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Gone are the days when you'd be worried about whether your smartphone or tablet can run an app or game. To put it bluntly, battery management apps are a dime a dozen on Android, but not all of them work as advertised.
The Saver tab is actually where you get to fine tune how exactly DU Battery Saver optimizes battery performance. You might notice that some of the functionality is blocked by what look to be in-app purchases. DU Battery Saver also has other features that may seem whimsical and some that are probably useful, if you can find a purpose for them. As you can see, DU Battery Saver is flowing with features, some of which you'll rarely find elsewhere. The Monitor tab, for example, gives monitoring power consumption its own, dedicated page rather than filing that data away in a section under the Battery tab. That complexity isn't a deal breaker, and more an issue affecting many apps that boast so many features.
Unless you're already aware of Baidu's presence and activities, you might be surprised to learn that the tech giant has apps on Google Play Store free for the taking. Here is something to pay attention , a great opportunity for work for those who want to use their free time to make money using their computers… I have been doing this since last two years and I am making 40 to 70 dollars per hour … In the last week I have made 12,245 for almost 18 hours sitting ….
These days, you're more worried about whether your devices will last long enough for you to get home and plug in.
You've got functionality for monitoring power usage, shutting down wayward and power hungry apps, and offering suggestions for optimizing performance.
Here you can set up modes, practically power profiles that let you batch settings together, like turning Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off.
For example, you can choose a battery skin, but don't expect it to change how the entire app looks.

That can present the user with a wide range of options and switches, and indeed there are quite a number of pages and controls to familiarize with.
The list of apps to exclude from DU Battery Saver's optimization process, meanwhile, is found in the Settings menu. We feel like the learning curve will be considered by most to be be worth the sacrifice for all the power it gives. A PRO version is also available for unlocking all advanced features in one go, for a price of $2.99. How do you think this app ACTUALLY does what it promises such as force-closing apps and controlling battery voltage without root filesystem permissions?
Battery technology hasn't exactly progressed by leaps and bounds unlike other smartphone components.
It works wonders, then, when you bear the name of Baidu, China's leading search engine and commonly called the Google of China.
It not only gives you a summary of battery stats, including temperature and voltage, it also has the OPTIMIZE button that, well, tries to optimize power usage using a combination of techniques and settings. These modes really shine with the PRO version of the app, which lets you dynamically switch modes depending on situations. RAM is there for a reason, and Android automatically controls closing unused apps, freeing RAM, and yes even controlling voltage all by itself in the background WITHOUT apps.
And, aside from hoping for bigger batteries or using power packs in an emergency, users are left with no other option than to make sure that their devices aren't consuming more power than absolutely necessary.
That said, that name wouldn't mean much if the app couldn't deliver on quality worthy of the company's name.
We'll get more into that later, but for most users that want to squeeze out every bit of juice from their device, this section will have all that they need.
DU Battery Saver not only tells you how, it also controls the amount of power the smartphone uses when charging; the app calls it "Healthy Charging".

They are deceiving and manipulative and offer more harm than good on your smartphone performance.
When charging below 20 percent, the app turns on fast charging and uses up the full voltage of the charge.
Easy to use and, unless you start wandering off to explore, the home Battery page might be all that you'll ever need to use. Once nearly full, about 80 percent or so, it lowers the voltage and uses impulse current all the way to full. But, at the same time, it offers more advanced users all the knobs and switches they could ever want.
You can also schedule changing of modes according to time or to battery levels, though these features are locked behind paywalls. Once full, it switches to Trickle charge, just enough to keep electrons flowing while not overcharging the battery. One particular feature you won't find in the majority of battery saver apps is Phone Cooler. In actuality, it is an app store filled with free apps that you can install to earn points, which, in turn, can be used to buy added features.
As the name implies, it monitors your phone's temperature and shuts down apps that raise the heat too high. It's not a new concept, definitely, and some might not be at ease with it, but it is, admittedly, a less money-centric strategy.

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