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Our inquisitive team of journalists cover key international events like CES, CeBIT, MWC, Computex, E3, and local IT fairs like IT SHOW, SG TECH SHOW, PC SHOW, COMEX, CEE and SITEX. The company from the UK used its internal phone network simulator (that maintains a constant signal strength at all times) to calculate the various battery longevity related scores.
A $30 Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery is capable of delivering four days of battery life and NFC to the Samsung Galaxy S3. The ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery offers 7,000 mAh of battery power, which is reportedly the worlds larges Samsung Galaxy S3 battery.
This Samsung Galaxy S3 battery is massive, fitting into the back of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and spilling over the back to offer up a much larger phone.
The ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S3 case comes in black, white and blue and even supports NFC so users can keep using Google Wallet and S Beam.
The Smoking Android shares the video review of this case, where they explain more about the use and show off just how big the actual battery is. The overall size of the Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery looks similar to the Hyperion Samsung Galaxy SIII 4200mAh extended battery we reviewed last year.
The official Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery arrived in late December with a 3,000 mAh rating.
I haven’t found that to be the case, and reception in my home town is pretty bad to begin with. I have purchased the yesoo 4300 from Amazon that includes battery, back cover and TPU case for my galaxy s3 and followed the correct charging instruction and my phone now last 3 days.
From a new Ultra Power Saving mode to taking control of screen brightness and apps there are many ways to get better Galaxy S5 battery life without buying an extended battery or giving up the features that you love. This guide will show Samsung Galaxy S5 owners how to make the included Galaxy S5 battery last longer so there is no need to carry around a spare battery or to spend the money on an extended Galaxy S5 battery.
This guide will show you how to get better Galaxy S5 battery life by changing small features and limiting when your phone connects and uses power. Users can pull down on the notification bar with two fingers for fast access to many of these settings, so it is easy to toggle them on and off as needed. This is the easiest way to get better Galaxy S5 battery life without switching up settings on a regular basis. Set the display to auto brightness most of the time, and dial it down lower when you need to. You can also turn auto off and manually turn down the brightness, but the sensors are good enough that it makes more sense to use the Auto mode. The Galaxy S5 Power Saving Mode is one way to limit the phone to get better Galaxy S5 battery life. Turn this on by pulling the Notification drawer down by two fingers and tapping on Power Saving Mode. Set Power Saving Mode to turn on automatically to start saving battery life when it hits 20% left.
Choose to Block Background data if you want to maximize battery life while preventing alerts from apps that check for email and notifications in the background.
You won’t want this on at all times, but it is handy to use when battery life is super important.
Samsung packs in an even bigger power saver mode that can turn 5% of battery life into 24 hours of standby time. Ultra Power Saving Mode turns the display black and white, and limits apps for extreme battery savings. Don’t use this mode all the time, but when you need one tap to incredible Galaxy S5 battery life, this is the option to enable. Controlling how long the screen stays on when you set the Galaxy S5 down is an easy way to get better battery life without giving up any features.
Bluetooth and HFC are great for connecting to cars, the Gear Fit, headphones, speakers or for making a mobile payment, but if you really want to boost battery life you will need to turn them off.
You can kill multitasking apps to see if that helps, but if an app is bad you may be better off looking for a replacement than continually closing multitasking apps.
If you want to boost battery life at the expense of precise location info you can switch from using GPS for the location to using WiFi and mobile networks only.
The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a collection of battery saving software, but if you install the free SnapDragon Battery Guru software you’ll see better S5 battery life with changes you rarely notice.
This is an app that works on any Snapdragon powered device, and delivered great results on the Galaxy S4, and early tests show it is helpful on the Galaxy S5 as well. I am quite impressed with 2800mAh battery of my 1 month old Galaxy S5 that after full charged on qi wireless charger runs throughout the day. Great tips but I don’t see the option to automatically switch on Power Saving Mode when the battery reaches are certain point like you have in the screen capture.

Just like with any other mobile device that runs on rechargeable battery, your Samsung Galaxy S6 is due to facing battery life problem as you use and runs some high end application like Wifi, Gaming etc.
This is another trick which must be quiet common for many of you and I would also recommend you to enable this feature for your Samsung Galaxy S6. Additionally, the battery saving mode of S6 is far more powerful than others saving’s mode.
The Samsung Galaxy S6 comes up with certain kind of apps which are being pre installed there.
That is why, I am suggesting you to disable those apps from your side if you are not using them. This  an official update by Samsung which is being proven helpful to save the battery life of your S6.
The last trick which you need to apply and can easily save the battery life of your newly bought Samsung Galaxy S6 is by disabling the all extra features of your phone. If you are not using these features and still they are enabled then it start consuming or keep searching for related mean which will cause the battery consumption for sure and will drain out the battery of your phone for sure. Finally: The above listed tricks if applied on your Galaxy S6 or any other mobile device, tends to increases your device battery life span. Fans rank the Top 20 anime vehicles they want to rideJapanese animation has often featured several unforgettable vehicles which are central to the plot of their respective series. According to the consumers, the Galaxy S4 is perceived to be not just the fastest Smartphone available, but also the one with the longest battery life.
While the HTC One, the closest competitor, scored 2798 points, the Galaxy S4 blazed past all of the competition with a score of 3188. Adding the ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S3 battery with a 7,000 mAh rating will bulk up the Galaxy S3 considerably. The Hyperion battery lasted about two days, which is great, but sound short compared to the promise of four or five days of use. This model will help some users get through a full day, with a Galaxy Note 2 sized power rating, but it can’t match up to the power packed into this extended Galaxy S3 battery. However the video review does not mention about the possible signal lost that happens when using this battery.
Does the thickness of the battery & case diminish the great quality of photos this phone takes? I do a lot internet searches and watch anywhere from 1 to 2 2hr movies a day on my phone, along with talking, texting, pictures, and app downloads. One of the nice features about this phone is the ability to remove the back and swap a battery, but most users prefer better Galaxy S5 battery life over carrying around a second battery. Unlike many of these options, this actually changes the performance of the device and when items sync.
If you tap and hold you will see the options and settings that are good to change as needed.
This turns the screen black and white, limits the apps that are running and data usage so that the phone will last as long as possible. If your Galaxy S5 battery life drops dramatically you should check to see what apps are using most of your battery life.
Thanks for sharing the vital tactics to improve battery performance of the Samsung Galaxy S5.
When you’ll enable it for your phone then it will automatically adjust the settings of your phone which will ultimately help you to save the battery life of your phone. If you don’t like those app then to disable them would be a sensible move.  As if you will not disable those apps then it would keep on updating those app and we all know that such updates will consume battery life. You simply need to search out for those app, which would be around 15 apps, and then disable them if you don’t want them for your phone. The extra features may be Bluetooth, WiFi, Radio, Extra Gestures and other useless features which you are not using for time being.
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Apparently where the attenna is on the phone this battery apparently blocks signal so be warned as some other owners of this battery has noticed this issue if you are in a area with already bad reception, this battery may kill your signal completely. For $15 bucks and 3 day shipping this is the best investment for this phone since I’ve had it. This is especially true if you don’t have a bag that you carry with you all-day every day.
On the next screen you can slow down the processor, reduce screen performance turn off the lights on the buttons and turn off GPS to save battery life.
If it is not an essential app you may need to simply uninstall it or at least look for updates. After reading this, I came to know that by just reducing the brightness also saves the battery of device.

So, to overcome your battery issue, I have gathered the top 5 tactics which will definitely help you to save battery life of your S6. Ones it is installed then it will automatically fix the battery life issue of your Samsung Galaxy S6. Basically, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the runaway winner with 726 minutes of calls (that is more than 12 hours!) on medium 3G reception, edging out the second placed HTC One X by 91 minutes. This is designed for keeping the phone going for the last couple of hours before you get home or while you are a long ways from power.
With Ultra Power Saving Mode the Galaxy S5 will no longer use data when the screen is off and this also disables WiFi and Bluetooth as well as limits what apps can run. When I am working, sleeping, or driving, I don’t really care about background processes and apps.
Here’s a quick tip to improve on your smartphone’s battery life – purchase a Samsung Galaxy S3.
Throughout the day it changes from inside to outside and light to dark to make sure you can still see the screen and get better battery life. Coming from a cold climate we know in northern canada quality not quantity is important for batterys. A lot of people dont follow the charging instructions correctly then want to complain, but if you follow whats given then you should receive 3 to 4 days of battery life. All right, sorry, that was a bad joke for fanboys of other hardware manufacturers.Filed in Cellphones.
It makes the phone last sooo much longer.WIFI is almost everywhere, so I rarely even need to turn on my data plan. We are talking about web browsing using a WiFi hotspot or LTE network, as in both cases the iPhone 5 is the clear winner.The Samsung Galaxy S4 has two advantages when it comes to battery life, longer talk time and it can stay a wake more while being used as a mobile hotspot. The Galaxy S5 consistently lands at the top of the results, when compared to the iPhone 5S, LG G2, Galaxy Note 3, Xperia Z1, and the Nexus 5.All the results below are counted in minutes (click to enlarge). You also generally got lover highest brightness on AMOLEDS and if you do they will burn in.
I have heard fantastic things about the camera on the S5, so I may Edge upgrade to it when it’s released, from the Note 3. You do that yourself.i love how i have the burden of proof and you have the benefit of assumption (because your a child)Your stating preference. I have full home automation, plex media access (plex) with both google now, (via the xposed api) and siri (via siri proxy) integration, (which i even contribute too!!) meaning i can just ask my phone or tablet to play the last john stewart.I have a network of PTZ ip cameras at my house, my servers also run 3 web sites, IMAP mail, cal and carddav, VPN, apache, sickbeard, sab and couchpotato.
What good are features and bells and whistles without any charge left midway through the day.I used to own an iPhone 5 and the battery life was horrendous even on iOS 6 compared to my S4. During which time all I did was listen to music (stored locally, not streamed), send some text messages, read an email or two only if it was important, and take 1-2 phone calls.
If I charged my iPhone 5 up to 100% before I left at noon and got back home at 6 or 7 I’d show up at home with at most a 25% charge.
What’s the point having smartphone with all day battery life, but serve no purpose and pain to use? Might as well used a Nokia dumb phone then.In terms of user experience, nothing beats iOS for me. I think you were meaning the IP58 certified phones (the Sonys) communicationbreakdown92 Yeah there’s a lot of hate on this of all Galaxy S devices, but I think it is just something that is sadly a normal part of being at the top.
However HTC, has vowed updates for its devices within 90 days of a major release.I agree with you in that the S5 is a brilliant phone, however, I highly doubt HTC will be so careless in updating its phones.
Don’t forget that the HTC One (M7) received the kitkat update before the Galaxy S4 on virtually every major carrier, and I have no doubt it will be the same case with the M8 and the S5. Do not follow the Apple propaganda, Besides S5 frame is fiber-glass, Only one journalist wrote the truth yet.
He said that on the presentation(WMC) the journalists there, DIDN’T KNOW if the frame was metal or not , even holding S5 in the hands(so?). No articles yet about the new Wi-Fi , too communicationbreakdown92 I think it’s pretty ugly compared to the HTC One, but that does not matter to me. But again for me it all comes down again to the battery, I love my Galaxy S4 so much because of it. Because I can be on it all day and when the battery craps out on me, I don’t have to be chained to a wall plug for an hour or two, all I do i pop out the dead battery and take the spare out of my pocket and pop it in.

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