyboard and mouse), and she is all set for productivity. When you are using the Internet on your device, you would expect the battery to be strong enough to not ask for a charge more than once in a day. We did not experience any hardware limitation related issues (obviously office doesn't start as fast as it does on a x86 PC with SSD).Based on our experience with the Surface RT I will definitely buy a Surface Pro for myself (I need Office with macros and addins for work) and hopefully finally have a PC that works both as a productivity tool as well as entertainment gadget. Home button is on my hate list, screen is beautiful Android is Android no matter which version it is. I thought it is just my phone so I talked to other people with same phone and they all say same thing. Using it online for six hours heavily discharges it but once it gets down to 30% it lasts for a while.

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